Logitech G502 vs G502 Hero

Logitech is one of the most popular computer peripherals manufacturers out there and they are well-known for the affordable yet reliable products. They also made lots of gaming accessories and their mice are a go-to for many gamers, two of them are Logitech G502 Vs G502 Hero. These close brothers have been the favorite for the versatility and comfort as well as adequate features but if you are confused about which to choose, go check our article below to see which model will be the best option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Why Gaming Mice are Different
– What are Logitech G502 and G502 Hero
– What Logitech G502 and G502 Hero Look Like
– How are the Sensor of Logitech G502 and G502 Hero
– What else Logitech G502 and G502 Hero can offer
– Are Logitech G502 and G502 Hero Comfortable
– How many Buttons Featured on Logitech G502 and G502 Hero
– Logitech G502 Vs G502 Hero

Gaming Mice Features
Games are fun to play and the modern days have introduced us to a more excellent titles almost every year that you can play on different systems. In the last decade, PC gaming is surging and today they are very popular that it seems almost all younger people are familiar with at least one game that they often played to spend some leisure time. It also creates a new trend and while the market is hot, gaming peripherals are also among those with huge demand.

It almost seems like everything labeled as “gaming” will instantly took everyone’s attention and the high price will not prevent enthusiast to get one. Among the basic accessories we use with PC gaming, mouse is one of the most popular to get whenever someone is into certain game because apparently our office mouse is not designed to take the load of gaming activities and not as rich in features when compared to them nor as beautiful as well for those who pay attention to aesthetic.

What set gaming mice from the standard model is actually what the company put to make it a better allover because when playing games, what you want can be speed and accuracy which is why gaming mice usually have more developed sensor or design to deliver a near perfect performance to enhance player’s experience. DPI settings are not present on standard mice but is almost like a must-have in the gaming part so users can personally adjust the level according to their liking. Read also: Logitech G502 Vs G602 here.

Talking about feature gaming mice also often offers something interesting like a huge amount of buttons on top or the side. This might not be very attractive for people who don’t play certain PC games but they are when you count how many functions we can assist these button with. Usually we don’t pay much attention to aesthetic but we are sure that most people agree with gaming peripherals being made with certain look to make it either cool or dull depending on how you look at things.

Another thing we want to mention about gaming mice being different from an office mouse is their comfort level because as time goes by, any mouse feels the same when you use them for clicking icons, moving files, etc. But, with games we need much movement and clicks which put stress on our hand and depending on how we hold the mouse or the size of our hands, the same mouse may not feel the same on different person thus, mouse if often said to be very hard to recommend.

About Logitech G502 and G502 Hero
With the high enthusiasm on PC games, more and more companies are joining the market as well and today we see lots of them are offering amazing products to answer the demand of players who need better models each year while updating their favorite list. If you are not sure about which model to pick, we recommend to check what other players are using and while not all of them will suit your playing style, at least they do have a higher chance to win your choice.

When talking about gaming mice or peripheral in general, Logitech is one of the most popular names in the market and we are sure that almost all people recognize them as the go-to when looking for a new mice including those for productivities. They also play well in the gaming part with lots of favorite models throughout the years and many of them are affordable as well thus, more people can afford one without having to dig too deep into their pockets.

They carry various versions with little to lots of differences but when it comes to mice, Logitech 502 is still one of the best. This model comes out several years ago back then in 2014 but the company continuously upgrading this model with various versions. Logitech G502 and G502 Hero are the newest versions of this mice and while people are wondering whether it is worth to upgrade their mouse to a new one, most of the performance will be the same when it comes to real-life experience.

Almost all of us knows that numbers doesn’t really tell anything for gaming mice for most products are equally made to be reliable and have a great performance. This is what we think about G502 mouse over the years starting with Core then Spectrum and now we have Hero version with the new technology or more specifically sensor from Logitech which was released last year in 2018. Currently, they also have the wireless version of Hero model to upgrade it just like the Lightspeed G903.

Logitech G502 and G502 Hero Design
What we are going to talk about in this article is their latest two version or Logitech G502 and G502 Hero in which the former is also called Proteus Spectrum with RGB lighting in comparison to the standard blue lighting of their Core version. As you may already know, there is no changes in design between all of these similar mice so if you are used to the initial mouse, Hero will also fit right in your palm.

Considering the length which is around 13.2 cm, G502 is a bit long for a mouse.
They are meant for right-handed people and have an ergonomic design with thumb pad on the side and several buttons on top and edges. All of them have the same design which is matte black as well as RGB lighting that you can adjust as preferred. Their wires are braided and will last very long or sustain some bites from your cats if they like to sit near your keyboard as well; we don’t recommend to test it though.

Logitech G502 and G502 Hero Sensor
We never think that any Logitech mice will be lagging especially their gaming mice and this is what exactly you will be receiving from Logitech G502 and G502 Hero because even their older models are already working impressively, even more with continuous upgrades. The sensor they use in the former mouse is the PMW3366 optical sensor with zero acceleration, smoothing or filtering across the wide range of 200 to 12000 DPI. No matter what games you play, this amount should be sufficient already.

But, as humans we never satisfy and last year they upgrade Logitech G502 Hero version with their new technology called Hero sensor which is claimed as their most accurate gaming sensor the company currently have and it is slightly different with a DPI range from 100 to 1600 with zero smoothing, filtering and acceleration. In real-life it is hard to see the actual performance since they are equally great and chances you will fine with either of them.

Logitech G502 and G502 Hero Features
Moving to the features, you will get what available in Proteus Spectrum in this Hero version as well and what we meant by feature is their optional weight. Not all people will love heavy mouse in general but having those small metal plates that you can attach on these mice is great because then we can custom their weight in case you need more stability when moving them around. When not added with any weight, their natural state will be around 121 grams.

Logitech G502 and G502 Hero Comfort
Comfort wise, Logitech G502 and G502 Hero may not be the mice for everyone because it is highly depending on what you are used to before changing to any of them. We have mentioned before that these models are quite long in general despite not as long as the G402. The problems is their height because it is quite low so if you prefer a mouse with a fatter body to grip, they might not be as comfortable, more importantly for those with bigger hands.

Logitech G502 and G502 Hero Buttons
Last but not least, let’s talk about the amount of buttons available to be customized here because all of us usually prefer mice with some useful buttons to make everything more convenient. DPI setting is a must and both of them have on top for adjustment in an instance. But, our favorite is actually the tilt scroll wheel for when opening a wide documents and the 3 thumb buttons which all are easy to distinguish by feel while the total customizable buttons are equally 11.

Logitech G502 and G502 Hero are more like twins rather than an upgrade because sensor wise the older Proteus Spectrum is already working amazing so upgrading it might not going to be as helpful and in our opinion the Hero Wireless version is more like an actual step up by eliminating the cord. Hero does have different cord but then again, the older mouse cord is also good and braided so it is a bit hard to see an actual level up.

Logitech G502 vs G502 Hero

NameLogitech G502Logitech G502 Hero
Key Features- Old version of G502 with optical gaming sensor (PMW3366) - Cable Length 6 feet or 1.83 meters - G502 comes equipped with the PMW3366 optical sensor with zero acceleration, smoothing, or filtering across the entire DPI range (200-12,000DPI). - High performance HERO 16K Sensor: Logitech's most accurate sensor yet with up to 16,000 DPI for the ultimate in gaming speed, accuracy and responsiveness across entire DPI range - 11 Customizable Buttons and Onboard Memory: Assign custom commands to the buttons and save up to five ready to play profiles directly to the mouse - Adjustable Weight System: Arrange up to five removable 3.6 grams weights inside the mouse for personalized weight and balance tuning

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All in all there is no bad choice between them because chances you will be fine with any of them yet, for those who are planning to save or get a mouse on the higher end shortly, Logitech G502 in this case Proteus Spectrum will be a wiser option.

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