Apple Magic Mouse 2 vs Logitech MX Master

Mouse is an important part of our computer and as special as it may sound, not every one of us has the same preference on which the best option is including for how we want the mouse to be shaped. For those who are all about productivity, Apple Magic Mouse 2 Vs Logitech MX Master will be the best option to consider and between these two, you may like only one. If you are also eyeing these mice, go check what they can offer below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What’s Matter in a Computer Mouse
  • What are Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Logitech MX Master
  • What Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Logitech MX Master Look Like
  • How are the Performance of Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Logitech MX Master
  • What else Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Logitech MX Master can offer
  • Are Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Logitech MX Master Comfortable
  • Apple Magic Mouse 2 Vs Logitech MX Master

Computer Mouse Feature

Computers are almost like a must-have device in every household because of how useful it is, starting from children to adults, they are required to finish various tasks that can only be done using a certain program or software in your PC. For those who want to be convenient and have less space to spare, a laptop will be the best choice but overall, it is rare to see modern people not being familiar with this device despite how their daily life may need or doesn’t require its help.

A computer is working with both inputs and outputs besides the processing system and all of them are necessary to make the whole set useful. What’s special is these tools can be highly subjective for the user to choose from for not all of us will prefer the same options. These are prominent when we are talking about keyboard and mouse for they have different designs and details as well as additional features that set them apart from the competitors.

The mouse is probably one peripheral that we often change from time to time due to how fast they wear or some damages due to poor handling. They are fairly cheap and you can go as cheap or as expensive for they are available in a huge range or price yet in general, even cheaper mice will mostly be reliable for common jobs we do on a computer or laptop. So, what actually matters is a mouse that we can use comfortably as a guide to shop for the best option.

In our opinion this may change from person to another as mice is highly subjective but one of the most important is the shape itself. Mouse will be held in our hand most of the time hence shape which translates into comfort is necessary. We can get used to any shape if given enough time but then again, all of us have a personal taste and style including the hand size itself. For example we can alter grip style when changing to a new different mouse.

If you are not a gamer who is seeking a high DPI/CPI rate mice like Logitech G402 Vs G502, rather than how high the rate, it is more important to consider the connection type. We have wired mouse, wireless, and Bluetooth one to consider and generally between wired and non-wired version. Wired mice are cheap and already ideal for most applications but those with laptops or often travel with the device, wireless one will be the best option just so we can be more convenient.

 Apple Magic Mouse 2Logitech MX Master
Best offerCheck priceCheck price
Product Dimensions0.85 x 2.25 x 4.47 inches 1.9 x 3.4 x 5 inches
Shipping Weight0.22 pound5.1 ounces

About Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Logitech MX Master

For basic computer use like typing, browsing, and using common software like photo editing ones, any mice should be able to deliver a fairly good performance but if you are a fan of convenience, there are those with some features built in the unit, prominently the additional buttons. This feature mostly comes in a gaming mice but there are lots of office mice with the functions as well today. In addition, depending on the operating system, there are models optimized for specific OS.

If you are here then we are sure a regular office mouse is what you are looking for and in this category there are tons to choose from starting with the model around $10 to those 5 to 10 times more expensive. If you are in for a stylish and reliable mice that work seamlessly across operating systems, Apple and Logitech will have the ideal options for this application. We are sure these brands are not unheard of for how popular they are and the best thing is they have great quality products.

Apple is popular with their exclusive products and Logitech is basically our first choice when looking for almost any computer peripherals. Two of their favorite mice for convenient productivity are Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Logitech MX Master which are suitable whether you are working with OS X or Windows based PC/laptops. They are not the most affordable office mice in the market but when it comes to performance and user experience, we can never go wrong with either of them.

Starting with the Magic Mouse 2, many of those who have been using the original model complain about how fast it drains the AA batteries and it is not cost efficient in the long term which is why the new mouse does come with rechargeable batteries. As for the MX Master, this is the next gen of Logitech Performance mouse from this brand and just like how it was very popular back then, this model is still being the productivity enthusiast option over many other models due to how good it performs.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Logitech MX Master Design

We love how Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Logitech MX Master are not looking like basic $10 mice because they sure are costly and many of them go to the design features. MX Master is very different from standard office mice with a “funky” look and bulky which clearly tell who this mouse is made for. Design wise, it has this matte black color with some dark brown list or details combined with the brand name at the right click button; measured at 85.7mm wide, 126mm long, and 48.4mm tall weighing at 145 grams.

Just like any other Apple products, Magic Mouse 2 has this distinct design compared to many of its rivals and this one also prominently sleek, pretty, clean and simple with the Apple’s logo at the top, in a glance it almost looks like a traditional body soap bar shape. It is very thin than most of the mice we have used before, measured at 57.15 mm wide, 113.5 mm long, and 21.5 mm tall.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Logitech MX Master Performance

Similar with most office mice, the first thing you may want to consider with Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Logitech MX Master is their sensor because both of them are tracking using laser technology which mean if you have a glass table, a mouse pad will be needed to make sure the product receive the light back once it bounces off. Performance wise, these mice are working very well, there is no lagging problem and click nicely for the MX Master while Magic Mouse has this touch sensor.

For those who never use Magic Mouse or are not familiar with Apple’s trackpad, the lack of physical buttons can be irritating but, if you have used to it, it does require less energy and probably none to press the buttons or scrolling the surface yet, it does feels awkward in comparison to regular mice. 

Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Logitech MX Master Feature

Moving to the features part, here is where MX Master shines the most because there are several functions that we love to use in this mouse and the first is how it allows more than one computer to use the same mouse. This model is connected through Bluetooth so as long as the PC/Laptop has Bluetooth or dongle, it can be paired for up to 3 computers at once and we can change the pairing using the Easy-Switch button on the bottom of the mouse.

The second feature is how many buttons this model is coming with and for productivity enthusiasts, you will get an addition of 3 buttons in which are adjustable for different functions that we can access from the software. On its preset position, there are two thumb wheels for navigating documents horizontally while the scroll wheel has this speed adaptive function combined with a manual shift button at the top. Magic Mouse 2 on the other hand has lots of gestures to offer just like their trackpad.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Logitech MX Master Comfort

The last is the comfort of Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Logitech MX Master and in this side, it is prominent that Magic Mouse is created for those using thumb grip because we can’t hold the mouse properly in either palm or claw style while the bulky dimension of MX Master is very comfortable to rest your palm or bottom of the hand when navigating the unit. We can get used to Apple’s gestures but for those who never use one, it can be very awkward.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 vs Logitech MX Master

Both of these mice are an incredible choice for productivity and they are working great across operating systems with Magic Mouse still requiring a driver to install. The prominent difference in our opinion is the lack of physical buttons in Magic Mouse which makes it a very awkward to use and the thin shape is very much uncomfortable for us with palm grip preference. In addition, unlike the MX Master, it has no feature to let the mouse be paired with more than one computer and interchangeable in between.

NameLogitech G203 Logitech G102
Key Features- Magic Mouse 2 is completely rechargeable, so you’ll eliminate the use of traditional batteries. - It’s lighter, has fewer moving parts thanks to its built in battery and continuous bottom shell, and has an optimized foot design — all helping Magic Mouse 2 track easier and move with less resistance across your desk. - And the Multi Touch surface allows you to perform simple gestures such as swiping between web pages and scrolling through documents. - Magic Mouse 2 is ready to go right out of the box and pairs automatically with your Mac.- Unique thumb wheel: For horizontal navigation and advanced gestures - Easy connections for multiple computers: Use with up to three Windows or Mac computers via included Unifying receiver or Bluetooth Smart wireless technology - Easy switching between computers with the touch of the button - Tracks virtually anywhere - even on glass: The Dark field Laser sensor tracks flawlessly even on glass and high-gloss surfaces (4mm minimum thickness)

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All in all the shopping should be based on your own preference because our taste can be different and between the two, for those who are more comfortable with palm or claw grip and like bigger mouse better, we do recommend the MX Master from Logitech.


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