Logitech G500 vs MX518

Looking for a gaming mouse is obviously not an easy task because besides the unlimited options out there, you are also going to pick the one that match your budget and able to provide with everything you want for in a gaming mouse. In today Logitech G500 vs MX518 article, we are going to give you information regarding these two similar yet different items, so you can pick whichever suit your preference better. If one or both of them took your interest, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Logitech G500 and Logitech MX518
– What Logitech G500 and Logitech MX518 Look Like
– What Logitech G500 and Logitech MX518 can offer to you
– Logitech G500 vs Logitech MX518

About Logitech G500
Logitech has been making numerous great gaming peripherals you can find today in the market and one of them is the G500 gaming mice. Just like many other gaming mice, this one also provide you with everything you need from a gaming specified mouse but of course with enhanced capabilities. The mouse is actually based on Logitech’s older popular most, which is the G5 but in this new model, they put some tweaks to enhance the performance. It is definitely not the best but do worth the price.

Logitech G500 Design
From the outside, Logitech G500 somehow bring a mixed affair since the pattern is somehow didn’t match the overall premium look of this mouse. It has matte black sides that contrast to its piano-black buttons as well as with its red LED lighting. It is measures at 4.7 x 3 x 1.6 inches and weigh around 4.6 ounces and when compared to the older model, this one comes with thumb indent and a bit rough grainy texture on the side.

Logitech G500 Features
In essential, this one still bring the strong foundation from G5 Laser Mouse, it still has a comfortable grip, customizable weight kit, smartly positioned clicks, customizable buttons as well as polling rate at 1.000MHz to give you that smooth and accurate sensor tracking. However, as it has been mentioned earlier, it not only comes with what’s already present in the older model but also added with other new features to make it a different and better product altogether.

The first new capability is the dual-mode scroll wheel, which taken from the company higher-end general-purpose mice. Taken from CNET, this dial mode feature will let you press a button to change the scroll wheel into a fast-free spinning motion when you want to navigate up and down in a long document quickly as opposed to the standard ratcheted scroll wheel motion. This feature may not that beneficial for gaming but if you also use the computer for general purpose, this one is a good addition.

Logitech also put onboard memory on the G500 just like in their G9 gaming mouse, so you now will be able to store custom profiles on the mouse itself and use the same mouse for different computers. What’s unfortunate here is the mouse only has 8KB of profile storage means you can only save one profile, which is clearly lacking if compared to another high-end mice that able to give you enough space to store up to 5 profiles. It also comes with 5700 dpi upper limit that can be adjusted easily with two buttons beside the scroll wheel.

About Logitech MX518
If you think that the G500 is too expensive and want to find another gaming mice with more affordable price but still quite powerful, you may want to take a look at the Logitech MX518. This one is probably the updated version of the company older model the MC510 performance mouse. It also comes packed with everything you need in a gaming mouse and is said to suit users with smaller hands or those who used not typical grip method when moving their mouse.

Logitech MX518 Design
From the outside aesthetically, this mouse may not look that enchanting even tough people taste are different and you may actually like the way it looks. It combines a smooth black and silver color at the middle part of the mouse and even though the design from picture makes it look like it comes with some dent, it is actually smooth and you can’t feel it or to put it simply, it is only a visual design thing. Read also: Dell WM123 vs Logitech M185 here.

Logitech MX518 Features
The Logitech MX518 only comes with 1600 dpi sensor, which can be a real draw for some user who want to improve their frag count even though in present day, this dpi count won’t impress many people anymore, it is when this item released. Just like many gaming mice, this one also brought some flexibility. Through its application, you can pre-program five different sensitivity settings and then switch between them easily while playing with adjustment button below the scroll wheel.

The standard right and left click button here have a gentle action while the scroll wheel is still notched unlike those in Microsoft mice with smooth moving. Below the plus and minus button to adjust the dpi we mentioned earlier, there is a task switching button to increase your productivity when working in Windows. Now you don’t have to bring your mouse pointer to the bottom of the screen any more for you can press the aforementioned button and open Windows directly under your mouse pointer.

Located under your thumb (if you are a right handed), there are two buttons, which is forward and backward function. It is useful to skip backward and forwards through Web pages or document folders, so you don’t have to point and click the function in menu bar.

Now, let’s compare Logitech G500 with Logitech MX518. The basic difference here is the dpi since MX518 only top with 1600dpi while G500 is topping at 5600dpi. The G500 also has dial scroll mode and added memory on board, which all are not available in the more affordable MX158.

Logitech G500 vs MX518

NameLogitech G500Logitech MX518
Key Features- Gaming-grade laser gives you precision at any speed - Up to 27 grams of extra weight give you the feel you want in your hand - Onboard memory lets you take your settings with you- Built for immersive gaming - Tracks perfectly on super-slick gaming feet - Contoured comfort grip ensures peak performance throughout the most intense gaming session

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are good choice but when it comes to the features, we can assure you that G500 is the better mouse here but of course it also comes with a higher price tag. If price is not an issue, in this article we will highly recommend you the Logitech G500.

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