Logitech MX Ergo vs M575

Ergonomics mouse is great for comfort if your wrist is strained using the regular mouse. Ergonomics are more natural than regular mice so they will be helpful in reducing or preventing unnecessary pain. Plenty of ergonomics like Logitech MX Ergo Vs M575 are very similar however so it can be a bit confusing but they are not exactly the same as well. If you are a fan of comfortable mice, let’s see the comparison below before deciding the option.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Why Using Ergonomic Mouse
  • What are the Types of Ergonomic Mouse
  • What are Logitech MX Ergo and M575
  • How are the Design of Logitech MX Ergo and M575
  • How are the Sensor of Logitech MX Ergo and M575
  • What Features are in Logitech MX Ergo and M575
  • How are the Experience with Logitech MX Ergo and M575
  • Logitech MX Ergo Vs M575

Ergonomic Mice

Computers are a basic device that almost all of us use on a daily basis and it may cause some problems related to how we use the device such as back pain or just eye strain from looking at the screen for far too long. One issue that is not very familiar but actually there is the arm strain when holding the mouse. Some people find the position to hold a mouse is not the most natural or how our hand is supposed to be but, most are not paying much attention to it. 

We personally think it is more of a combination from the habit so if asked whether an ergonomic mouse is a must, it will vary among users. Not only the mouse, even the height of our table and our posture when using the computer play roles in delivering some bodily pain so it is not surprising to experience some pain on the body with prolonged use. Ergonomic mouse is an alternative and a method to help computer users to stay comfortable or to prevent the light injury.

It is said that the natural position of our hand is in the position when they are in handshake form to minimize muscle use. They are also claimed to avoid the forearm and wrist pronation or rotating them counterclockwise which compress the nerve and can lead into carpal tunnel syndrome. Using an ergonomic mouse is keeping the bulk of the underside of our wrist off the desk which means reducing pressure on the area as well.

This position is also said to deliver the ideal handshake position and let you move the mouse with the forearm instead of wrist which is great for people with existing carpal tunnel syndrome or some type of strains. 

 Logitech MX Ergo Logitech M575
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Product Dimensions9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches
6.34 x 5.12 x 2.05 inches
Shipping Weight5.8 ounces
1.06 pounds

Ergonomic Mice Types

Ergonomic mice may be called the same but not all of them are the same because in general there are two types of them; ergonomic mouse and vertical mouse which both aim to provide the most natural position for your arm and wrist. The difference is on the level of angle in which the hand is holding the mouse because the vertical mouse will be higher or further from the base to where your two fingers are at so the vertical option is probably better in supporting the handshake position.

There are also ergonomic mice that require you to have a fixed hand position since tracking is done through a tracking ball while vertical mouse such as MX Vertical in our Logitech MX Ergo Vs Vertical here requires you to move the unit like a regular mouse.

About Logitech MX Ergo and M575

The option is all yours, not all of us will have the same preference and issues with the way we hold the mouse so it is best to find the one that conforms to your problem the most. Not many companies are diving in this segment however, probably because even today ergonomic mouse is still a niche product that not everyone is familiar with yet, they are out there and some brands do carry the options in the catalog.

One of them is Logitech and it is not surprising to see this company in almost any computer peripheral segment because they have a wide range or variety of options. The good side is we can always rely on them; personally they are our go-to when looking for a new mouse or keyboard because we trust their product’s quality but, the drawback is you will have to choose from so many options which can be too similar to each other.

This is what they did for some of the ergonomic mice like Logitech MX Ergo and M575. In comparison the MX line have been around for quite some time offering professional options such as with the MX Master series while M575 is pretty new, it is probably only recently introduced. The problem is this mouse can be too similar to the older MX Ergo both on how you handle the unit and how to operate the ergo mouse which is even more confusing as the former is currently almost twice expensive.

But, as it has been mentioned above, it doesn’t mean that Logitech MX Ergo and M575 are exactly the same because they are not. What we see is the latter has a simpler interface than MX mouse and this can be better or not depending on each user. Additionally, the M575 is also using a typical battery which again, can be nothing or crucial depending on what you will be using them for.

Logitech MX Ergo and M575 Design

Starting from how these mice look, they are almost identical but also different. If you see the MX Ergo, the height of this mouse seems the same to M575 but there is a plate below the mouse which can make the mouse flat or a bit tilted to probably about 20 degree which means your hand will be in a slightly more vertical position but not exactly like a vertical mouse type of vertical as well. 

The physical dimensions of these mice are almost identical at about 5.2 inch long and 3.9 inch wide but with the aforementioned plate, the MX can be taller. Side by side in general the latter is slightly more curved in comparison. The two are wireless mice and working with batteries for the M575 while the MX Ergo is using a built-in battery that we can charge. Along with the mouse you will get a USB cable as well to charge the MX when needed but it is not meant to transfer any data.

Logitech MX Ergo and M575 Sensor

Now for the most important part, let’s see what Logitech MX Ergo and M575 can offer and starting with the sensor, both of them are using optical sensor but, since they are meant to be in fixed position, we don’t think this will affect the performance whether you have glass table or using any mouse pad below. The DPI value for these mice are different; MX Ergo which lowest is at 50 and highest to be around 1150 DPI in comparison to M575 at 400 and 5000 on the highest.

Logitech MX Ergo and M575 Features

Another part that set the two apart is mostly the features because you can find more on the MX Ergo here. This mouse is pretty advanced and personally we adore the tilting scroll wheel which is very useful in navigating large files such as when reading a large PDF file or navigating in a game etc. The two have forward and backward buttons however, unlike most office mice we have. The clicks are pretty substantial and it is a versatile function.

Another feature that is not present in the M575 is the switch settings located at the top of the MX Ergo. This may look like profile or DPI settings in gaming mice but it is meant to switch between computers since this mouse can be paired with up to two computers at once. Slightly above the trackball, there is another button in this mouse and this is meant for DPI setting from low to high; two options only. Additionally, you can program these extension buttons from Logitech Option software.

Logitech MX Ergo and M575 Experience 

Lastly let’s talk about the performance or more of experience with Logitech MX Ergo and M575. From a person who is used to a regular mouse, you will need some time to get used to how these mice work. The two are pretty heavy but it is not impossible to accidentally swift them a bit while we don’t pay attention to the mouse. The most difficult part is getting used to trackball’s sensitivity which can be adjusted through the software if needed.

Aiming using trackball can be quite stressful however, not because of the sensor but because we often miss what we need to click but it is just personal experience since many people can get used to them quite fast. The feeling of these trackballs are the same in both mice, they run smoothly but we find the plate of MX is kind of interesting since our hand can change the angle when needed or based on what feels the most comfortable at the time.

Logitech MX Ergo vs M575

Both of these ergonomic mice are ideal for users who are experiencing some physical pain, people with physical disabilities, or those who want to try a mouse that require less hand/arm/wrist movement. The two are very similar but the M575 is like a stripped down variant of the MX series so there is no on board DPI adjustment, no tilting scroll wheel, and no ability to switch quickly between two computers. The M575 is also battery powered so we have to always have a backup battery.  

- Ergonomic sculpted design - unique adjustable hinge allows you to customize the trackball angle from 0 to 20 degrees for a more natural, comfortable hand position, and reduced muscle strain
- Cross-computer control- game-changing capacity to navigate seamlessly on 2 computers, and copy-paste text, images, and files from one to the other using Logitech flow
- Dual connectivity- use with up to 3 Windows or Mac computers via included Unifying receiver or Bluetooth smart wireless technology
- Rechargeable battery- up to 70 days of power on a single charge; Nominal value : 380 dpi
- Ergonomic comfort design, relaxed hand and arm: The comfortable, sculpted ergonomic shape naturally fits your hand.
- Smooth thumb control, precise tracking: Great cursor control on any surface. Adjust the cursor speed with Logitech Options software.
- Perfect for tight workspaces: Because the trackball doesn’t move, it’s perfect for tight workspaces and busy desks.
- 2 ways to connect and multi-OS: Connect simply with Bluetooth or the USB receiver and never worry about drop-offs or lag up to a 33 ft (10m) range.


You can opt for any of the two based on what you want to achieve since there is no noticeable difference in experience but, if you have the budget we do like all features and the additional plate in MX Ergo mouse.

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