Logitech M510 vs M525

Mouse is an inseparable tool that built your setup but sometimes, choosing the best option can be confusing because not all of us have the same preference. For those who are only using their computer for common jobs like making documents and using internet browser or similar activities, Logitech M510 Vs M525 are two reliable choices to consider. They are equally affordable but before choosing one, go check what they can offer and which one of them will be the better option below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Gaming Mic or Regular Mice
  • What are Logitech M510 and M525
  • What Logitech M510 and M525 Look Like
  • How are the Sensor of Logitech M510 and M525
  • What else Logitech M510 and M525 can offer
  • Are Logitech M510 and M525 Comfortable
  • Logitech M510 Vs M525

Gaming Mice and Regular Mice

Almost everybody has a computer today and all of us are familiar with the peripherals because we have been used to them for a certain amount of time. The three of them display, keyboard, and mouse are inseparable parts that work together to make a seamless system in which we can operate fully if one is missing. Depending on your application however, the standard ones that come with the set can work amazingly well but for some people upgrading is necessary to achieve better performance and user experience. 

Among others, mice are probably one of the most often parts we change from time to time because they prone to wear off and somehow lose the ability to deliver the same performance over time and yes, they are mostly affordable as well so we don’t think much when swapping items. The confusing part when getting a new mouse is which one we should get because the fact that there is a huge amount of options out there makes us wonder about whether there is the perfect mouse for every application.

In general, computer setup can be easily differentiated between productivity and gaming purpose in which the main function is very different but it doesn’t mean  there is no one with a hybrid setup as well that being used for both purposes. This difference purpose often decides which model to purchase but most of the time, we often go with whatever seems nice and reliable or even matching the budget the most. In general all mice will act the same and provide the same function but depending on the performance, not all are ideal for specific purposes.

The most prominent thing that sets a regular mouse from a gaming mouse is the capability itself and as opposed to standard peripherals we have on the office desk or library, gaming mice are developed to be more powerful in every aspect. Standard mouse will not need an extreme precision and fast tracking with high dpi number but for gaming purpose, these are required to improve the gaming experience and even make a good player becomes great even though changing mouse won’t instantly improve your skill.

In addition, standard mice have the most common shape as well and they are the same across brands. Gaming mice on the other hand are built to follow the contour of your palm, they are highly ergonomic because you can spend hours in front of the computer and unlike standard office job like typing or navigating through different apps, gaming application require fast and heavy movements from your cursor which is why they are made to be as comfortable as possible.

 Logitech M510Logitech M525
Best offerCheck priceCheck price
Product Dimensions4.4 x 2.5 x 1.8 inches
8.3 x 2.3 x 7.1 inches
Shipping Weight4.5 ounces
5.6 ounces

About Logitech M510 and M525

If you are only working with documents and common apps like browsers, any regular mice will do the job perfectly well and even cheaper models are a great option for they can already serve the purpose effectively. However, depending on your personal taste, the choice can be different from each person and this is why it is always best to shop based on your own taste and application. The most important however, in our opinion is the shape and whether you are used to the mouse design.

For those who don’t want to spend too much time checking mice options out there, it is best to settle for specific brand that you trust or have used before and know about the quality because it will help the selection process to be simpler and among those many good or reliable brands out there, Logitech is the first choice of many users; we actually currently using one of their office mice now, the cheaper one and it is great. 

They also carry a vast collection to consider and if you are looking for comfortable mice to work with everyday, Logitech M510 and M525 will be two of the most ideal options to choose. As the model name suggests, both of them are close brothers which is why they are very much similar to each other. In general they are good mice for common jobs and while there are no fancy features that you can often find on their gaming selections, these two are not lacking at all.

They have a pretty high dpi rating for an office mouse so you don’t have to worry about how well they can perform. Moving cursor from one corner to another is fast and reliable while the mice themselves are very comfortable to hold. However, being a different model does make Logitech M510 and M525 a different mouse and not all the things we can find on one model will be available on both of them.

Logitech M510 and M525 Design

Moving further, as you can see from the sample picture above, both of them are quite similar to each other because they have this slightly identic design with a slight dent in the middle of the body that we usually called as hourglass shape. However, they are also prominently different as well because the M525 is not as slim in the middle compared to the M510. They also have rubberized sides on the left and right including the scrolling wheel for better comfort.

The difference is these rubberized sides are texturized in M510 in which the latter is perfectly smooth with some padding. In addition, the other difference is because the former also has another set of buttons on the right side which is very useful for other functions you may assist from the software and these are not present on the M525. Depending on your activity, not all of will need these buttons as well. Read also: Logitech M510 Vs M705.

Logitech M510 and M525 Sensor

The first thing you may want to know about Logitech M510 and M525 is probably the sensor and its dpi count because it may affect the performance and how the mouse will serve its purpose later. On this side the prominent difference between the two is their tracking system because the former is laser and the latter is optical. Laser mice in general are known to have a higher dpi and this is not true in this case because they have the same maximum dpi of 1000.  

Common office mice are often said to have around 800 dpi and they should work well already but by offering more, Logitech did offer a reliable mice to work with. The difference between laser and optical is down to how the mouse technology track the movement because laser is suitable with wider surface types and performance wise none of these mice are working less than each other. 

Logitech M510 and M525 Buttons

The next part we want to talk about is their programmable buttons and on this side they are also different because as you may already know only the M510 has this additional functionality located on the right thumb-rest. These two buttons are useful for when you need to assist certain functions that can be easily accessed on the fly and even putting function in each of them is very easy through their software. The M525 is a very basic mouse with no additional functionality yet, it has the standard 3 buttons which works just reliably good.

Another thing we love from Logitech M510 and M525 is their scroll wheel because while many cheaper mice only offer scroll up and down or sometimes clicking scroll-wheel, these two already offer a tilting wheel function. We do like this functionality because when handling a wide document or viewing a large web page, the cursor can be easily moved using this button.

Logitech M510 and M525 Comfort

In addition, we also like to talk about their comfort and in this side things can be more of a personal taste for not all of us have the same style. The M510 is 4.3-inch long, 2.5-inch wide, and 1.7-inch thick compared to 4-inch long, 2.2-inch wide, and 1.5-inch thick. In comparison the former is slightly taller and longer as well as bulkier than the latter while the hourglass shape in our opinion will suit those with claw grip or fingertip style better as opposed to palm style which is more comfortable with M525.

Logitech M510 vs M525

Both of these mice are an ideal choice if you will spend less and only doing common office jobs. The difference between both of them is first on the shape because the M525 is more ideal for palm grip users and as opposed to lasers, it is using an optical sensor. Another difference is that the M510 is offering an additional two buttons on the right that you can assist functions through the software.

NameLogitech M510 Logitech M525
Key Features- ERGONOMIC SHAPE : Ergonomically sculpted design and soft rubber grips conform to your right or left hand to be naturally comfortable, and the compact size makes it easy to take with you wherever you use your computer at home, at work, or anywhere else - CONVENIENT CONTROLS : Back/forward buttons and side to side scrolling plus zoom let you do more, faster (requires free Logitech Options software) - LONG BATTERY LIFE : You might forget this mouse runs on batteries with 2 years of power from two AA batteries - PROGRAMMABLE CONTROLS : Configure the buttons to do exactly what you want like switching applications, opening browser windows or jump to full screen while watching videos- Interface: USB receiver. Mouse Dimensions (height x width x depth)-4.00 x 2.24 x 1.51 inches. Receiver Dimensions (height x width x depth)-0.57 x 0.74 x 0.24 inches - CONVENIENT CONTROLS - Easy-to-reach Back/Forward buttons makes moving quickly between documents or browsing your favorite Web sites a breeze - MICRO-PRECISE SCROLL WHEEL - With more grooves per millimeter, our new scroll wheel gives you the ultimate navigation experience - PLUG'N'PLAY CONNECTION - Nano-sized Logitech wireless unifying receiver stays in your computer plug it in, forget it, even add compatible wireless devices without multiple USB receivers

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All in all both of them are great and work reliably but we do recommend choosing based on your preference and if fingertip or claw style is your preferred method or if you need the additional buttons, Logitech M510 is the best choice. 

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