Corsair Nightsword VS Ironclaw

Gaming mice such as Corsair Nightsword Vs Ironclaw are ideal for an avid gamer who wants the best experience. These mice are perfect for FPS or shooters who want accuracy and comfort while navigating the game. The two are pretty similar to each other while not identical so if you wonder which of them will be the choice, let’s see what they can offer here.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Are Gaming Mice Worth It
  • What are Corsair Nightsword and Ironclaw
  • How is the Design of Corsair Nightsword and Ironclaw
  • How are the Sensors in Corsair Nightsword and Ironclaw
  • How is the Performance of Corsair Nightsword and Ironclaw
  • What else Corsair Nightsword and Ironclaw can offer
  • How is the Comfort of Corsair Nightsword and Ironclaw
  • Corsair Nightsword Vs Ironclaw

Gaming Mouse

PC gaming is a rising trend that will continue to grow in the future. The hobby is not just a place to have fun, but many of us also dedicate our time to achieve greatness in video games. Online multiplayers are probably what most of us is are all about today. When it comes to PC gaming, the most important will be your hardware, whether or not it can deliver the highest performance. But, the smaller parts are worth noting as well.

Are gaming mice worth it? Absolutely, if you are the type of play, seriously. It is not as crucial as the machine itself, but a good mouse will improve the experience. Chance is most people will be just fine with any regular, working mouse. But, a gaming mouse is more than just something we move across a surface to navigate the cursor. It can be the tool you will be used to fire a function or functions conveniently. Many also allow you to tailor the performance according to the game.

One of the most noticeable features we can instantly experience from a gaming mouse is ergonomic. Mouse, in general, varies in shape, but gaming mice are designed to be as comfortable as possible. Considering that most of us spend hours doing the activity, it makes sense to use something comfy. Like most gaming peripherals, the mouse is also more durable, so they are often superior to our regular office mouse in terms of build quality. Additionally, there are also helpful features embedded in your gaming peripheral.

 Corsair NightswordCorsair Ironclaw
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Product Dimensions5.08 x 3.39 x 1.72 inches 5.12 x 3.15 x 1.77 inches
Shipping Weight4.2 ounces 3.68 ounces

About Corsair Nightsword and Ironclaw

Gaming mouse or keyboard and headset is not a must, but building a better ecosystem for your gaming experience. It is recommended to buy the accessories that you feel comfortable using and suitable for the type of game you play because not all of us are playing the same titles. Gaming peripherals are currently offered by many different companies such as Corsair with their extensive collection of impressive products. We love the quality and also options to match different players.

If you are mostly playing FPS and MOBA games, the Corsair Nightsword and Ironclaw are two incredible options to consider. These gaming mice are perfect for players aiming for accuracy and great comfort. The shape of Corsair Nightsword and Ironclaw is designed for most people, and they are also coming with some customization. The features are very similar for both gaming mice, but they are shaped differently to make the on-hand feel different.

The Corsair Nightsword is currently more expensive, so some people probably wonder whether the Nightsword is worth the price. This mouse is more affordable than many similar options in the market, such as DeathAdder V2 Pro. It comes with plenty of programmabilities which makes it ideal for MMO players. Performance is excellent with low click latency, so this mouse’s reliability is not an issue. However, the ergonomics can be hit and miss, which is highly subjective to the users.

Ironclaw feels like another version of Nightsword, with the two coming at the same year in 2019. It is a huge gaming mouse which makes it ideal for players with medium or large hands. The ergonomic is probably what stands out the most from Ironclaw and makes it great for gaming. Both Corsair Nightsword and Ironclaw are good gaming mice and work fine as regular mice, but they are not for everyone. Read also: Corsair Nightsword Vs M65 here.

Corsair Nightsword and Ironclaw Design

When first seeing Corsair Nightsword and Ironclaw, these mice are tall and pretty big compared to our wireless office mouse. They are also tall, but in comparison, Ironclaw is probably 1-2mm taller than Nightsowrd, which is already pretty tall at 43mm. While Nightsowrd styling is familiar among FPS gaming mice, the Ironclaw shape is more often found on MOBA collection; it is similar to Scimitar. The two also use mixed material for the surface because some are smooth and some are rubbery.

The Ironclaw has this perforated texture where your palm will rest, which can feel weird for first-time users. At least for us who are used to the smooth surface, feel at home when holding the Nightsword. Since they are pretty huge, most users will probably force to use palm grip when holding them. Weight-wise, Ironclaw comes with a fixed weight of 105 grams, while Nightsword will be 119 grams at the minimum and 141 grams maximum with all of its add-on attached.

Corsair Nightsword and Ironclaw Sensor

Since we are talking about gaming mice, many must wonder about the sensor in Corsair Nightsword and Ironclaw. Both of them use the same optical sensor capable of reaching 18,000 DPI. They also seem to reach 450 IPS and work 50G acceleration. Interestingly, the sensor gives you options to finely adjust the sensitivity. Usually, gaming mice only allow for increment adjustment, but the two are adjustable in 1 DPI for a more accurate and personalized setting.

Corsair Nightsword and Ironclaw Performance 

There is more to gaming mice than its sensor because of how they are operated. Performance-wise the Corsair Nightsword and Ironclaw are impressive, and contrary to how they look, these mice are very accurate even when you have to move them across the mat and fire a shot. They are very low in latency, and we don’t see any disadvantage while gaming with them. One noticeable difference in gaming experience is probably lift-off distance because the Ironclaw is pretty high.

The specs suggest it can be adjusted on iCUE software, but sadly it is not. We need to lift the mouse completely from the mat or surface to stop tracking. The Nightsword comes with a preset lift-off distance at about the same height, 3.5 mm, which is pretty high. The good news is we can adjust this mouse from the software. We recommend changing your lift-off distance in iCUE to around 1-1.5 mm to be comfortable.

Corsair Nightsword and Ironclaw Features

Besides performance, what’s nice about Corsair Nightsword and Ironclaw is their extensive features. Mouse shape ergonomic is highly subjective to the users, and Nightsword improves it by offering a customizable weight. There is a small panel below the mouse where you can find several slots at different positions. We can place the weight at various places to tailor the overall weight and where you want to center the weight. If you prefer a heftier mouse, this is a handy feature.

Both Corsair Nightsword and Ironclaw are RGB, and you can go creative on the software. However, we notice that the Ironclaw RGB panel is not as much as Nightsword, so this one is probably underwhelming if you are a fan of the colorful and bright mouse. The biggest panel, the logo, is mostly always covered by our palms. The Nightsword has RGB panels on the rear and front, facing downward to reflect your mouse pad.

Gaming mice are somehow not complete without programmable buttons, and for these mice, there are a total of 7 and 10 buttons that can be fully programmed from the software. These buttons are arranged at the top of the mouse and on the left side.

Corsair Nightsword and Ironclaw Comfort

Lastly, a gaming mouse must be comfortable to use. This can be highly subjective so that we will tell it based on our preference. The Corsair Nightsword and Ironclaw are about the same in length, and they are best for palm grip where your palm is resting on top of the surface, curving following the shape. They also seem good for claw grip if you have larger hands. We are personally not a fan of rear flare on Ironclaw, as it feels a bit weird.

But, Ironclaw is lighter than Nightsword even without the additional weight. We prefer more lightweight mice because it is easier to lift them, but since Ironclaw lift-off distance is pretty high, we will gladly trade the heavier mouse for a shorter lift-off.

Corsair Nightsword Vs Ironclaw

There are plenty of mice to choose from when you aim for a gaming mouse. The Corsair Nightsword and Ironclaw are similarly good options and very reliable in performance. They use the same sensor, so accuracy is not different. However, Ironclaw lift-off can be too high for us, who often lift the mouse to reposition it on a mat. It also has fewer buttons to program and is not adjustable in weight. Comfort can be subjective, but we also prefer the shape and ergonomics of Nightsword with its slimmer profile.

- Smart Tunable Weight System: Corsair-exclusive software automatically detects the mouse’s centre of gravity in real time, allowing you to adjust weight between 119 g and 141 g and fine-tune balance
- Corsair’s Most Enhanced Optical Sensor Yet: A Custom Pixart PMW3391 Native 18,000 DPI Optical sensor, adjustable in 1 DPI steps, giving you total sensitivity customisation and ultra-accurate tracking
- Professional Comfort: Built with a contoured shape that naturally fits your hand, with high-performance rubber grips inspired by pro sports equipment
- Ten Fully Programmable Buttons: Customize your gaming with the in-game advantage of powerful macros and key remaps.
- Perfect for Larger Hands and Palm Grips: Lightweight at 105g and a contoured shape that’s sculpted specifically for palm-grips and larger hands
- CORSAIR’s Most Advanced Optical Gaming Sensor Yet: Native 18,000 DPI, adjustable in 1 DPI resolution steps gives you total sensitivity customization and ultra-accurate tracking
- Ultra-Durable Omron Switches: Rated for more than 50 million clicks
- Seven Fully Programmable Buttons: Customize the way you play with powerful macros or key remaps giving you an in-game advantage


There is no wrong option because we all want the best gaming mouse for the budget. In this comparison, we recommend Corsair Nightsword because it is accurate, comfortable, and extensively programmable, making it a better choice for FPS or MOBA players.


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