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Razer Lancehead TE vs Basilisk 0

Did you want to playing game on your PC? Doing the fight game, war game or you simply doing a structure work? On the off chance that truly, you will love to have an ideal mouse that will assist you with moving quicker and work quicker with your works.

Razer Lancehead vs DeathAdder Elite 0

A mouse is an important peripherals for any PC gamer and choosing the best mouse that suit your style is important to help you improve your play even though it won’t be result in a drastic advance. In today Razer Lancehead vs Deathadder Elite article, we are going to

Razer Lancehead vs G903 0

There are so many options out there when it comes to gaming mice. As a gamer, you must already know that choosing the most suitable mouse is important to support your play. In today Razer Lancehead vs G903 article, we are going to give you information regarding what these

Razer Naga Trinity vs Razer Naga Chroma 0

We know it is hard to find a suitable gaming mouse for PC gaming. It is not because the good choices are very limited but the opposite, so whenever we see a good one, another good item suddenly appear from behind. In today Razer Naga Trinity vs Razer Naga

Razer Atheris vs Logitech G603 0

Razer Atheris and Logitech G603 are great options for wireless gaming mice. These mice have great precisions, stable connectivity, and long lasting batteries. If you are in need of a new gaming mice, you may want to read our article below to help you decide your next purchase. In

Razer Basilisk vs Logitech G502 0

Razer has recently released the Basilisk, which is a gaming mouse specially designed for FPS games. It has received quite a lot of positive reviews. So, how does it compare against other popular gaming mice? In the article below, we will see the comparisons between Razer Basilisk vs Logitech

Corsair Scimitar Pro vs Razer Naga 0

Are you confused between Corsair Scimitar Pro vs Razer Naga? In this article, we will discuss the comparisons between Corsair Scimitar Pro and Razer Naga based on several aspects to help you decide which one is the most suitable gaming mouse for you. They do have similar designs, as

Razer Basilisk vs Lancehead 0

Razer has just released a new model called the Basilisk. This wired mouse is specially designed for FPS titles, featuring a removable DPI clutch for quick sensitivity adjustment. In a glance, it does look similar to the Lancehead, which was released a few months prior. So, what are the

Razer Taipan vs DeathAdder 0

Razer Taipan and Razer DeathAdder are two gaming mice that are available in a similar price range. Razer has been considered as one of the best brands in the gaming industry, and there are many gamers who exclusively use Razer products. So, what are the differences that set Razer

Logitech G900 vs Razer Mamba 0

Should you get Logitech G900 or Razer Mamba? Both are popular tournament-grade gaming mice that many dedicated gamers love. Both are available as wireless ambidextrous mice. Logitech G900 comes with a sleek, slim, elegant design, whereas Razer Mamba is quite larger while featuring an RGB lighting system. In fact,