Kensington Expert vs Slimblade

Kensington is a well-known brand that most people choose when it comes to a trackball mouse for office uses. There are several Kensington models with different features available, and choosing the right one is sometimes confusing. In the article below, we will help you choose between Kensington Expert vs Slimblade, which are both suitable for professional users. Which one is better for you?

The Expert’s Design
Kensington Expert and Kensington Slimblade come with very different designs. The Expert is a little bit bigger and bulkier. It has an ergonomic ambidextrous design that is comfortable and gentle for the wrist. The angled, curved shape ensures that your hand can use it without much stress. Furthermore, Kensington Expert comes with a detachable wrist rest that is very useful to support the wrist when working.

The trackball is 55 mm wide, surrounded by a scroll ring and four customizable buttons that are easy to access. The scroll ring is not as great as the Orbit (see our previous post about Kensington Expert Mouse vs Orbit here), but it is definitely better than having nothing at all. It allows you to scroll easily. You can remove the magnet under the scroll ring to improve the performance.

The Slimblade’s Design
On the other hand, Kensington Slimblade is more useful for people who prioritize portability. Compared to the Expert, it has a slimmer, lighter body. So, you can say that it is more portable. In addition, it has an ambidextrous shape that is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed users. It also features a 55 mm trackball and four customizable buttons, but it is without the scroll ring. It also doesn’t come with a wrist rest.

However, Kensington Slimblade is not as comfortable as the Expert. This is probably because of the slim, flat design. It doesn’t have a scroll ring, so you use the trackball to scroll. The action causes stress to the wrist. You will need to constantly bend your wrist in order to scroll a page. That can be very painful after some time. To make things worse, the scroll speed is also rather low.

Both mice use the TrackballWorks software for customization. They both are available in wired and wireless versions. Each of them is protected by a five-year warranty.

Tracking Accuracy
The next difference between Kensington Expert vs Slimblade is the sensor. The Expert is armed with an optical sensor and the DiamondEye tracking technology. Overall, the performance is very good. The wide trackball allows you to navigate over a large area quickly. The accuracy is very good.

Kensington Slimblade uses a dual-laser system for the best tracking precision. The laser sensors ensure that you can have great and accurate cursor control. For sure, the trackball does feel better; it is smoother and tends to be more precise. However, the lack of a scroll ring is a major issue.

NameKensington ExpertKensington Slimblade
Key Features- Large ball is designed as a perfect sphere to provide exceptional precision; Diamond Eye optical tracking technology for premium cursor control and accuracy - Award-winning Scroll Ring lets you scan up and down pages with ease; Detachable wrist rest supports hand and wrist for ergonomic comfort- Laser technology provides highly accurate and responsive cursor tracking and scrolling, plus the large 55mm ball makes it quicker and easier to navigate anywhere on the screen - Ambidextrous design for left or right-handed users - Compatible with Windows (including Windows 8) and Mac OS Computers

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In the end, Kensington Expert is more recommended. It has a better, more comfortable ergonomic design. The scroll ring isn’t the best, but still usable and useful to avoid wrist pain. The optical sensor is quite precise and reliable. Meanwhile, the Slimblade’s laser sensor is impressive, but the design is not good for the wrist.

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