Apple Magic Mouse 2 VS Logitech Pebble

The mouse is an important part of your computer because it is used to navigate the menu and also execute the command. There are more than plenty of mice to choose from such as Apple Magic Mouse 2 Vs Logitech Pebble which are equally ideal for those who prefer something simple but also powerful. These mice are similar with some differences so before deciding the option, let’s see below about what they can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How Computer Mouse Work
  • What are Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Logitech Pebble
  • How are the Design of Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Logitech Pebble
  • How are the Setup with Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Logitech Pebble
  • How are the Features in Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Logitech Pebble
  • How are the Ergonomic of Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Logitech Pebble
  • Apple Magic Mouse 2 Vs Logitech Pebble

Computer Mouse

Our computer is powerful, the processing unit is responsible for running lots of tasks that can overwhelm us on a daily basis. From just writing your report to designing a product and editing your recording or favorite moment, almost everything is possible with a computer. The computer is made of a processing unit, the monitor, and input that can be keyboard and mouse or anything that acts like the two. Every part will be playing an important role in the overall process and experience.

For example the processing unit has to be reliable enough to handle our typical daily task and this can vary among users. The keyboard and mouse may seem trivial but also play a huge role in affecting the overall experience. If you type a lot, we can distinguish between a good keyboard and those that just passed the standard. This can be affected by the personal preference but users can feel it when typing or pressing the keys whether it is the sturdiness, the travel distance, feedback, responsiveness, etc.

If you are here then we assume that you are currently looking for a mouse and this is another important element on the computer. A mouse is the device that helps the cursor move on the computer screen based on the movement we are doing in real life, by swiping it across a surface. Mouse works based on what it used to track movement and distance. For example, the optical mouse has an LED installed at the bottom of the unit so when it faces a flat surface, the light will bounce back.

There is a photocell also located at the bottom of the mouse, right next to the LED and is working by magnifying any light reaching it so as we move the mouse across a surface, the pattern of the reflected beams changes. This process is recorded by a light-detector chip so it knows what direction the mouse is being moved. Depending on what technology the mouse is using, the mechanism will vary slightly such as with mechanical mouse which is not being used anymore.

When it comes to mice, you may want to consider what they can offer besides tracking because every mouse can do this task and most are reliable unless you want something high performance like for gaming purposes. The features in a typical mouse may vary too, such as Apple Magic Mouse 2 Vs 1 which are richer compared to most wired or wireless mice. Overall the choice should be based on your own preference and what type of work we are doing with the computer.

 Apple Magic Mouse 2Logitech Pebble
Best offerCheck priceCheck price
Product Dimensions5.08 x 2.87 x 1.54 inches 4.21 x 2.32 x 1.04 inches
Shipping Weight7.8 ounces 3.53 ounces

About Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Logitech Pebble

The choice is all yours and there are plenty to go for so it should be easy to find the one that fits you the most. We do recommend getting one that seems to work best with your app or type of work because for heavy use such as gaming and editing we will definitely want something that is more ergonomic while almost any mouse should be ideal if you just browse, type, or work on other light tasks.

Some people want a mouse that feels comfortable for prolonged use but some may prefer something that they can carry easily or fit in their small working space. If your focus is to find a mouse that is seamlessly working but also compact enough for your working space and aesthetic, the Apple Mouse and Logitech Pebble are two promising options to go for. These mice are among the most compact solutions we have seen from various brands and while they are not the best ergonomically, the two are surely compact.

Apple’s mouse is called Magic Mouse and there have been various series up until now but the newest model is their rechargeable variant while functionality wise are still the same as the predecessor. On the other hand Pebble mouse or the M530 is an alternative if you don’t want to spend the budget or use a Windows computer. We do think the M530 is the wiser choice if you have a Windows based computer because Magic Mouse is designed for Apple computers. It is not impossible however, to pair one with your Windows device.

In comparison, price and features are what separate the Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Logitech Pebble the most. Overall Pebble is currently about at least half of the price of Magic Mouse, if you go for the 2020 version that has been renewed. The features are much more on the Magic Mouse and if you can spend the budget as well as spending more on the correct software, this mouse both looks better and has more features to offer.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Logitech Pebble Design

Aesthetics are subjective but we are sure most will agree when we say that Magic Mouse is pretty and stylish. Apple’s fashion when it comes to their product is always praised including for the clean and minimalist looking of Magic Mouse. Unlike a typical mouse, it is very low profile, have a glassy surface which is also touch-sensitive. Instead of a scroll wheel, users use this surface to scroll their page up and down. In comparison to Pebble, the Magic Mouse is actually lower in height.

The curved shape is pretty while Pebble is more cute in our opinion. Magic Mouse is slightly longer from tip to back of the mouse. Both are Bluetooth connected to the computer, and have a battery inside. Another difference is that Pebble uses replaceable batteries like the older variant of Magic Mouse while 2020 and 2021 variants of the mouse are rechargeable. No one is probably a fan of where they put this charging port but it is slightly redeemed by the long battery life.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Logitech Pebble Setup

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Logitech Pebble can offer starting from the setup. They are actually very simple and if you have Bluetooth ready on the computer, we can just set the mouse in a few seconds, especially for Magic Mouse and a Mac computer; just switch the power on and discover the mouse in your computer device then click pair and you are ready to go. With Pebble you can use the same direct pair or with a USB dongle.

You can pair Pebble with Mac computers and iPad, the same with Magic Mouse can be paired with Windows too. What you need if there is no Bluetooth in the computer is using a dongle device to bridge the connection. It will still work like a regular mouse but to open the extensive features, we must have the Magic Mouse Utilities software.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Logitech Pebble Features

What’s separating the Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Logitech Pebble is when it comes to features. Just like most computer mouse, the Pebble can only scroll, right and left click. On the other hand Magic Mouse can do these basic functions but also more. The surface is touch sensitive so instead of using the scroll wheel, you can just use one finger to draw a straight line in order to scroll a page up or down, like when using the trackpad.

With these additional features, you can do other smart functions such as smart zoom by doing a double tap with one finger to zoom into a webpage or PDF file. If you double tap with two fingers, we can open the Mission Control or the view of all of your open windows, desktop spaces, and any apps in full screen or split view. We can swipe between full-screen apps by swiping using two fingers left or right or one finger for showing the previous or next page.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Logitech Pebble Ergonomic

The ergonomics for Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Logitech Pebble are not the best however because of the low-profile. We do think they will feel just good when working on light jobs like typing or browsing but will eventually cause some discomfort if your task requires a prolonged time holding and navigating the mouse. There is not enough height on the body to support your palm and thus our hand has to support itself. These mice are also best for typical fingertip or claw-grip style.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 Vs Logitech Pebble

Both Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Logitech Pebble are good options for those who want a mouse with minimalist design. The main difference is price and also features because while Magic Mouse 2 is about twice as expensive, it also arguably looks better and has more features with the gesture functions. You can use both mice on Mac or Windows computers yet with MM2 we need the software too in order to use its features.

- Magic Mouse 2 Is Completely Rechargeable, So You’ll Eliminate The Use Of Traditional Batteries.
- It’s Lighter, Has Fewer Moving Parts Thanks To Its Built-In Battery And Continuous Bottom Shell, And Has An Optimized Foot Design — All Helping Magic Mouse 2 Track Easier And Move With Less Resistance Across Your Desk.
- The Multi-Touch Surface Allows You To Perform Simple Gestures Such As Swiping Between Web Pages And Scrolling Through Documents.
- Lightning Port
- Modern, slim and beautiful pebble shape - Logitech pebble has stand-out simplicity with a design that is nice to hold, feels great in your hand and is easy to carry around.
- Silent clicks and ultra-quiet scrolling - enjoy the same click feel with over 90% noise reduction on the click sound.
- Dual connectivity - connect the way you like via Bluetooth wireless technology or via the included tiny USB receiver.
- Long battery life - Logitech pebble stays powered for up to 18 months on a single AA battery. battery life may vary based on user and computing conditions.


There is no bad option but you may like one better. If you have a Mac computer we highly recommend Magic Mouse 2 but you can use this mouse with Windows too and if the features mentioned above sound attractive, we also recommend this mouse for Windows users.


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