Logitech M510 vs M705

Shopping for a new mouse can be confusing not because there are so few options available but the opposite of the vast collections offered by lots of different companies. For the majority of regular tasks, standard mouse like Logitech M510 Vs M705 should do the job well and they are mostly affordable too for different users. For those who are looking for a productivity mouse, go check what these two favorite models can offer so then we can pick the best option.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • What’s Matter in a Mouse
  • What are Logitech M510 and M705
  • What Logitech M510 and M705 Look Like
  • How are the Performance of Logitech M510 and M705
  • How Many Buttons Available in Logitech M510 and M705
  • Are Logitech M510 and M705 Comfortable
  • Logitech M510 Vs M705

Shopping for a New Mouse

Shopping for new computer peripherals can be fun, we see lots of options and consider each of their bright and drawbacks then compare them to each other to find the best model or the one that fits in our application the most. It sounds simple but when you are faced with a vast options combined with different marketing strategies from the manufacturers, it becomes blurry on what’s matter the most in a unit and whether those factors really affect the performance or function in real-life situations.

Today, it is easy to separate computer peripherals into gaming and non-gaming because they are the most common section you will see in stores and this is actually easier for users to find their best option because different application calls for different specifications and the unit must be optimized to serve the best purpose. Of course the more expensive the unit, the fancier they become and how they utilize some of the newest technology to improve the performance but, not all of us need them.

When it comes to mice, you will look for accuracy and comfort because these two are the main factors we can instantly feel when trying using a new product. In general all mice are accurate and the difference between one model to another are often indistinguishable especially if you are only doing office tasks or browsing through web pages, chances any mice will work just good for this type of application. The accuracy becomes more important when you are playing a game.

This activity needs more precision and fast action to deliver the best performance and experience. While an excellent mouse will not make any player suddenly become excellent as well, it does play a role in maximizing your gaming experience and help to reach the top performance you can give. The next most important factor of choosing the perfect mouse is the comfort, grip style, and the design of the mouse itself. This is because we don’t have the same style when holding a mouse and even our hands have different sizes.

Realizing it or not we have our own preferred way to hold a mouse and in general we can call it palm grip, claw grip, and fingertip grip. Bigger hand will mostly be more comfortable with a bulkier mouse as well and palm grip will require a surface to rest both thumb and pinky finger. Claw grip is usually ideal when paired with slimmer mice while fingertip grip usually fit well with smaller and lighter mouse that is easy to maneuver even when minimally touched.

 Logitech M510Logitech M705
Best offerCheck priceCheck price
Product Dimensions4.4 x 2.5 x 1.8 inches
7 x 2.2 x 8.6 inches
Shipping Weight4.5 ounces
6.4 ounces

About Logitech M510 and M705

The tricky part about comfort is that we can’t actually get an idea without touching and using it for a while so at the end we can only guess before getting the unit. The safest option is getting the same mouse as you have been using before or, picking the one with a similar design thus, we don’t need to spend more time getting used to it. In addition, depending on the model, some of them can be quite expensive so it is better to set the budget first.

For regular activity such as office work and standard usage or typing and navigating through the web pages, we don’t need fancy mice and expensive models because most computer mice are already good and reliable for this application. But, if you are also paying attention to quality and willing to spend a little bit more, Logitech will have tons of great options to consider. This popular computer peripherals brand is often the first candidate when we go shopping for new tools and this is because they are easily one of the best.

They also have a vast option to consider from the entry-level model to those made for more specific application and if you are falling into the former category, Logitech M510 and M705 are to great mice to be your computer companion. Both of them are affordable and very reliable but also simple so unlike their top models, these two will mostly be familiar with anyone as quick as it was paired with the dongle. They are also very similar to each other that what set them apart the most was the shape or design.

Since Logitech M510 and M705 are wireless models, they are very ideal if you are working with a laptop or have a minimalistic setup or just want to stop dealing with the cluttering cable which can be annoying at times. In addition they are working impressively without any notable issue, scrolling through long pages is fine, clicking command feels great, and tracking is accurate while also comfortable for most users.

Logitech M510 and M705 Design

As you can see from the sample picture above, both of these mice are very different when it comes to design and shape because they are sporting a different native form to each other. Rather than checking about dpi or any fancy features in a mouse, we usually look and consider the size first when shopping for a mouse to compare with the one we already have and guess whether the unit will be comfortable or not. The M510 sport this hourglass shape with a slim feature in the middle and has textured grip on both sides.

There are two buttons located on the thumb rest and measurement wise, it is about 4.38-inch long, 2.5-inch wide, and 1.75-inch thick. The M705 on the other hand has this slightly asymmetrical design with the right side slightly bulkier in comparison but similarly, it has rubber grips; one of them on the right is textured combined with two side buttons. Measurement wise this model is 4.3-inch long, 2.5-inch wide, and 1.6-inch thick. Read also: VicTsing MM057 Vs Logitech M510.

Logitech M510 and M705 Performance

The first thing you may want to know about a mouse is usually the dpi because this relates to their accuracy despite most mice are just as good for common jobs, these two are not lacking at all and placed above our regular office mouse with maximum of 1000 dpi in which most office mice is about 800 dpi only. Tracking is very accurate with these mice and there is no problem about response as well as how fast they move from one corner to the opposite.

They are not as fast as gaming mice but you also don’t need to move them around much just to get the cursor to travel across the screen. In addition both of them are laser mice so as opposed to optical mice, they will be higher in dpi and better for a wide range of surfaces including glass since laser is doing a better job at permeating a surface. The process of pairing Logitech M510 and M705 is fast and almost instant, even when used in a table with other wireless mice and setups, there is no issue about the connectivity.

Logitech M510 and M705 Buttons

Moving further, let’s check the buttons in these mice because as you can already guess, we can assign functions to these buttons but unlike common gaming mice with tons of buttons to press and use, they only have a set on the right thumb rest. We can assign functions to these buttons through Logitech software and we do like this option because it can be more convenient especially for those who are working with a single program on their computer or for anyone who wants to access something on the fly.

In addition, another function we love from these mice is the tilting function because it can be helpful to navigate inside a huge page or document without using the scroll wheel. What we are looking for here the first time is their dpi setting buttons because we are used to changing it through the physical unit but only M705 has this specific preset button for convenience. 

Logitech M510 and M705 Comfort

The last factor we want to mention is their comfort and this will vary among users because even our hand sizes are not always the same. The M510 mouse with its hourglass shape is good for those who are more used to claw grip because we don’t rest the whole fingers on top of the middle surface but it can be good for fingertip style as well if you have bigger hands. On the opposite in our opinion M705 will suit those who like to palm grip their mouse because it is rounder.

Logitech M510 vs M705

Both of these mice are ideal for common usage and stay reliable across most regular jobs we do on the computer. What set them apart the most is only the shape because as you can see the latter is rounder which is great if you are used to palm grip and in addition, it also has dedicated dpi buttons at the top for when you want to adjust it depending on use.

NameLogitech M510 Logitech M705
Key Features- ERGONOMIC SHAPE : Ergonomically sculpted design and soft rubber grips conform to your right or left hand to be naturally comfortable - CONVENIENT CONTROLS : Back/forward buttons and side to side scrolling plus zoom let you do more, faster (requires free Logitech Options software) - LONG BATTERY LIFE : You might forget this mouse runs on batteries with 2 years of power from two AA batteries - PROGRAMMABLE CONTROLS : Configure the buttons to do exactly what you want like switching applications- The sculpted, right-hand shape guides your hand to a naturally comfortable positiojn - The tiny Logitech Unifying receiver stays in your notebook - Hyper-fast scrolling lets you fly through long documents and Web pages - Laser tracking delivers smooth, responsive, precise cursor control on surfaces that cause problems for standard optical mice

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All in all you can pick any of these mice and still be satisfied about the performance but in comparison we do like Logitech M705 because we are using palm grip and an addition the dpi button is very convenient.

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