Corsair M65 Pro vs M65

What is actually the difference between Corsair M65 Pro vs M65? This is probably the question that has been bothering your mind for some time. Corsair M65 Pro is a newer version of Corsair M65. At first, they may seem mostly similar to each other. There are just some different graphics on the buttons. It is said that Corsair M65 Pro comes with a newer sensor which supports higher sensitivity levels. So, is the new version worth the money, or should you stick with the old model? Find out below!

In terms of design, there aren’t many changes. Corsair M65 Pro still retains the same shape and size of Corsair M65. The wide top surface is especially suitable for palm grippers, but the design also allows claw grippers to use it comfortably. There is still the same Corsair logo on the bottom of the top surface.

However, the graphics of the three middle buttons are changed. Instead of the dot and stripes, the buttons are now marked with an up arrow, circle, and down arrow. This is not a big change, but the new graphics do make more sense.

Furthermore, the placement of the “Sniper” thumb button is changed. The “Sniper” button is for changing the sensitivity level temporarily for high-precision aiming. It is now right under the bar buttons. The new placement mostly benefits claw grippers, but palm grippers can still use it comfortably just by shifting the thumb down slightly.

Perhaps the most significant difference between Corsair M65 Pro vs M65 is the sensor. The new version is equipped with a more advanced sensor which supports sensitivity levels up to 12,000 DPI. As a comparison, the old model only supports up to 8,200 DPI.

Is it such a big deal? Not really. If you are already comfortable with the old model, there is no need to buy the new mouse just for the sensor. The high sensitivity levels are only useful for people who prefer fast mice and those who use large displays.

The fact is, you actually want low DPI levels in order to aim more accurately in FPS games. Well, there is the “Sniper” button, but you are not pressing it all the time. You need a DPI level which allows you to move and navigate quickly without losing orientation.

Surface Calibration
Finally, the last difference between Corsair M65 Pro and Corsair M65 is the surface calibration feature, available in the new version. This feature is placed in a separate submenu from the mouse settings, in the same tab as the settings for the polling rate and firmware update. The surface calibration ensures that the mouse performs with the best tracking accuracy and precision on different surfaces.

However, without the surface calibration, the performance of both Corsair M65 Pro and Corsair M65 is already impressive. They both have excellent tracking performance. They are highly accurate and reliable. So, this feature is not really a must-have. It is nice to be had, but you can do well without it.

NameCorsair M65 ProCorsair M65
Key Features- 12000 DPI high-accuracy sensor: custom tuned, gaming grade sensor for pixel-precise tracking - Aircraft-grade aluminum structure: light weight, durability, and optimal mass distribution - Advanced weight tuning system: set the center of gravity to match your play style- Designed and tuned for exceptional FPS gameplay. Features a design that is comfortable to the hand even for extended hours gaming sessions. Dedicated sniper button instantly lowers your DPI so that you can quickly and accurately aim for precise location

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If you already own the old Corsair M65, you don’t really need to upgrade to Corsair M65 Pro. Performance-wise, they are quite similar. However, if it is already the time to replace your mouse, there are good reasons to choose Corsair M65 Pro. The new design benefits claw grippers, but it is still comfortable for palm grippers. The new model supports higher sensitivity levels and comes with surface calibration.

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