Logitech M325 vs M510

Mouse is an irreplaceable part when you want to surf on your computer even the touchscreen is still seen to be impractical by some people. Logitech is a leading mouse manufacturer all over the world; therefore its products deserve to be discussed even compared to each other. Logitech M325 vs M510 is what we’re going to discuss about and in this short article, the important aspects of both are compared to determine which one is best.

Design is the first thing seen in a product. M325 is available in 4 attractive colors; red-and-black flowers, dark-blue equipped with “a handwritten text”, purple equipped with such paving white outlines, and the last one black background colored by a gold floral pattern, while M510 is available in five plain colors; black, blue, silver, purple, and red. Just it! Of course you can find both in more custom colors. M510 is more comfortable in the grip. However if you want something lighter, the M325 is the answer. M510 is 129 g including battery and M325 is 93 g also including battery. The difference in weight is quite striking though will not be felt for the user. (Read also: Logitech M325 vs M317)

When we talk about the used sensor technology, there is a big difference in front of our eyes. M325 uses Advanced Optical Tracking and M510 uses Laser-grade Tracking. Who’s the best? For your info, laser tracking is very good in term of accuracy regarding the light is very sensitive to almost all reflection kinds, making it able to track on difficult surfaces though but not so able to run on shiny surfaces. While the advanced optical one turns LED used and changes sensor positions, making it able to operate on more surface contrast. The similarity of them is they work on irregularities (of surface).

NameLogitech M325Logitech M510
Key Features- The country of origin is China - Connect with ease - Logitech Advanced Optical Tracking - Feel-good design: Contoured shape and textured rubber grips keep your hand comfortable even after long hours - Contoured shape with soft rubber grips provide all-day comfort - Wireless operating distance: Approx 10m* ;Sensor Resolution: 1000 - Contoured shape with soft rubber grips provide all-day comfort - Plug it in, forget it 1-year battery life

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We just discuss two points (the design and sensor technology) as the points take the most proportion of buyer’s opinion and our conclusion of Logitech M325 vs M510 is M325 wins over both design and sensor categories and it’s reasonable as M310 price is higher than M510. One thing to remember, the decision remains in your hands as we only give opinions based on our experience.

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