Logitech M720 Vs M331

Logitech is a famous computer peripherals company with high-quality products. This manufacturer also makes excellent office mice like Logitech M720 Vs M331. These standard mice are ideal for productivity. The two seemingly adopt the same design and are supposed to be ergonomic, yet they are also different. Let’s see what the two can offer, the notable differences, and which fits you best.

In this comparison, we will talk about the following:

  • How to Choose a Mouse
  • What are Logitech M720 and M331
  • How is the Design of Logitech M720 and M331
  • How are the Ergonomic of Logitech M720 and M331
  • How are the Buttons in Logitech M720 and M331
  • What are the Features of Logitech M720 and M331
  • Logitech M720 Vs M331

Choosing a Mouse

The mouse is an inseparable part of your computer because we use this device to navigate the cursor and execute commands. Buying a mouse can be challenging because there are so many options in different price, shape, features, compatibility, connectivity, etc. We always suggest getting one that fits your hand best because it is highly subjective, depending on your hand size and preferred grip. Depending on your application and preferences, other factors like buttons, sensitivity, and software are also important.

Logitech M720Logitech M331
Product Dimensions‎2.91 x 4.53 x 1.77 inches
2.67 x 1.51 x 4.15 inches
Shipping Weight‎4.6 ounces
3.21 ounces
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About Logitech M720 and M331

What is the best mouse? The best computer mouse is the one that fits your hand and application best. Gamers or enthusiasts may stick with gaming mice because they have more advanced technology, while most people are okay with a standard mouse like Logitech M720 and M331. Logitech is a famous name; chances are you have at least one of its products. The company has a huge price range and computer peripherals for almost everyone, from workers to serious gamers.The Logitech M720 and M331 are perfect for those who prefer a small mouse because these two are relatively smaller than typical office or gaming mice. While the two are seemingly identical, they are not, and the M720 is a higher model with more to offer; thus, it is more expensive. However, the ergonomics are very similar and feel almost identical on hand, so that the user type will be the same. If you don’t need the additional features in the M720, the M331 is a cheaper and reliable standard mouse.

But, if you work with a few devices that need a mouse, the M720 can be an excellent choice because it can connect to different smart devices simultaneously. In addition, the M720 is more expensive because it has more buttons meaning more functionalities built into the mouse. If you don’t have an issue with the budget, we recommend getting the M720, for it can offer more and feels more robust. Read also: Logitech M720 Vs MX Anywhere 3 here.

Logitech M720 and M331 Design

The Logitech M720 and M331 may appear similar at a glance with a right-hand ergonomic, but they are different. The M720 is slightly bigger than M331 at 115mm long, 74mm wide, and 45mm tall, weighing 135 grams versus 105.4mm long, 68mm wide, and 38.4mm tall, weighing 91 grams with the battery. The build quality is good, but the M720 feels more robust because it has a substantial weight for a wireless mouse. While the M331 is available in different colors, the M720 is only available in black. 

Logitech M720 and M331 Ergonomic

As mentioned above, ergonomics is crucial for your mouse, and these two are similar because the shape and size are almost identical. The Logitech M720 and M331 are small mice, making the two best for small and probably medium-sized hands, especially if you prefer a palm or claw grip. These mice have a relatively short length, but the M720 is taller and helps with a palm grip. The shallower and smaller M331 feels less substantial on our hands. Surprisingly, the two are suitable for large hands if you like fingertip grip style.

These mice are very comfortable for small hands, especially if your former mouse also adopts the same size and shape. The matte finish feels great on your palm, and the mouse feet help them glide easily on a table or mouse pad. The side buttons on the M720 are at the top, so your thumb won’t press it accidentally.

Logitech M720 and M331 Buttons

We also want to see the buttons on the Logitech M720 and M331, one of the main differences between the two. As you may see, the M331 only has three buttons; the left, right, and scroll wheel. On the other hand, the M720 gives more freedom with eight buttons; the left, right, scroll wheel, three side buttons, and another button behind the scroll wheel for activating smooth scrolling. Like most standard mice, the first two thumb buttons are for forward and backward, such as while browsing.

The last button is the toggle and connect function; you need to press and hold this button to pair the mouse or press it to select the channel. The channel is numbered above the particular button. Since the M720 can unlock free scrolling, this function is handy when navigating a large page or document. In addition, the M720’s scroll wheel also tilts left and right and is clickable.

Logitech M720 and M331 Features

Lastly, we want to see the additional features on Logitech M720 and M331. Since the M331 is a basic model, it has no features. The M720 feature we mentioned above is the ability to connect to up to three different devices simultaneously, making it more convenient if you work with a few devices at once such as a computer, laptop, and tablet. Unlike most standard mice that only work with one device at a time, the M720 makes it possible to use one mouse for all your smart devices.

Logitech M720 Vs M331

Standard office mice are comfortable, affordable, and reliable. The Logitech M720 and M331 are slightly different in shape and features, but the ergonomics are similar, and they best fit small hands with palm or claw grip. If you want more features, the M720 is an excellent choice because it can offer more buttons and compatibility with up to three devices simultaneously, perfect if you work with a few devices daily. Performance is identical because they use the same sensor with fixed sensitivity.

- CROSS-COMPUTER CONTROL - Game-changing capacity to navigate seamlessly on three computers, and copy-paste text, images, and files from one to the other using Logitech FLOW
- DUAL CONNECTIVITY - Use with up to three Windows or Mac computers and laptops via included Unifying receiver or Bluetooth Smart wireless technology
- MARATHON ENDURANCE - A true athlete, the M720 is designed to endure, with buttons built to withstand up to 10 million clicks
- HYPER-FAST SCROLLING - Scroll through long documents or web pages faster and easier. Or press the wheel and shift to click-to-click mode for precise navigation
- Dimensions Mouse (height x width x depth): 105.4 mm x 67.9 mm x 38.4 mm Weight: 91.0 g Nano receiver (height x width x depth): 14.4 mm x 18.7 mm x 6.1 mm Weight: 1.8 g
- System Requirements Windows 10 or later, Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows 7 Mac OS X 10.5 or later Chrome OSTM Linux Kernel 2.6+2 USB port
- Technical Specifications Connection Type: 2.4GHz wireless connection Wireless range: 10 meters It may vary based on use and computing conditions. Connect / Power: Yes, on/off switch Battery Details: 1 x AA Battery Life (not rechargeable): 24 months Battery life may vary based on user and computing conditions. DPI (Min/Max): 1000± Sensor technology: Yes, 2D, mechanical Sensor resolution: 1000 dpi Scroll Wheel: Yes Number of buttons: 3 Standard and Special Buttons: Middle click
- Package Contents Mouse Nano receiver 1 AA battery (pre-installed) User documentation


The decision is yours because we may have different preferences. But we recommend the M331 for everyone who wants a basic office mouse or if you want a colorful one. The M720 is more expensive but has more buttons and connects to different devices simultaneously, so you don’t have to use several mice on the desk.

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