Logitech M705 Vs G305

You can do productivity and gaming with almost any mouse, like Logitech M705 Vs G305. These mice are versatile, comfortable, and affordable, with good performance. You can use the mouse at the office or in a gaming setup, and it will still work well. While sharing some similarities because they come from the same company, there are also some differences so let’s see what you can expect from the two and which fits you best.

In this comparison, we will talk about the following:

  • Do You Need an External Mouse
  • What are Logitech M705 and G305
  • How is the Design of Logitech M705 and G305
  • How are the Ergonomic of Logitech M705 and G305
  • How are the Buttons on Logitech M705 and G305
  • How is the Performance of Logitech M705 and G305
  • Logitech M705 Vs G305

External Mouse

The mouse is a crucial part of your computer or laptop because this device will help you navigate the cursor and execute functions. The mouse on your laptop is convenient but less comfortable and effective for productivity and gaming. An external mouse is best to improve your comfort, which improves productivity and performance. You get more space to move the cursor and comfortably hold the mouse while navigating the cursor. The mouse also comes in varying shapes, sizes, and connectivity modes.

Logitech M705Logitech G305
Product Dimensions7 x 2.2 x 8.6 inches
‎2.45 x 1.5 x 4.6 inches
Shipping Weight6.4 ounces‎3.36 ounces
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About Logitech M705 and G305

Do you need an external mouse? Yes, this small peripheral improves your comfort and productivity. Most mice are affordable, so you don’t have to think twice about having one, but there are also the flagship and high-end models, especially those focusing on ergonomics and gaming performance. Like every product, choosing one based on your needs is best since not everyone has the same preferences. We recommend sticking to well-known names like Logitech to save time because you can find many options from the comp

Logitech has the standard office, ergonomic, and gaming mice to match your application. The Logitech M705 and G305 are some of the best options in the budget range if you want a wireless mouse. These mice are convenient for laptops because you don’t have to fiddle with the cable, and they work well for different applications. The main difference between the two is that the G305 is one of Logitech’s gaming mice, and like most gaming peripherals, it also has more features than M705.

If you use the mouse for gaming too, we recommend the G305 as it is more reliable and has typical gaming mouse features like a high CPI/DPI range and more programmable buttons. But, the M705 is also a comfortable mouse. The ergonomics are different because the two adopt different shapes. Read also: Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro Vs Logitech G903 here.

Logitech M705 and G305 Design

As you can see, the Logitech M705 and G305 are different. The M705 has a wedge shape like most office mice and is shorter than G305 at 109mm long, 71mm wide, and 42mm tall, weighing 135 grams with a AA battery. On the other hand, the G305 is a bit longer and lighter but shorter than the M705 at 116.6mm long, 62mm wide, and 38mm tall, weighing 99 grams. The G305 has a symmetrical shape, but it is not a truly ambidextrous mouse because there is only a pair of thumb buttons on the left.

Logitech M705 and G305 Ergonomic

We always recommend ergonomics when buying any mouse because it affects the overall experience. The Logitech M705 and G305 are familiar mice with similar designs but are not identical. As you can see, the M705 has a wedge shape and is relatively short, making it ideal for small and medium-sized hands with a palm grip. We recommend using a claw or fingertip grip if you have large hands because they are more comfortable. On the other hand, the G305 is a bit tricky because it feels specifically good for small hands with a palm grip.

The strange thing is it doesn’t feel as good for everyone with medium-sized to extra-large hands. The shallow and slim G305 is perfect for small and medium-sized hands with a claw grip, and it is best for medium to large hands with a fingertip grip style. While office mice usually have excellent ergonomics, these two are not versatile, and you may have different choices based on hand size and grip style.

Logitech M705 and G305 Buttons

Next, we want to see the buttons on Logitech M705 and G305. Most gaming mice have many programmable buttons or inputs, but G305 differs. In this case, the M705 has eight buttons, including two side buttons, and you can program five of them. The scroll wheel is clickable, and tilting left, and right are all programmable, while the two thumb buttons give you five programmable inputs. The G305 has fewer buttons, six, including two thumb buttons, but it gives you eleven programmable inputs.

This is because the M705 doesn’t allow you to reprogram all buttons, even the left, and right clicks, while this mouse does. In addition, the G305 also uses the G-Shift button, enabling another command layer as long as you press it. This mouse would be better if there were another two thumb buttons on the right, converting it into a truly ambidextrous mouse. As for the buttons, they are loud but still manageable.

Logitech M705 and G305 Performance

Lastly, we also want to see the Logitech M705 and G305 performance. Both mice are wireless only because they use a battery. Logitech uses a HERO optical sensor for G305 with CPI/DPI range from 200 to 12,000, adjustable in every 50 increments. On the other hand, the M705 uses Precision Optical Tracking with a fixed CPI/DPI range of 1,000. The M705 has a high lift-off distance of 3.6mm versus the G305 at 1.2mm. The sensor latency differs from M705 and has a longer lag, about twice the G305, making the latter more ideal for competitive gaming.

Logitech M705 Vs G305

The main difference between Logitech M705 and G305 is the mouse type. The latter is a gaming mouse, so it is not surprising when it has more programmable buttons and more reliable sensor performance. The sensor performance and high DPI/CPI rating are crucial for those who want the freedom to decide the mouse’s sensitivity, while the low lift-off distance is handy as the mouse stops tracking the moment you lift it off the pad.

- Ultra-fast scrolling lets you fly through long documents and web pages with a single turn of a nearly frictionless metal scroll wheel.
- The sculpted shape on the right guides your hand to a comfortable natural position and places the customizable control at your fingertips. Two thumb buttons allow you to quickly move between web pages.
- The small Logitech Unifying receiver stays in your laptop. There is no need to unplug it when you move, so there is less worry of it breaking or getting lost. And you can easily add compatible wireless keyboards and mice to the same wireless receiver.
- Laser-grade tracking offers smooth, responsive, and precise cursor control on surfaces that cause problems for standard optical mice, such as polished or wood-grain tables.
- HERO Gaming Sensor: Next-gen HERO mouse sensor delivers up to 10x the power efficiency over other gaming mice with exceptional accuracy and responsiveness thanks to 400 IPS precision and up to 12000 DPI sensitivity
- LIGHTSPEED Wireless: Ultra-fast LIGHTSPEED Wireless technology gives you a lag-free gaming experience. The G305 wireless gaming mouse delivers incredible responsiveness and reliability with a super-fast 1ms report rate for competition-level performance
- Ultra-Long Battery Life: The G305 wireless Logitech mouse boasts an incredible 250 hours of continuous gameplay on a single AA battery so you can play at peak performance without worrying about running out of power
- Lightweight design: Thanks to an efficient mechanical design, the G305 gaming mouse weighs in at only 99 grams for high manoeuvrability


The decision is yours because we may have different preferences. But we recommend the G305 because you get more from this mouse. It is still good for productivity and versatile for gaming with more programmable inputs. This mouse is also comfortable, especially for small and medium-sized hands.

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