Dell WM123 vs Logitech M185

Looking for the best mouse may not an easy task since there are so many options out there and each one of them may suit different people with some special features but there are also mouses best for everyday and regular use. In today Dell WM123 vs Logitech M185 article, we are going to give you more information regarding these two similar yet different mouses and how they compare to each other. If one or both of them took your interest, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Dell WM123 and Logitech M185
– What Dell WM123 and Logitech M185 Look Like
– What Dell WM123 and Logitech M185 can offer to you
– Dell WM123 vs Logitech M185

About Dell WM123
Mouse is an important part of a computer since this device is the one you use to navigate the computer easily besides using your keyboards or if you are using a laptop, an additional mouse can be beneficial to replace your small and probably not that comfortable built in trackpad. Unlike gaming mouse that comes with so many additional features, the Dell WM123 is you average, regular mouse ideal for general use of computer like scrolling document, typing, and overall navigating your computer.

Dell WM123 Design
Looking it from the outside, there is nothing special about the mouse, which means it looks just like any other regular mouse. It comes in a sleek design with two black color scheme; the lining is shiny or glossy while the rest is mate. To operate the mouse, you will need one AA battery that can be mounted below the mouse near its sensor. Overall, it measures at 3.9 x 1.5 x 2.4 inches and weigh around 2 ounces, so it should be small and light enough when carried everywhere.

Dell WM123 Features
Just like what you can expected from a regular mouse, there is not much we can talk about here for it is indeed only comes with enough features to accommodate regular operation. Before we move to what it can offer to you, taken from CNET, the Dell WM123 is a wireless mouse, which means it can work without the wire. This type of mouse is great if you are often travel with your laptop and want to bring your mouse along since you don’t have to deal with the wiring or if you are just not fond of cabled mouse.

As a wireless mouse, what you have pay attention first is probably the battery life since you are counting on it to operate the mouse. This one only requires one battery, but there are others out there that requires two smaller batteries depend on the models. The company claims, WM123 will be able to run on a single AA battery up to 1 year, which is very impressive even though this claimed should be taken with a grain of salt by customers.

In the performance, the wireless connection is reliable and stable through its USB anchored RF wireless dongle. Setting up also not needed since you can use it instantly after plugging it. On the mouse, you can utilizes its 3 buttons; the standard right, left click and the single scroll button on the middle. This scroll button also only can be used to scroll and don’t support tilting features.

About Logitech M185
If you are tight on budget or just want to spend less and thinking the WM123 is a bit too expensive for a regular mouse, you may want to check the Logitech M185 mouse. This mouse is the choice of almost everyone since it is very affordable and work just as great as similar items in its class. If you are in need for a dependable mouse with no additional feature you will probably won’t need, a straightforward M185 will be a great option. Read also: Logitech M535 vs M557 here.

Logitech M185 Design
From the outside, this mouse looks just like its peers with no distinctive features to separate it from the other. However, in the design, this one probably falls into the ergonomic category with a slightly bent body on the middle, unlike the traditional mouse with a streamlined design. Whether it is more comfortable or not is depend on the user itself but if you don’t fit with the regular design, this shape may suit your hand better. Overall, it measures at 1.5 x 3.9 x 2.4 inches and weigh around 4.8 ounces.

Logitech M185 Features
Just like many other similar mouse, this one also comes with limited features but should be enough if you are a regular user. It is a wireless type, so it won’t need a cable to work properly and you only to attach its dongle to connect your computer with the mouse. Wireless mouse is a good option to pick if you are not fond of dealing with the wiring. It also good for you if you bring your mouse along when working or going to school.

Beside you need to plug the dongle to make it works, this mouse also requires an A battery, which is also included when you purchase the item. Logitech claimed the battery will give you enough juice to run the mouse up for a year. However, many people are experiencing different battery lives when using the mouse since some stated they can last more than one year and some not, so the longevity may depend on how often you use it.

Just like regular mouse, this one also only comes with 3 buttons click; the left and right button as well as the single scroll button in the middle that can be clicked and hold to move the page up and down.

Now, let’s compare the Dell WM123 with Logitech M185. Both of them are very similar to each other and equally don’t come with and special features. They have right and left click with a single middle button and equally runs with single A battery. Their difference is only located on the design since the WM123 comes in s streamlined designed while the M185 has a slightly bent inward shape to follow the contour of your hand.

Dell WM123 vs Logitech M185

NameDell WM123Logitech M185
Key Features- Wireless 3-button optical mouse - Features Plug and Play convenience - Gives a clutter-free workspace with wireless connectivity - Provides great performance with excellent battery life - Comes with a comfortable and contoured shape- Plug-and-play wireless: Get a reliable connection from a convenient nano receiver that stays in your computer - 1-year battery life: Go for a full year without a battery change (Battery life may vary based on user and computing conditions)

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are equally good but since they are tagged with different price, we will recommend you to pick the Logitech M185 since it is more affordable than WM123.

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