Logitech G502 Hero vs Lightspeed

PC gaming is getting more popular nowadays and just like with every platform, we will need a good companion to aid the activities and one of them is with gaming mice. They are designed to be more responsive and has some features to increase your experience. Logitech G502 Hero Vs Lightspeed are two of the best choices out there for palm style users thanks to their bulky body and comfortable design. If you are also eyeing these mice, see which model will fit your style better below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What set Gaming Mice and Regular Mice
– What are Logitech G502 Hero and Lightspeed
– What Logitech G502 Hero and Lightspeed Look Like
– How are the Sensor of Logitech G502 Hero and Lightspeed
– What else Logitech G502 Hero and Lightspeed can offer
– How Many Buttons Available in Logitech G502 Hero and Lightspeed
– Logitech G502 Hero Vs Lightspeed

Gaming Mice Benefits

We love entertainment and as one is becoming more independent financially, they usually will pay a lot more attention to the type of entertainment and money spent on the activities. Some people love movies so they build a home theater in their house or karaoke rooms to sing their favorite songs, and there are those who prefer to spend their leisure time playing online games on their PC. We may have different taste but one thing for sure, hobby needs an amount of budget to enjoy.

PC gaming itself has been very popular in the last decade and it seems new games are being offered every year to answer the market’s demand so it is not surprising to see how the industry prospering. Another market that is enjoying the popularity of PC gaming is gaming peripherals manufacturer itself because we love to have the proper setup before going to war. It includes a high spec PC, RGB keyboard, gaming mice, and a gaming headset but among them, it seems that the mouse is the most important for performance.

Gaming mice is very similar or identical to our office mouse and chances we can use our old mouse as long as it is still working to play most games available today. However, don’t let it stop you to dig in deeper into the options because we are free to choose whatever we want and if you think a gaming mouse is necessary then go for it. Despite being the same, both standard and gaming mice are also different; firstly on their sensor for the latter must be advanced.

 Logitech G502 HeroLogitech G502 Lightspeed
Best offerCheck priceCheck price
Product Dimensions1.6 x 3 x 5.2 inches
2 x 4 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight4.3 ounces13 ounces

Gaming mice mostly have a high DPI rating to increase the speed or how fast they can react for a small movement and while regular mouse also reliable, they usually don’t have a convenient setting like the latter. Second difference is gaming mice built to last which means their design are sturdy so they can justify the higher price range because we will use more clicks and even sometimes be a little bit rough to them; overall they will perform longer compared to standard mouse.

The last and most important difference in our opinion is their comfort because while you can get used to anything after a while, playing games for a few hours a day can be stressful for your hand especially wrist when the mouse is not comfortable or in an ideal size to your palm. Gaming mice is designed to fit perfectly on player’s hand depending on their grip style and palm size thus, it can reduce stress and let you be more at ease while adventuring.

About Logitech G502 Hero and Lightspeed

As the gaming industry is getting crowded and acknowledged by more people, so the companies that are competing inside and we don’t surprise to see the plethora of options today because everyone wants a piece of the cake. The best thing is that competition will create a better product and the fact that companies always upgrade or renew their products is great thus we can get a top quality peripherals. Gaming mice is among those which is renewed often and sometimes it can be confusing to choose between few models at once.

Talking about gaming peripheral manufacturer, we are sure everyone will recall Logitech as well because this brand has been long known to be a very reliable choice when it comes to computer accessories and the fact that they are also playing in gaming industry is always welcomed with open arms. They have been releasing lots of favorite models into the market and some of them are long lasting because of how the public love the product very much, especially those that has been around for quite some time.

When it comes to Logitech, one of their favorite mice is G502 and as you may already know this mouse is available in few models already; all based on the original mouse that was released back then around 2014. In the last few years, they finally upgrade this model to now Logitech G502 Hero and Lightspeed with some little improvements. Before these two, there is the Proteus Spectrum that you can check on our Logitech G502 Vs G903 which is the upgrade of its original model or Core version.

The Logitech G502 Hero and Lightspeed are the newest upgrades and collection in the family with the former being released earlier and the latter is still quite a new item to check out. Hero is a new sensor has been developed and started being used by the company around 2016 which is claimed to be the best they have currently while Lightspeed is a convenient upgrade to follow the trace of G903 Lightspeed.

Logitech G502 Hero and Lightspeed Design

As you can see on the sample picture above, there is no upgrade on the design nor material and if you ever use any of the G502 series, these two will just feel and look the same thus, there is no need to start getting used to a new mouse anymore. Compared to many other similar mice, both of them are probably falling into the medium size and most of us like them for palm grip for those with medium hand size as well.

Those with bigger hands may feel awkward when using them in palm grip since these mice are not very thick and probably will suit your claw style better. They are measured about 5.17-inch long, 2.9-inch wide, and only 1.6-inch tall while weighing at 121 and 114 grams. They might be too light for some of us but worry not for we can adjust it later. Additionally, if you don’t already know yet, G502 Lightspeed is actually a wireless model.

Logitech G502 Hero and Lightspeed Sensor

As with any gaming mice, the first thing you may want to know about Logitech G502 Hero and Lightspeed is probably the sensor put inside and since these two are new models, they are equally using the same optical sensor which is counting at 100 to 1600 DPI and adjustable on the fly with the DPI buttons located at the top surface. Comparing the performance, users are incapable of telling the difference between two mice and there is no latency issue as well despite the latter being a wireless model.

What’s surprising is Logitech actually upgrade the Lightspeed to be lighter even though they have to fit a battery inside and this is probably why it takes them so long to finally make one of the favorite mice go wireless since it seems that they did a redesign on material or internal components which then result in 7 grams reduction of weight.

Logitech G502 Hero and Lightspeed Features

Coming to the additional feature side, first we get the standard DPI adjustment buttons on top and similarly to the older G502 mice, both of Logitech G502 Hero and Lightspeed are also coming with additional weight plate which you can add up to 18 and 16 grams of weight respectively for those who are not comfortable with lighter mouse. We also get the similar RGB lighting in any of these models which is exactly the same as the older models and adjustable via its software.

The Lightspeed model however, has another feature and it is wireless charging so if you already have the PowerPlay mouse pad, we don’t have to worry about forgetting to fill up the juice anymore and even with the battery only, players should be able to enjoy up to 60 hours with no lighting activated. Additionally, it also has memory on board for travelling players.

Logitech G502 Hero and Lightspeed Buttons

Last but not least is the amount of buttons available because you may want to assist some of them for certain function and since Logitech G502 Hero and Lightspeed are designed with the same body, they will also have the same amount of buttons counting a total of 11 including the basic left, right, and scroll wheel. Our favorite point is the hyper-fast scroll wheel actually support tilting function and it is convenient for when browsing or opening large documents.


These mice are a very reliable options for anyone who wants to upgrade their experience and while they are quite similar to each other, there are some important differences as well such as the wireless connectivity, lighter weight, and an ability to recharge the unit wirelessly as well since it is compatible with PowerPlay system.

Logitech G502 Hero vs Lightspeed

NameLogitech G502 HeroLogitech G502 Lightspeed
Key Features- High performance HERO 16K Sensor: Logitech's most accurate sensor yet with up to 16,000 DPI for the ultimate in gaming speed, accuracy and responsiveness across entire DPI range - 11 Customizable Buttons and Onboard Memory: Assign custom commands to the buttons and save up to five ready to play profiles directly to the mouse - Adjustable Weight System: Arrange up to five removable 3.6 grams weights inside the mouse for personalized weight and balance tuning- Light speed wireless gaming mouse: exclusive Logitech G ultra fast wireless technology used by Pro gamers in competitions worldwide - Next gen HERO 16K sensor: Logitech most accurate sensor yet with up to 16, 000 DPI for the ultimate in Gaming speed, accuracy and responsiveness across entire DPI range - 11 customizable buttons and hyper fast scroll wheel: assign custom macro and shortcut commands to the buttons for each game with Logitech G hub software. Use hyper fast scrolling TO rapidly review menus, Long web pages and more

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All in all we don’t have bad option when it comes to these mice but price wise, we do see Logitech G502 Hero still being the best choice because the latter is 3 times pricier and the upgrades are not crucial unless you are a traveler who need a convenient mouse.

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