Logitech M535 vs M557

Logitech M535 and Logitech M557 are often compared, since they have similar features or capabilities and the fact that they are made by the same manufacturer further sparks our curiosity, what exactly their difference. If you are interested on knowing more about them, go ahead and read our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about :
– What is Logitech M535 and Logitech M557
– What Logitech M535 and Logitech M557 can offer to you
– Logitech M535 vs Logitech M557

About Logitech M535
Logitech M535 is an optical mouse by the brand Logitech. This optical wireless mouse can be used in both Windows and Mac OS. This mouse connect through Bluetooth, so aside from Windows and Mac OS, you can use it with Windows and Android based tablet or switch between devices. The build is very compact weighing only 8.2 grams, so you can carry it easily with you on the go and use wherever you need it. Logitech M535 is lined with rubber along its body to promote comfortable grip while also support your hand. The complete measurements are 3.96” in height, 2.4’ in width, and 1.3” in depth.

Logitech M535 Features
The body is built steady with scrolls that works well in variety of users. The mouse does work well in different surface in your home or offices just like the product claims. Its performance in wood and laminate desks are magnificent but somehow struggle when used in less-traditional surfaces. If you plan using it in denim, carpet, marble or glass, you may want to reconsider your option, since we all know that sensor responsiveness are not friendly with those surfaces. The Logitech M535 mouse support 4 way scrolling in which you can scroll page horizontally by pushing the scroll wheel to the left and right.

About Logitech M557
Logitech M557 is a wireless Bluetooth mouse by the same name company Logitech. This mouse is suitable for PC that runs on recent Windows version; XP, 7, 8, 10 and Mac OS X 10.4 or later. This mouse also can be used in Bluetooth enabled Windows 8 tablet and Chrome OS. Logitech M557 available in two colors; black and white and connect through Bluetooth without receiver. The product claims it can last very long with the battery for a wireless muse in its class. At the top of the unit you will found a button that can be customize to give you one touch access. If you need more information on similar product, read our article on Logitech T631 Review here.

Logitech M557 Features
Logitech M557 comes with ambidextrous design, so whether you are right handed, left handed, fingertip style, or palm grip style, the mouse will be comfortable enough for you and provide a perfect fit. This mouse support six way scrolling including and standard click left and right, scroll click, scroll click, scroll wheel left click, scroll wheel right click, and Windows button. Logitech M557 can be used in more than one devices, so you can switch it between two of your devices, such as home computer and office computer. By downloading the software, you also customize each buttons on Logitech M557.

Now, let’s compare Logitech M535 and Logitech M557. Both of them offer many similar features, such as can be used in tablet, 1000 DPI, and can be used in two devices. However, they also have some differences. First is battery, M535 only use 1 AA battery, while M557 use 2 AA batteries. Second is the system operation, M535 uses newer systems, while M557 can be used in older systems. Third is the thickness, since M535 is a bit thicker but it is slightly lighter than M557.

NameLogitech M535Logitech M557
Key Features- Use with virtually any Bluetooth enabled computer or tablet: Connects to Mac, Windows, Chrome OS and Android - Compact, portable design: Slips easily into your bag or pocket for use anytime, anywhere - System Requirements:Bluetooth enabled PC running Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac computer running OS X 10.4 or later - Slim, ambidextrous design

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All in all, the choice is all your to make. Both of them are great options and have similar capabilities. It is better to base you decision on your needs, if you use older systems, it is better to opt for M557, but if you use new systems, in our opinion M553 is better and definitely worth the price.

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