Logitech M570 vs MX Master

You are now looking for the most comfortable mouse that allows fast and effortless navigation. There are two great mice that have captured your attention – Logitech M570 vs MX Master. These two mice both offer enhanced navigation, one with a trackball and the other with a thumb scroll wheel. Which one is better? Continue reading below to find out.

In this article, you can find out more information about:
– The design and comfort of Logitech M570 and Logitech MX Master
– The features of each mouse
– The performance comparison of Logitech M570 vs MX Master, and
– Which one that is the more recommended mouse for you

First of all, note that both Logitech M570 and Logitech MX Master are ergonomic mice that are designed for the right hand. So, these mice are only suitable for right handed users, and not for left handed ones. See also: Logitech Performance MX vs MX Master.

Logitech M570 has a very distinctive feature, which is the large trackball on the thumb area. This trackball seems very nice, as it allows you to navigate to any direction easily. It also features two additional buttons next to the left click button; they are designed for easy backward and forward. You can easily access these buttons by moving your index finger a little.

On the other hand, has a more elegant design. It is also ergonomic, although the curves are more subtle. Nevertheless, it comes with a unique thumb wheel which is designed for easy horizontal navigation. It also supports gesture commands, which can be very convenient to streamline your workflow even more. The scroll wheel is wide and feels very nice.

Next, these two mice provide different connectivity options, with the better edge coming to Logitech MX Master. Well, Logitech M570 is nice because it is already compatible with the Logitech Unifying Receiver. So, if you are using a compatible keyboard, you can just use a single dongle for both the keyboard and mouse, saving a USB port for another use.

Logitech MX Master is better because, in addition to being compatible with the Logitech Unifying Receiver, it also supports Bluetooth Smart. By using this connection option, you can connect the mouse to three device simultaneously. Simply swap between the devices by pressing on a button at the bottom. This is very convenient for people who often need to work with multiple devices at the same time.

In terms of performance, Logitech MX Master is once again better. The difference is quite significant. Although Logitech M570 was a great mouse at its time, it is now no longer the best choice for navigation. While the trackball is useful for navigation, it does not feel very nice. It feels rather fragile, and it has a gel-like feel that does not feel very accurate.

On the other hand, Logitech MX Master’s thumb scroll wheel feels a lot more accurate and precise. It has a click-to-click precision. Also, it is customizable through the software which is very nice to use. You can download the software from Logitech’s support page.

Logitech MX Master is armed with the Dark Field Laser Sensor, which is generally accurate and is able to track on virtually any surface. You can even use the mouse on a glass or high-gloss surface, provided that the object is thick enough.

Logitech M570 runs on an AA battery. Although the battery life is good, as it can last for about 18 months, people nowadays mostly prefer rechargeable batteries. Logitech MX Master meets the demand very well. This mouse has a built-in rechargeable battery that is easily recharged via USB.

This mouse recharges rapidly, and the battery life is excellent. From a full battery, the MX Master can easily last for several weeks, and five minutes recharging can already give you enough juice for several hours.

NameLogitech M570Logitech MX Master
Key Features- The connector/wireless receiver is found inside the back side of the mouse. - Trackball comfort: Sculpted shape supports your hand and stays in one place—move the cursor without moving your arm - Cross-Computer Control - Logitech Flow allows you to seamlessly control multiple devices and even copy-paste content and documents between those computers - Tracks Virtually Anywhere - even on glass. System Requirements - Bluetooth - Windows 8 or later Windows 10 or later Mac OS X 10.10 or later. Unifying Receiver - Windows 8, Windows 7 Mac OS X 10.10 or later

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In the end, Logitech MX Master is definitely more recommended. This mouse has better features and performance. The thumb scroll is a great improvement over Logitech M570’s trackball, as it feels more solid and precise. The battery life is impressive.

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