Lenovo N50 Mouse Review: A Reliable Wireless Mouse

Many people don’t like wireless mice because many of them have awful tracking performance. However, this issue does not apply to Lenovo N50. If you are looking for a truly reliable wireless mouse that also looks stylish and elegant, Lenovo N50 is the answer. The optical sensor offers superior accuracy, while the distinctive black diamond design offers a stylish and elegant look. Continue reading our Lenovo N50 mouse review below for more details!

Size and Design
Lenovo N50 is a mid-sized mouse that is suitable for all hand sizes. The size is perfect. You can hold it in your hand comfortably, even if you have large hands. But it is not too wide. At first, the sharp corners of the black diamond design may look uncomfortable, but they actually don’t give any problem at all. Even after an extended period, you can still hold it comfortably without any issue.

For sure, the black diamond design makes this mouse stands out from the rest of the competition. It looks stylish and elegant. This is a great choice if you want to improve the visual aspect of your work desk.

Unfortunately, Lenovo N50 does not support Bluetooth. Lenovo N50 is a wireless mouse that needs the included USB dongle to connect to your laptop/PC, and the connection uses the 2.4 GHz frequency. In other words, despite being wireless, it still requires a USB port on your laptop/PC. On the good side, this mouse does not have any annoying cable to tangle. The compact and lightweight design makes it very portable.

Unlike most other wireless mice, Lenovo N50 actually has decent tracking performance. This is because of the high-quality optical sensor. You will enjoy the precise tracking accuracy, and you will definitely benefit from it if you often work with Photoshop and the likes.

Lenovo N50 has a sensitivity level of 1000 DPI, which is good for most purposes. Of course, you can adjust the sensitivity level through your PC’s mouse setting. You can also use the mouse for gaming, if you really want to.

The scroll wheel is quite nice. It has a very soft spin. This is just a matter of taste – some people prefer soft scroll wheels, whereas some others prefer tactile scroll wheels with high resistance. For sure, the soft spin will enable you to navigate long pages quickly.

Lenovo N50 runs on a single AA battery. The battery life is impressive. It is able to last for about a year on normal usage. And one battery is included in the packaging already, so you can use the mouse right away. You can easily find battery replacements in local stores.


- Striking black diamond design and midsize dimensions - 2.4GHz wireless technology - 10 meter operation range - Lenovo Wireless Mouse N50 (Black)

Lenovo N50 is a reliable wireless mouse. It is actually quite simple, without many features, but the optical sensor offers good tracking accuracy. The design is lightweight, portable, stylish, and comfortable. The battery can last for about a year, which is very good.

Lenovo N50 Mouse: Specifications
Brand: Lenovo
Model: N50
Color: Black
Number of Buttons: 3
Tracking: Optical
Maximum DPI: 1000
Connectivity: Wireless
Interface: 2.4 GHz
Width: 62.0 mm
Depth: 110.0 mm
Height: 35.5
Weight: 0.08 kg

Lenovo N50 Mouse Review: Pros
• The black diamond design is striking and elegant
• Reliable optical sensor with decent tracking performance
• Mid-sized design suitable for all hand sizes
• Lightweight and portable

Lenovo N50 Mouse: Price
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