Logitech M325 vs M310

Are you looking a simple good looking wireless mouse?You have a laptop and you’re wondering which mouse is going to buy between M325 and M310? There is some task that requires one to use a mouse for a short and precise control.Or you’re not a mouse frequent user.Above all reasons, wireless mouse is absolutely important to your laptop.Therefore we are going to look the comparison between Logitec M325 vs M310 wireless mouse.

In terms of price, Logitech M25 is slightly expensive than M310.The design of the two models seems to appear the same but have crucial distinctive differences.The two models have smooth curves that support its comfort and models are absolutely compatible with both right handed and of course left handed users.In deep details, the texture of Logitech M310 is straight line while that of Logitech is dotted like a mesh wire.Logitech M325 has a heavier texture that enhances the grip.In both models, both have the green light indicator under the scroll wheel which indicates whether the mouse is either turned on or off. (See also: Logitech M325 vs M510)

Logitech M325 has micro-precise scrolling that is designed for web-scrolling, makes searches and make browsing to extra easier.The M310 has seven juicy colors and hand crafted pattern as well.Both models have a USB nano receiver that is insrtted the laptop’s or desktop’s USB port which is plug and play.M25 model has long g life batterythat goes up to eighteen months of battery life, therefore, reduces the cost of buying batteries frequently.Lastly, in terms of connectivity, both connect one’s computer via the 2.4 GHz frequency.

NameLogitech M325Logitech M310
Key Features- Micro-precise scrolling: New designed-for-Web scrolling makes searches, shopping and browsing easier - Feel-good design: Contoured shape and textured rubber grips keep your hand comfortable even after long hours - Full-size wireless mouse in a variety of dreamy new colors and fanciful patterns - Plug-and-forget tiny nano-receiver stays in your USB port so your mouse is always ready to use

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I hardly conclude that considering the slight difference in price, physical structure and battery life of the Logitech M325 vs M310, we recommend you choose the model Logitech M25 because it has better solid design and improves precision and scroll wheel.

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