Corsair Nightsword vs Logitech G502

Gaming mice are very popular and there are tons of them out there from different brands with different set of features and shape. Corsair Nightsword Vs Logitech G502 are two of the most well-known mice we have today not only because they are reliable but also because they carry some interesting features on board for example programmable buttons. If you are also eyeing these options, go check what they can offer below and see which of them will be the best choice according to your preference.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

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  • What are Corsair Nightsword and Logitech G502
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  • Are Corsair Nightsword and Logitech G502 Comfortable
  • Corsair Nightsword Vs Logitech G502

Gaming Mice

Laptop mouse or trackpad is convenient for this compact device but they are also less comfortable to be used at ease especially if you will be navigating lots of movement. Even when dealing with documents and web pages, we think a physical mouse is much more comfortable to use for a prolonged time moreover, if you will be using them in gaming applications. However, the question is, do we really need a gaming mouse to game because it seems a standard office mouse can already offer the function.

The answer will highly depend on the user because not all of us will have the same preferences and the type of game played. For those casual players who only spend a few hours a week playing around and fill their free time, a standard mouse mostly can do the job just well. On the other hand if you are an enthusiast who is going to play a lot or feel like the regular mice are not as responsive nor comfortable, getting one may improve the experience.

Gaming Mice Features

Another challenge when getting a gaming mouse is which model we should go with because there are tons of them as PC gaming is more popular today. Among those vast collections, there must be one that can give your desired features or overall experience but as something being on our palm for most of the time, comfort should be one of the top considerations when getting one. In general bigger or bulkier mice will be ideal for palm grip and slimmer one for either claw or thumb style user.

Next is the connectivity type because we have both cabled and wireless mice including those connected through Bluetooth. Wireless mice used to be seen as the less responsive one in the past but as technology improved, wireless connectivity becomes more reliable and popular models usually don’t have any issue in this part as well. However, they are more expensive than those with wire and if your setup is stationary, a cabled one is just as good as the wireless one.

 Corsair NightswordLogitech G502
Best offerCheck priceCheck price
Product Dimensions5.1 x 3.4 x 1.7 inches
1.6 x 3 x 5.2 inches
Shipping Weight4 ounces
4.3 ounces

Another important point we may want to consider when getting a gaming mouse is their feature, prominently the additional buttons. These additional buttons mainly can be programmed to execute certain commands through their software and the best thing is all about convenient for we can access them on the fly. In the past only gaming mice have this feature but today even productivity models like MX Master in our Apple Magic Mouse 2 Vs Logitech MX Master has the feature ready.

About Corsair Nightsword and Logitech G502

The best mouse should be the one that fits your application the most so our choice can differ to each other and it is fine as long as it can provide whatever you need on the unit. Based on the application, we can choose which model will benefit us the most; for example if you have a big hand on average and mostly using palm grip, it is better to get the one made with bulkier body of if you love colorful mice then RGB models will be the right option.

For those who don’t have much time to spare checking the option one by one, it is convenient to just see what the other similar users are going with for they will have a high chance to fit your preference as well. Among those many brands and options, Corsair and Logitech are two of the most popular companies to consider when shopping for a new mouse and this is because they carry lots of choices along with well-known amazing performance with pretty competitive prices.

There are various models in their catalogue but if you are a palm grip users, two of the best choices to consider are Corsair Nightsword and Logitech G502. Both of them are very popular gaming mice which are offering all the basic functions or bright points we often seek on this certain category from a high DPI rate to comfort. However, being from different brands makes them different as well and our choice can differ mostly, based on which sits better on your palm.

These mice are not a new model anymore because they have been around for quite some time and the fact that Corsair Nightsword and Logitech G502 are an equally wired model, makes them have to carry something to win the competition among tons of fancy wireless mice. This is what offered by both of them because outside the more clutter-free wireless, you basically will get everything in these models from reliable performance to some useful convenient features to add into their already good comfort.

Corsair Nightsword and Logitech G502 Design

Just by checking at their design and shape, we are sure you can already guess who these models are made for because the additional plate on the right prominently tell that they are designed for right-handed users and best for those who are using palm grip thanks to the wide surface and thumb rest. Similar to many gaming mice, these thumb rest are also texturized to give those comfort and nice, firm holding position. The difference is that this texture continues across the palm rest in Nightsword.

Side by side from the top, Corsair Nightsword and Logitech G502 looks quite similar to each other with almost the same overall design but without its thumb rest the former comes with symmetric standard buttons while as you can see the G502 is slightly elongating its left button due to how our middle finger is actually longer than our point finger. In measurement, it is between 3.3 x 5.08 x 1.7 inches compared to 3-inch wide, 5.2-inch long, and 1.6-inch tall, making them almost at the same size from each other.

Corsair Nightsword and Logitech G502 Performance

The first thing you may want to know about a gaming mouse is probably the performance and how they will glide smoothly because this is the most important pass comfort. In this side, Corsair Nightsword and Logitech G502 are optical mouse so you may need to add a mouse pad to make sure they work the best and Logitech themselves have been improving optical technology to add into their reliability and in term of performance up to 1800 and 1200 DPI respectively will work great on various applications.

There is no lagging issue similar to most wired mouse and the best part is their buttons feels great to click; you don’t need to put much strength but the click feels satisfying yet not too noisy as well. Their matte finish makes sure there are no fingerprints dirtying the mice look but the scroll wheel tends to get stuck with some small dust especially in Nightsword and depending on your preference, we personally not a fan of texturized top rest.

Corsair Nightsword and Logitech G502 Feature

Next is the feature part and in this point, our favorite thing about these mice is their additional buttons. There are five of them in G505 as your back and forward function as well as DPI shift and adjustment as their preset while the additional two at the top are meant for profile selection as well as wheel mode shift in which the latter is not programmable. Similarly, the Nigtsword also has these buttons on its left side with the same preset functions.

What’s different is the top two because while Logitech has the bottom one made for wheel mode shift, Corsair doesn’t have this feature and uses all of the two for profile function; up and down in selection. You can click on the middle button but none of them are offering the tilt function. 

Corsair Nightsword and Logitech G502 Comfort

The last thing we want to talk about is their comfort and in this side, Corsair Nightsword and Logitech G502 are very similar to each other that if you are familiar with one, changing to the other will almost be an instant. What’s different on user experience is that the former is slightly wider or larger in which G502 is slimmer despite still being a big mouse as well. What we personally are not fan of is the textured top and Corsair high LOD.

Corsair Nightsword vs Logitech G502

These mice are a great option and often interchangeable due to the similar layout and feel but in comparison Nightsword is slightly wider than G502 with its slimmer body and performance wise they are equally nice yet, the former also has this high LOD issue which can be annoying at times when you run out of space to move the mouse. In addition, it doesn’t have the hyper-fast scroll which can be useful both in game and regular utility.

NameCorsair Nightsword Logitech G102
Key Features- Corsair exclusive software automatically detects the center of gravity in real time, allowing you to adjust weight between 115G and 137G and fine tune balance to perfectly fit your grip - A custom PixArt PMW3391 native 18, 000 DPI optical sensor, adjustable in 1 DPI resolution steps, gives you total sensitivity customization and ultra accurate tracking - Built with a comfortable contoured shape that naturally fits your hand, with high-performance rubber grips inspired by Pro sports equipment - Ten fully programmable buttons let you customize your gaming, with the in game advantage of powerful macros and key Remaps- Unique thumb wheel: For horizontal navigation and advanced gestures - Easy connections for multiple computers: Use with up to three Windows or Mac computers via included Unifying receiver or Bluetooth Smart wireless technology - Easy switching between computers with the touch of the button - Tracks virtually anywhere - even on glass: The Dark field Laser sensor tracks flawlessly even on glass and high-gloss surfaces (4mm minimum thickness)

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All in all they are a good option and can be your next mouse to try but between the two, we do like Logitech G502 better because it is coming with a nice performance, pretty low LOD, and comfortable to hold especially for medium hand with palm grip style.


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