Corsair Harpoon vs Logitech G102

Having a high DPI and lightweight gaming mice is important for gamers, especially those who play FPS games. There are many offering available, but most of them are pretty expensive. If you don’t have much to spend, let us help you by introducing two affordable gaming mice with great quality, they are Corsair Harpoon and Logitech G102.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is Corsair Harpoon and Logitech G102
– What Corsair Harpoon and Logitech G102 can offer to you
– Corsair Harpoon vs Logitech G102

About Corsair Harpoon
Corsair Harpoon is an affordable and a quality gaming mouse by Corsair. Corsair Components is well known among gaming and computer peripherals manufacturer, which headquartered in Fremont, California. Corsair Harpoon is ideal for FPS gaming, with advance optical features 6000 DPI sensors, it will provides you with advance tracking and high speed motion detection for speed control. Coming in the package, there is the unit and a quick start and it is compatible with recent Windows versions with 2.0 USB. The Corsair Harpoon doesn’t need installation CD and you can download the Corsair Utility Engine software to apply advance settings on your mouse.

Corsair Harpoon Features
Corsair Harpoon weigh only at 85g, making it very lightweight and perfect for games, such as CS:GO, since it can make quick clicks possible and lessening the burden on your wrist when playing for longer period. Corsair Harpoon is designed to fit naturally in your palms and support multiple grip styles. The upper surface has a fine textured finish to prevent slip, so you can have more control. At the side of the body, there is molded rubber to allow you handle it with firm grip. If you need another affordable gaming mice, read our article on Corsair Harpoon vs Rival 100 here.

Using the Corsair Utility Engine software, you will be able to custom your DPI stages and set each one of the six buttons as you preferred it to be. It has onboard memory to save our custom DPI settings on the mouse, so you can take them with you knowing they are stored and save in your mouse. You can also customize the lightning effects to add some more personalization.

About Logitech G102
Logitech G102 is an RGB gaming mouse by Logitech. This mouse is deemed as one of affordable gaming mouse available in the market. The Logitech G102 is released to follow the step of its predecessor the G100s, and comes with some performance improvements. It seems like Logitech want to step up their entry-level gaming mouse. This mouse comes in two colors; black and white both with matte finish. Taking a glance at Logitech G102, you may think this mouse is ambidextrous, but unfortunately the side buttons are only at the left side of the mouse.

Corsair Harpoon Features
Comes with 6000 DPI sensors making the Logitech G102 set apart from its predecessor, which only has 2500 DPI. It also has 5 DPI settings to let you choose which options best suit your playing style. Weighing only 90g, this gaming mouse is very lightweight and makes you able to do fast movement especially in FPS games and lessening the burden in your wrist if you play in longer period.

With Logitech software, you can customize your Logitech G102 and assigned each buttons to your preferred functions and with the memory on board all you setting are saved in there, so you can bring your mouse together with you. What are lacking in this software are the lightning settings, which only have two effects to choose from.

NameCorsair HarpoonLogitech G102
Key Features- High-accuracy 6000 DPI Optical gaming sensor with advanced tracking - Contoured design provides a natural fit to support your play style - Bulk Package, Gaming Optical Sensor (200~6,000 DPI) - Direct following model of Legendary "G1"

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Both of Corsair Harpoon and Logitech G102 are great options for a high quality, high-performance and affordable gaming mouse, especially if you are on tight budget and you are playing an FPS game. Both of them have 6000 DPI, has on board memory and offer custom settings, they also comes in the same range of price. What minus from Logitech is only the limited lightning option, but this is not actually important and shouldn’t affect your performance. All in all, if you like to customize your mouse backlighting, we will recommend you the Corsair Harpoon.

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