Kraken Tournament Edition Vs Kraken Ultimate

Gaming peripherals are attractive and if you can spend the budget then why not having them in your setup as well. If you already use the keyboard and mouse, we can add a gaming headset like Kraken Tournament Edition Vs Kraken Ultimate too because they will improve your experience. These headsets sound and perform good but, they are also different. For those who are eyeing these headsets, do check what they can offer here before making a decision so then we can shop wiser.

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  • Kraken Tournament Edition Vs Kraken Ultimate

Gaming Headsets

PC gaming is very popular nowadays because they are fun, they can be played from anywhere as well, as long as you have the compatible device and for those who love multiplayer, we can play with friends too without having to be in the same place. Our computer is very much capable of handling the current games depending on what you want to play. But, besides the computer itself, you may want to add other peripherals in the setup such as the keyboard and mouse.

When gaming on PC, the most important part will be the computer itself because they are going to be the one handling your game and a good monitor will be needed to show what it is capable of. If these two don’t need an upgrade at least for the time being, we can add another into the setup such as specialized gaming keyboard, gaming mice such as Razer Naga Trinity Vs Logitech G600 for MMO players, and gaming headset, depending on which you see best.

If you are here then it means you currently looking for a gaming headset and while this is not a must have since we can listen or speak using standard headset, there are some additional benefits from going with the specialized peripheral which one of them is mesmerizing sound and details; the type that we often seek from audiophile models. The difference is headsets made from enthusiasts often don’t integrate a microphone in the unit which is why we prefer to go with the gaming variant.

 Kraken Tournament EditionKraken Ultimate
Best offerCheck priceCheck price
Product Dimensions6.76 x 7.6 x 3.86 inches7.68 x 6.9 x 3.94 inches
Shipping Weight11.4 ounces13.8 ounces

Different people may have different reasons as to why they prefer to use a gaming headset but personally we also use a headset when listening to music as it sounds closer to your ears and more isolating so these are what we want to achieve with gaming headsets. Not only can you enjoy the music or game sound better, we can minimize the disturbance as well whether you live in an apartment with a thin wall or have other family members who need to get their sleep.

Compared to traditional speakers, many modern gaming headsets are offering great sound quality too, with crisp and clear experience. It won’t make you a great player in an instant but can elevate the experience during the game as we can distinguish signs and effects better that may help during the application, especially those requiring precise and accurate movements thus, we can react faster to enemies. In addition, a good microphone in the device lets you communicate effectively with the team with less obstruction.

About Kraken Tournament Edition and Kraken Ultimate

For those who can spend the budget and think about the benefits, getting a gaming headset will surely elevate your experience but, we also have to shop wisely because not all of them will be the same and not all of them will be satisfying so we should choose the one that are going to be useful and improve your gaming. Thinking about the brands, you can shop based on the manufacturer side or budget range as this can help us get closer to the ideal choice.

Talking about gaming headsets or gaming peripherals in general, you can find so many brands out there and among those, Razer is probably one of the most popular choices for most people; not only for gaming headsets but also the keyboard or mice too. Their gaming headsets are quite well-known for both looks and quality yet you can find several of them and not all will be the same as they offer different technologies and overall performance or even features you need.

If you need to keep the budget quite low for this headset, Kraken Tournament Edition and Kraken Ultimate will be two amazing options to consider. These two are often compared to each other for the reasonable price but since the two are also close brothers, you must wonder which of them will be the better choice. In general, price translates well in the product and as you can guess, the Ultimate variant is indeed better or a step higher than its Tournament version.

However, in terms of versatility they are also a bit different and if you are looking for the one that can be used in both console and PC, the Tournament is actually very much the same to any standard headsets. As an overall gaming headsets, we do think both Kraken Tournament Edition and Kraken Ultimate are good options however, personally we are also more into the latter especially for sound accuracy so if you are considering a better sound quality then you may like this variant as well.

Kraken Tournament Edition and Kraken Ultimate Design

Side by side these two are actually coming with the same type of styling and while it looks different on the sample picture above, it is mostly for the color scheme only as the two retain the same look of their older brother Kraken Pro V2. They are very bulky and look comfortable when worn especially at a fixed setting like an office or in your home while weight wise they feel the same as well at around 0.7-0.8 lbs. The cord is also pretty long and braided for longevity.

Their ear cups are round and quite large, covered with a synthetic material so when the temperature is increased there is a high chance of sweating too. You can see the microphone wand in these models and just like most microphones for gaming, they are soft and can be angled to follow your mouth. They are also retractable so the wand is not going to be always on the way yet, the tip of the microphone will still be visible.

Razer Kranken Ultimate

Kraken Tournament Edition and Kraken Ultimate Sound Quality

Moving further, what you want to know in almost any audio device must be the sound quality and here we think the latter or Ultimate variant is slightly better than Tournament. Talking about the bass accuracy, the low frequency extension is good at 38Hz but the low-bass is about 5dB lacking which means it will be less satisfying in thumb and rumble while the mid-bass and high-bass are quite flat yet also excess in punch an boominess that gives it an over-crafted sound.

On the Ultimate, the bass range is also not the best with the low-bass having the same character to Tournament variant yet, its low frequency extension is further reaching hence it can deliver a better thump on the lower end but, the mid and high-bass are too high for our taste and in comparison to Tournament, is less accurate that can give a muddiness to the mix. What Ultimate shines the most on is the mid-range is it is quite accurate which makes the mid and higher frequency sounds comfortable to our ears.

Kraken Tournament Edition and Kraken Ultimate Comfort

Next is about their comfort and just like any headphones or headsets, Kraken Tournament Edition and Kraken Ultimate must be comfortable to let you enjoy wearing them for prolonged gaming hours. The round and rather oval ear cups are feeling quite good on our ears. The clamping force is not too tight but sticks well to your head while the padding eases how the device isolates it sounds. There is a swiveling hinge on both sides to provide the best positioning.

Overall the two are not very much different and feel really good for typical gaming applications but if you are staying up all night, do hope to start sweating and feel the pressure. In addition, since they are wired headsets, none of them are going to be ideal for commuters and in addition, the latter is USB type in comparison to Tournament which is standard TRRS one.

Kraken Tournament Edition and Kraken Ultimate Features

The last part we want to mention is about the special technology that made Kraken Tournament Edition and Kraken Ultimate a gaming headset and it is the THX Spatial Sound which is a simulated 5.1 channel surround sound. The experience using this technology is interesting but not the best because the processing is still not capable of delivering an accurate audio source yet, we can still distinguish a distant sound and be prepared for what’s coming from these headsets.

Kraken Tournament Edition Vs Kraken Ultimate

These gaming handsets are pretty much the same to each other but slightly different and as we have mentioned above, the two lacks superb bass area but in mid-range your Ultimate variant will be more accurate and in addition to good comfort, we also want to mention that Ultimate is using USB connector while Tournament is using the standard jack that makes the former less versatile. But, for those who love gaming aesthetics, the Ultimate has an RGB panel while the Tournament doesn’t.

- All-day Comfort: Oval, cooling gel-infused cushions that prevent overheating and pressure build-up
- Retractable Noise Cancelling Microphone: An improved cardioid mic reduces background and ambient noises for crystal-clear communication
- In-line Audio Controls: Includes an analog volume control wheel and mic mute switch
- Compatibility: Audio enhancer DAC connects via USB connector; THX Spatial Audio available on Windows 10 64-bit only
- All-Day Comfort: Oval, cooling gel-infused cushions that prevent overheating and pressure build-up
- Retractable, Active Noise Cancelling Microphone: An improved mic with ANC reduces background and ambient noises for crystal-clear communication
- On-Earcup Audio Controls: Includes volume up and down and THX Spatial on/off toggle
- Compatibility: Connects via USB connector; THX Spatial Audio available on Windows 10 64bit only


Overall the two are good gaming headsets that can elevate your gaming experience but they are also different and between the two, if you will be strictly using them on PC only, we will recommend the Ultimate variant for its better audio and RGB.

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