Logitech M335 vs M535

Logitech M335 and M535 are two similar mice that also comes with similar capabilities. If you are currently comparing both of them to decide which one to purchase, you may want to read our article below just to ensure you are picking the one that most suitable with you.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is Logitech M335 and M535
– What Logitech M335 and M535 can offer to you
– Logitech M335 vs M535

About Logitech M335
Logitech M335 is a wireless mouse by the Swiss computer peripherals manufacturer Logitech. This mouse has an ambidextrous design by having symmetrical shape, so it can be used by both right handed and left handed people. With Unifying wireless technology, you can use Logitech M335 with Mac, Windows, or Chrome OS. The design is very compact, simple and shaped well to follow the curve of your palm. With a curved rubber grip along the body, Logitech M335 is very comfortable in many gripping styles. It is recommended to install Logitech Options in your Mac or Windows to customize the mouse as you preferred. If you need another mouse recommendation, read our article on Logitech M535 vs M557 here.

Logitech M335 Features
You can use Logitech M335 features right out of the box when you use Windows or Chrome OS, but of you use Mac, you will need to install the software first to get the same features. Besides the standard left and right click, you can click the scrolling wheel and besides scrolling up and down, you can tilt the scroll wheel left and right to scroll a large pages up or down. On top of Logitech M335, there is a navigation button aligned with scroll wheel that can be used to switch applications. Logitech M335 is also capable of performing gestures by holding the navigation button while moving left, right, up or down.

About Logitech M535
Logitech M535 is a lightweight, compact, wireless Bluetooth mouse from the same name manufacturer. This mouse is designed to be easy to carry with you on the go and used anywhere you want whether it is in your office or home. Logitech M335 can connect to other devices through Bluetooth wireless technology and eliminating unsightly clutter of wires. With its symmetrical shape, the mouse is suitable for both right handed or left handed people. Logitech M535 is compatible with many kind of operating system and devices including Mac OS, Windows, Chrome OS, and Android tablet. It is recommended to install Logitech Option to unleash Logitech M535 full capabilities, such as customizing the buttons as you preferred.

Logitech M535 Features
If you are Windows, Android, or Chrome OS user, you can enjoy the functionality of Logitech M535 straight out of the box, but if you use Mac OS, you have install the software first to get the additional capabilities. Besides the standard left and right click, this mouse have navigation button at the top of the unit align with the scroll wheel. You may press the scroll button, which have the same function as right click. Besides scrolling the wheel up and down, you may tilt it right and left to scroll through large pages. Utilizing Logitech Option, you can use gestures by pressing the navigation button and move your Logitech M535 down, up, left or right.

Now, let’s compare Logitech M335 with Logitech M535. Both of them are wireless mouse, but M335 needs a receiver while M535 connect through Bluetooth and don’t need receiver. M535 can be used in PC or Android Tablet, while M335 can’t connect to tablet. M335 is using one AA battery, while M535 uses two AAA batteries.

NameLogitech M335Logitech M535
Key Features- Universal compatibility with virtually any computer - Easy wireless connection with included USB receiver - Use with virtually any Bluetooth enabled computer or tablet: Connects to Mac, Windows, Chrome OS and Android - Compact, portable design: Slips easily into your bag or pocket for use anytime, anywhere

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All in all, after reading our article above, you may already set your decision between both wireless mice. Both M335 and M535 are great options and their difference in compatibility doesn’t affect their performance. If you prefer the one without a receiver or plan on using it on your Android tablet, you may want to pick M535, but if you only plan using it with PC, we highly recommended M335, since it is more affordable and still have the same capabilities.

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