Apple Magic Mouse 2 VS 1

Apple is undeniably a trend maker with a lot of its product gaining recognition and also popular among a wide range of users. Their accessories for computers and laptops such as Apple Magic Mouse 2 Vs 1 are also convenient and often better if you already have their other devices and love the ecosystem. If you also wonder which magic mouse to buy, here are some of the differences that set the two apart.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What to Consider in Mouse
  • What are Apple Magic Mouse 2 and 1
  • How are the Design of Apple Magic Mouse 2 and 1
  • How are the Setup with Apple Magic Mouse 2 and 1
  • How are the Features in Apple Magic Mouse 2 and 1
  • Are Apple Magic Mouse 2 and 1 Comfortable
  • How are the Battery Life of Apple Magic Mouse 2 and 1
  • Apple Magic Mouse 2 Vs 1

Buying a New Mouse

In modern days almost everyone knows how to use a computer and so many of us are working or doing on school and college projects with at least a laptop. The versatility and also functions they can offer is surely making lots of things easier from taking notes to drawing your digital design. Depending on what you are working on, the computer may have the perfect software or application to ease the job. Being a computer, it needs input sources to capture the data.

The basic input on the computer is the keyboard and the mouse which we are going to interact the most on a daily basis. The mouse for example is always on one of our hands while navigating through menus and applications or firing an action. The keyboard itself is inputting alphabetical and numerical as well as symbols into the software. It may also offer certain functions that can be fired using just a single key press or combination of few. Regardless of the application, both keyboard and mouse are crucial.

If you are here then we do think you currently need a new mouse to accompany the laptop or computer. When it comes to a mouse, what you may want to consider first is probably its connectivity. Yes, mice can be wired or wireless and besides the cable itself, wireless mice tend to be heavier compared to wired one. They are also more convenient but can be a bit annoying as we need to charge the battery from time to time or change it.

Laser and optical sensors are both reliable and don’t get tempted by large dpi count because most people are using them moderately. Dpi is adjusting the mouse sensitivity against movement based on the sensor so higher dpi means it will be faster or just a slight movement can cause the cursor to travel further compared to lower dpi. It is effective for navigating on large documents but not accurate and difficult to control hence gamers usually keep theirs at moderate level.

Ergonomics is another important point to consider when you buy another mouse because this peripheral is always on your hand. The mouse shape, size, and also weight all affects how they feel on your palm. We recommend to consider what your grip style is and match the mouse with the shape you are familiar or comfortable with. We can always get used to new designs but it is better when the new mouse feels right at hand. We can also buy based on the palm size whether you need a standard, smaller, or larger mouse.

 Apple Magic Mouse 2Apple Magic Mouse 1
Best offerCheck priceCheck price
Product Dimensions7.4 x 5.5 x 3.2 inches 7.4 x 5.5 x 3.2 inches
Shipping Weight3.7 ounces 3.5 ounces

About Apple Magic Mouse 2 and 1

There are more than plenty to choose from when you are in the market for a new mouse and these options come from a wide range of manufacturers too, some are familiar names and some are unheard of. Chances are we can rely on all of them based on which seems to fit in the pocket the most. The difference in shape, connectivity, and features will most likely be the one that affects the overall experience but all does cover the functionality. Read also: Logitech MX Ergo Vs MX Vertical here.

For those who are using and liking the Apple environment, it is great to also use their other accessories or peripherals because we all know that this company always has something useful to offer and it also covers the mouse. The Apple mouse is called Magic Mouse and it has been around for quite some time that now the unit is in 2nd generation already. The original model is currently a bit difficult to find unless it is renewed items or in mint condition.

Both the Apple Magic Mouse 2 and 1 series are very similar to each other. Personally we always love their design and if you prefer a minimalistic look, familiar to Apple products, this mouse is also going to both look good and comfortable. The thing about these options is that there is not that much of a difference to set them apart besides the power source and since the two are battery powered, they are wirelessly connecting to your computer.

It will be a more seamless process when you already have a Mac to work with but with a tweaking they can work for windows as well without the extensive features of course so for those who use windows computer may want to save and go for plenty of its alternatives. In comparison, the features of Apple Magic Mouse 2 and 1 are identical, the only thing affecting experience is because now MM2 is using a non-removable battery and is rechargeable thus, we can just charge instead of removing and replacing the battery.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 and 1 Design 

One of the best things about Apple products is always the design and this is applied to many of its devices including the mouse. These mice are identical and are very low profile which ergonomic wise should be comfortable if you have a claw or fingertip style when holding the mouse. The shiny and glassy finish looks pretty and for the MM2 series, there is this space gray shade too which arguably looks better in our opinion; the weight is also about the same.

Physically it is difficult to tell the two apart when it is from the top but it is easy to notice once you flip and expose the bottom of the mouse because here we can see the battery cover of the original MM while it is not present on the MM2. The battery cover is easy to remove and exposes two AA batteries while for the newer model there is one lighting port near the rear. This position is incredibly awkward but probably they have a reason to do so.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 and 1 Pairing

We do think one of the best qualities of Apple Magic Mouse 2 and 1 is their ease of use or pairing with the Mac computers. What you need to do is only fire the power on using the switch located at the bottom of the mouse and open the Bluetooth setting on your Mac. The computer will recognize it and we can just click connect like when using Wi-Fi. It is very easy and besides Mac, you can also use these mice for iPad tablets.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 and 1 Features

Next on the features side, both models are identical and if you want to get a glimpse of what it can offer, the label on their case should be helpful. Yes, the features are all about multi-touch gestures which is something we don’t get from many other mice in various price ranges. This multi-touch gesture mimics the actions that we can do on the MacBook’s touch panel such as swiping pages by swiping motion on the mouse surface or opening a function by touching it once or twice.

This is customizable on your Mac’s setting and identical for both Apple Magic Mouse 2 and 1 so there is no feature embedded for the new mouse. We do think this is the biggest reason to buy Magic Mouse if you already have the Mac computers because these gestures are not working when paired with Windows computers yet they are still recognizing the standard right and left click.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 and 1 Comfort

On the ergonomic side personally we are not a fan of these mice but it can be different for you. The low profile does make them look pretty and the glassy finish is undeniably attractive and clean. Since there is a lack of height or depth depending on how you see it, our palm is not properly contoured and we have to perform while sustaining it. This mouse is designed for light and regular application so if you spend hours holding the mouse such as gaming, we don’t think they will be as comfortable.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 and 1 Battery Life

Lastly for the battery life of Apple Magic Mouse 2 and 1, they vary based on the level of activity and worry not since users can see the battery level on the device’s setting. The way that we can use rechargeable AA batteries makes original MM still a very good choice if you still have the mouse and don’t want to cause much waste. The MM2’s port is placed in an awkward spot so we can’t use it while charging but even a few minutes of charging can last for days.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 Vs 1

Both Apple Magic Mouse 2 and 1 are good options but they are pretty much the same besides the power source and the way to access it. Magic Mouse 2 uses a non-removable battery and it is convenient since we can just charge them while the battery life itself lasts for a pretty good amount of time. The features and comfort stay the same which is not best in terms of ergonomics.

- Magic Mouse is wireless and rechargeable, with an optimized foot design that lets it glide smoothly across your desk
- The Multi-Touch surface allows you to perform simple gestures such as swiping between web pages and scrolling through documents.
- The incredibly long-lasting internal battery will power your Magic Mouse for about a month or more between charges
- It’s ready to go right out of the box and pairs automatically with your Mac, and it includes a woven USB-C to Lightning Cable that lets you pair and charge by connecting to a USB-C port on your Mac.
- Laser technology delivers 20 times the performance of standard optical tracking
- Miniature sensors detect even the slightest movement
- Top-shell design matches other Apple products
- Bluetooth technology and Touch-sensitive technology


For those who already have the original Magic Mouse may just want to stick with the device as long as it still works properly but if you don’t have one yet, we do think finding the Magic Mouse 2 is much easier these days and we get a rechargeable function too.


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