Logitech G400S vs G500S

If you are confused in choosing between Logitech G400S vs G500S, you have come to the right place! Below, we will discuss the comparisons between these two great gaming mice to help you choose the most suitable model. Logitech G400S is available at a lower price point, and is widely considered as one of the best gaming mice ever. Logitech G500S is more expensive due to the additional features, but it has a laser sensor.

Optical or Laser
Perhaps the first question that you need to answer is whether you prefer an optical or laser sensor. Logitech G400S is equipped with a high-quality optical sensor. Meanwhile, Logitech G500S comes with a laser sensor.

In most cases, an optical sensor is much better for gaming. An optical sensor has consistent and accurate tracking without any acceleration issue. In addition, an optical sensor has a shorter liftoff distance; you won’t have to lift the mouse too highly to adjust the position without moving the pointer. Logitech G400S supports up to 4,000 DPI. See our previous post about Logitech G400S vs MX518 here!

A laser-sensor usually has inconsistent acceleration, which is why it often feels less accurate. It also has a higher liftoff distance. These weaknesses are very bad for gaming, but some people can get used to it. However, a laser sensor is able to track movements on various surfaces. Also, it supports higher sensitivity and acceleration levels – Logitech G500S supports up to 8,200 DPI.

Design and Features
The designs and layouts of Logitech G400S vs G500S are largely similar. However, Logitech G400S does not have some features that are available on the G500S, including the weight/balance tuning system, braided cable, and hyper-scrolling.

Logitech G400S comes with a total of 8 programmable buttons. You can program these buttons for quick commands and macros in various games. It also has on-the-fly DPI adjustment, so you can change the sensitivity level swiftly without interrupting your game play. This is a simple yet effective gaming mouse with a comfortable ergonomic shape.

Logitech G500S comes with a total of 10 programmable buttons, so you can get some additional controls plus on-the-fly DPI adjustment. It also has an on-board storage to save your setting profile. The scroll wheel has two modes; you can instantly switch from the click-to-click regular scrolling mode to the hyper-scrolling mode for quick navigation.

Logitech G500S comes with several weight adjustment plates. You can open the bottom cover of the mouse and adjust the weight plates there to your liking. You can use lower weights if you prefer a lightweight mouse, or higher weights if you prefer a heavy mouse. You can also decide the placement of the weight plates to customize the balance and center of gravity.

For sure, Logitech G500S’s additional features are great. They are very nice and quite useful. However, they are not essential; you can still play your games conveniently without them.

NameLogitech G400SLogitech G500S
Key Features- Exclusive 4000 DPI Delta Zero Optical Sensor: Built for consistent, high-accuracy targeting in FPS games - 8 programmable buttons: Perform single game commands or multi-command macros with a simple button click - Weight and balance tuning adjust to unique play styles, including overall weight, center of gravity, and placement of weights - Advanced surface materials include hydrophobic coating of palm area, dry-grip sides and fingerprint resistant coating of primary buttons

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Logitech G400S is definitely the best choice for the money. Despite the simple design, it is more reliable and more effective. The optical sensor offers better tracking accuracy. However, you may choose Logitech G500S if you don’t mind using a laser sensor in order to have the weight/balance tuning system, braided cable, and hyper-scrolling.

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