Logitech M305 vs M310

Technological growth has led to the quick and successive
advancements in various types of devices. In relation to this, Logitech, a
well-known company that produces computer accessories, has not backed down in
the progressive race. Naturally, their innovations can only get better, with
their features getting more handy and helpful to the users involved. Development
also somehow equates to devices being much more portable, the wireless options
being a feature which can be sought for by many. And if we are to deal with mouse
options, the competition between the Logitech M305 vs M310 is the best one as
of yet.

Both the M305 and M310 as wireless mouse devices have their
nifty little similarities and differences. Controllable by either left or
right-handed individuals, the USB-compatible models are highly similar at a
glance. They both have the same curved edged design and the same amount of
warranty, but it can be easily noticed that the Logitech M305 is rather small
in size than the M310 version which buyers declared as having a lighter weight
when used that goes against its bigger shape. M310 is best recommended for
those with bigger hands and stronger grips, however, the increase in size might
be a constraint in storage and control due its bulkier composition.

Preference by the user should also be noted, as the M305
uses optical sensors while its counterpart M310 uses laser options. Optical
sensors are powered by LED lights which in turn save more energy during usage
while the laser sensors use targeted light, allowing a more concentrated focus
of movement tracking.

NameLogitech M325Logitech M510
Key Features- Ergonomic design with soft rubber grip provides exceptional comfort - Plug-and-Forget Nano-receiver is so small it stays in your laptop - Logitech advanced 2.4 GHz wireless provides a powerful, reliable connection - Full-size wireless mouse in a variety of dreamy new colors and fanciful patterns - Contoured shape with soft rubber grips feels good in either hand - Plug-and-forget tiny nano-receiver stays in your USB port so your mouse is always ready to use

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Basing on these features, the Logitech M305 is clearly the
winner. Smart, ergonomic and energy-saving, the M305 mouse is an option that
cannot be disputed. Add that to the fact that the M305 has seven colors to
choose from (Blue Swirl, Pink Balance, Dark Fleur, Crimson Red, Forest Green,
Black, Silver) when compared with the M310 which has only four (Red Tendril,
Peacock Blue, Soft Violet, Silver) then we know which one stands out
immediately. Both the Logitech M305 and M310 are available for online and
retail purchase.

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