Logitech MK320 vs MK520

For convenience and cost-efficiency, getting a bundle that includes a keyboard and a mouse is good idea. This approach is quite common for work purposes. Logitech has several good-quality bundles that you may want to consider, such as Logitech MK320 vs MK520. They are now available in a similar price range. So, which one is better?

Below, you can read more about:
– The keyboard features of Logitech MK320 vs MK520
– The mouse quality of the two bundles
– The advantages of each bundle, and
– Which one that is more recommended for the best value

Different Keyboard Features
First of all, know that the two bundles come with very different keyboards. Logitech MK320 has a full-sized keyboard with regular keys. It is rather simple. It connects wirelessly to your computer using the Logitech Unifying receiver. See also: Logitech MK270 vs MK320.

This model is very nice because it already comes with 11 multimedia hot keys and 12 programmable F- keys. You can easily navigate to multimedia options such as the Internet browser, e-mail, volume up/down, and play/pause. The programmable F- keys are especially very useful, as they can greatly streamline your workflow.

Logitech MK520’s keyboard is quite different. It is wider but slimmer. It has a wider bottom part that is flat, creating a nice wrist rest area. This is definitely very useful to reduce the risk of wrist pain. In addition, according to Logitech, the keyboard has adjustable legs which allow you to customize the angle of the keyboard for the most comfortable position.

The full-size keyboard features the Logitech Incurve keys which are contoured and whisper-quite. These keys feel really nice to hit, and they are very silent. It also connects using the Logitech Unifying receiver. Of course, Logitech MK520 also comes with additional multimedia keys that are lined neatly on the top row. The F- keys are also programmable, so you are not going to miss anything here.

Different Mouse Ergonomics
The two bundles come with different mice. The one included with Logitech MK320 is somewhat smaller. It has a standard symmetrical shape, which isn’t bad. It also has a light indicator. The tracking performance is good. In short, it is a usable mouse for work purposes.

Logitech MK520 comes with a full-size ergonomic mouse. It is also shaped symmetrically, so it can be used by both left-handed and right-handed users. The curved sides have rubber grips which make the handling feel more solid and comfortable. It also has a green indicator light to indicate whether it is turned on or not.

Battery Life
Logitech MK320’s keyboard is rated to have a battery life of about two years per battery set, whereas the mouse has a battery life of about one year. They are not bad at all. But Logitech MK520 offers longer battery life; its keyboard can last for about three years while its mouse can last for eighteen months. So, Logitech MK520 can be more efficient in the long run.

NameLogitech MK320Logitech MK520
Key Features- Compatibility: Works with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP - Comfortable full-size keyboard and easy-to-carry sculpted mouse with snap-on wireless receiver - FULL-SIZE FUNCTIONALITY – Have the functionality of a full-size keyboard without sacrificing form or function. The MK520 includes a stylish and streamlined keyboard and ambidextrous mouse - PRECISION MOUSE WORKS IN EITHER HAND ‒ The M310 wireless mouse features soft rubber grips and can be used in either hand. It provides the precision needed for fine applications

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Between these two bundles, we recommend you to choose Logitech MK520. It has a better keyboard and mouse. The keyboard has a wrist rest area and silent keys that feel very nice. The mouse is ergonomic and more comfortable to use. Both peripherals have longer battery life.

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