Dragon Chroma Razer vs Corsair Scimitar

When it comes to gaming mouse there are many choices . They can be cheap , sometimes quite expensive or could also be mid range. Gaming mouse is a very important part for any PC gamer. The mouse you like usually depends on your personal preferences but specs also matter .So here we will take about the comparison of Dragon Chroma Razer vs Corsair Scimitar . Both of these mouse are from reputed companies which have been producing great gaming mouses in the past ,so lets get started.

The Dragon Chroma Razer is being touted as the most precise mouse ever with 16000 DPI by it’s company which is a really good marketing scheme as it draws more people towards this mouse as compared to Corsair Scimitar which also comes with optical sensor of 16000 DPI which makes both of them similarly precise and fast when playing games . The Razer one comes with total 19 fully programmable buttons from which 12 buttons are mechanical thumb grid buttons with scroll wheel acting as additional buttons as compared to Scimitar which has only contains 12 buttons which are also mechanical buttons and the scroll wheel only moves up & down and not side to side which makes the Dragon better than Scimitar in this respect.

The Dragon comes with in-game MMO configurator which allows the player to change the buttons according to their play style in-game . The Scimitar comes with predefined profiles for MMO and MOBO games and also allows the user to create custom profiles with different light effects which makes Scimitar more customizable as compared to the Dragon . Both of them are good in their own way but because of it’s more features Scimitar is better in this respect.

NameChroma RazerCorsair Scimitar
Key Features- Gaming-optimized Razer mechanical mouse switches - durable up to 50 million clicks - The Razer DeathAdder Elite is equipped with a 16,000dpi optical sensor- Exclusive key Slider macro button control system: the patent pending design provides 8mm of key travel with secure lock to ensure every button is within reach - 12 optimized mechanical side buttons

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So with both of them priced almost the same , but if a person wants to play mostly MMO games and doesn’t really care about custom lighting and all , they should buy the Dragon Chroma Razer . So here you have it , this was the comparison of Dragon Chroma Razer vs Corsair Scimitar and both of them are great gaming mouses but because of it’s more buttons and lower price the Dragon Chroma Razer is bang for your buck .

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