Apple Magic Mouse 2 VS Regular Mouse

Whether it is with a laptop or computers, we all need a mouse to navigate the cursor on your screen. There are also plenty of external mice to try such as Apple Magic Mouse 2 Vs Regular mouse. Any mouse can provide the same basic function but not every mouse has the same features which is why you may want to invest in a higher choice. If you also want to know the difference between the two, let’s check the comparison below.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How to Select for a New Mouse
  • What are Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Regular Mouse
  • How are the Look of Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Regular Mouse
  • How to Setup Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Regular Mouse
  • How are the Features of Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Regular Mouse
  • How are the Ergonomic of Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Regular Mouse
  • Apple Magic Mouse 2 Vs Regular Mouse

Choosing for a Computer Mouse

All regular computers have a mouse and since the main function is crucial in the operation of the device, it is also important to choose one that will work best in your type of application. The mouse is going to help you move the cursor and navigate the device whether it is just moving to another page or activating a certain feature. The abundant amount of choice however, can be confusing because all have the same basic function but at the same time, different as well.

When it comes to mouse, we do recommend shopping based on the ergonomics first, at least this is what many of us who have to work for prolonged time with computers will consider. Mouse can vary in shape such as ambidextrous or right-hand only. This shape allows for our palm to get a proper contour depending on how usually you hold the mouse. If choosing for a new mouse, it is important to see how you grip it and what type of grip you are used to.

Typically mice are a bit tall in the middle and back in order to support the contour of our palm when holding it. If you are working with a computer for prolonged time and are using the mouse extensively, it is probably wise to consider a vertical mouse instead or those featured with a ball so your arms are better positioned and reduce the fatigue, especially if you have a health issue to consider that affects the hand’s mobility.

The next factor to consider is their features and yes, typically mouse only comes with right and left click as well as a scroll wheel to move your page up and down or sometimes left and right too. However, depending on how the company designed your mouse, it may come with various interesting features such as what most companies did with their gaming mouse like Corsair Scimitar Vs Logitech G600. These gaming mice carry more than just the standard buttons but also a set of programmable side buttons.

Not everyone will need this feature so it is great to shop based on which seems to work best in your type of application. For example these additional buttons can even hinder your activity because they can be accidentally pressed and may activate certain features that we don’t want to use. There is also this DPI rating which is not very important since most of us are going to use them moderately. Unless your type of task requires a very slow or extremely sensitive mouse, typical mice are adequate.

 Apple Magic Mouse 2Regular Mouse
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Product Dimensions5.08 x 2.87 x 1.54 inches 4.38 x 2.5 x 1.75 inches
Shipping Weight7.8 ounces 4.6 ounces

About Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Regular Mouse 

Now when you are ready to buy a new mouse, it is time to see what the market has to offer because there are plenty out there and it can get confusing too. The best way to choose one is to see what you will need from the peripheral and how much you want to invest on them. Mice are very affordable unless you are aiming for the higher choice or model. All of them will be able to track or move a cursor but with different features.

Since most people are either using Windows or Mac computers nowadays, the options are often between whether to match your Mac with an Apple mouse or buying a regular mouse. Everyone knows that Apple products are not the most pocket friendly options nor alternative but they surely have their own market. The decision between Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Regular Mouse for example are down to what you want to have from the mouse and what operating system you are using.

To put it simply, if you have a Mac computer or Macbook it is best to just go for the Magic Mouse while if you are using a Windows computer, the regular mouse from lots of different brands can be a great choice. It doesn’t mean that Windows users can’t use Magic Mouse or vice versa but it is only for the more streamlined performance. You can save some by choosing a regular wireless mouse for your Mac too, especially if it is the Macbook.

The main difference between an Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Regular Mouse is due to the features. Many people love the mouse for its added features that makes it feel like you have a touchpad on a Macbook. It is a great companion for your Mac computers or Macbook, especially when you have to work for prolonged time and use the mouse extensively. On the other hand Regular Mouse is much cheaper and most of them have better ergonomics.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Regular Mouse Design

For this comparison, we are going to talk about the Logitech M510 which is one of the most popular budget options that you can find on the market. This mouse is coming in an ambidextrous design meaning the right and left side are even so they should be ideal for most people. There is a pair of buttons on the right side however so if you are left-handed the position is not as ideal. It is a wireless mouse with Bluetooth dongle.

On the other hand, the Magic Mouse 2 is identical to the original model with one difference which is a non-removable, rechargeable battery. In the original model this battery is replaceable when the power is drained but now we can just charge it. The mouse has a significantly low profile or almost flat so we don’t think it has the best ergonomics; it is ambidextrous however. There is no dongle to pair it with your computer since we can just turn the power on and figure the mouse on the external device setting.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Regular Mouse Setup

Now for the most important part, let’s see what these Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Regular Mouse M510 can offer starting from the setup. In general the two are very similar to each other based on the ease of use since there is no driver, no installation needed to use the two. Just power the mouse and plug the dongle if you choose the regular mouse and discover it on the computer’s setting. For Magic Mouse we have to pair it first which took just a few seconds.

What’s different is if you will pair Magic Mouse with a Windows computer because the mouse is definitely designed for Mac OS only. It doesn’t mean we can’t pair it with a Windows computer yet without the proper software we can only use the right and left click. We will need to install the software in order to get the advantage of this mouse on Windows computers.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Regular Mouse Features

Now for the main difference, Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Regular Mouse are mainly separated by the features. If you buy a regular mouse, chances are they only have right, left click, and a scroll wheel. The gaming mouse can have additional programmable buttons but they are typically about as expensive as Magic Mouse. The Magic Mouse besides right and left click also offers gestures functions by touching or taping its surface. For example it doesn’t have a scroll wheel but we can just move a finger up or down.

We can use it almost like a touchpad on your Macbook through its touch sensitive surface and these features are adding convenience since many of us are often using them for daily tasks such as navigating between apps, zooming into a document or image as well as scrolling pages of articles or documents. It may not be as comfy as a trackpad due to the limitation of space but it is still extremely useful.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Regular Mouse Ergonomic

Lastly for the comfort, it may vary based on what design and grip style you are used to but personally between Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Regular Mouse M510, we do prefer the latter. It is not the best in ergonomics but the taller curve is at least allowing your palm to rest on top of the mouse instead of curving it independently. For people who are used to palm grip, a low profile mouse like Magic Mouse can be a bit tiring to use extensively.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 Vs Regular Mouse 

You can go amazing with any mouse actually, depending on what you want to have from the peripheral. In comparison between Apple Magic Mouse 2 and Regular Mouse M510, the latter is better in cost and also ergonomic. The mouse is very easy to use and should be adequate for most people but if you want more from the mouse, Magic Mouse 2 is not only rechargeable and looks pretty but also has gesture features that enrich its convenience.

- Magic Mouse 2 Is Completely Rechargeable, So You’Ll Eliminate The Use Of Traditional Batteries.-
It’s Lighter, Has Fewer Moving Parts Thanks To Its Built-In Battery And Continuous Bottom Shell, And Has An Optimized Foot Design — All Helping Magic Mouse 2 Track Easier And Move With Less Resistance Across Your Desk.
- The Multi-Touch Surface Allows You To Perform Simple Gestures Such As Swiping Between Web Pages And Scrolling Through Documents.
- Lightning Port
- Ergonomic shape: Ergonomically sculpted design and soft rubber grips conform to your right or left hand to be naturally comfortable and the compact size makes it easy to take with you wherever you use your computer at home, at work, or anywhere else
- Convenient controls: Back/forward buttons and side to side scrolling plus zoom let you do more, faster (requires free Logitech options software).Wireless technology: Advanced 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity (Unifying supported)
- Long battery life: You might forget this mouse runs on batteries with 2 years of power from 2 AA batteries
- Programmable controls: Configure the buttons to do exactly what you want like switching applications, opening browser windows or jump to full screen while watching videos


There is no bad option since any mouse can be a good mouse for you but if you have a Mac computer then we do think pairing it with a Magic Mouse is very convenient yet if you have a Windows computer, we can use Magic Mouse with more effort.

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