Logitech Pebble M350 VS i354

The technology of the computer world is more varied and keeps increasing. Nowadays, all the connectivity is preferred using wireless technology, such as using Bluetooth connectivity. This leads to a more efficient way of arranging devices or gadgets. Including selecting a wireless mouse that looks more simple, efficient, and less effort to set up. This phenomenon leads to various brands of the wireless mouse in the market, including Logitech. The brand delivers several series of the wireless mouse such as Pebble M350 and Pebble i354. For more information, related to the comparison of Logitech Pebble M350 VS i354, see the following paragraphs.

About Logitech Brand

Most of the people that familiar with the computer world will know Logitech. This is one of the famous brands in the world supporting various devices and accessories related to PC and laptops. With the best quality from the brand, it is no wonder that many customers fall in love with the products from Logitech.

 Logitech Pebble M350Logitech Pebble i354
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Product Dimensions4.21 x 2.32 x 1.04 inches5.71 x 3.35 x 2.28 inches
Shipping Weight3.53 ounces4.6 ounces

Logitech produces various accessories such as a keyboard, headset, speakers, and mouse. The technology of Logitech’s mouse is divided into a wireless and wired mouse. Either for work, for student, or gaming, each series from the brand deliver with excellent quality and features. Some of them including Logitech Pebble M350 and Logitech Pebble i345. For more details about each feature and specification, the following paragraphs will give a complete overview.

Logitech Pebble M350 Features

Logitech Pebble M350 is a wireless mouse that focuses on modern, slim, and beautiful design. Since this product delivers with attractive calm color with modern minimalist design. You will find that the product consists of four option colors including rose pink, graphite, off-white, and blue. It is creating to fit the modern style of work and current behavior. Where the design is quite slim to carry everywhere and look nice while using it in a coffee shop or a library.

  • Not only focusing on the several things above, but the product also carries over with several great features to consider. Even it looks small and soft, but inside the product, it consists of the following excellent technologies that shall not doubt:
  • Provided with silence sound. Therefore, anyone using the mouse will get 90% less noise. Making this product suitable for working in a café, library, and any places.
  • The wireless connection that can connect to the device using Bluetooth technology compatible up to a 10-meter range. Plus, it works for various systems such as Windows, Mac, iOS, or Chrome.
  • The product design with organic shape and a natural slim fit. So that it suits the palm of many hands.
  • An excellent battery that can last for up to 18 months. When the mouse is not using or in a break, it will automatically go to sleep mode.

Logitech Pebble M350 Pros and Cons

After reading the above explanation, you might feel that this product is one best products to consider. Especially if you have a young spirit with a modern style. This is a good choice to fit your style and carry anywhere. However, you also need to consider that this product might not too durable due to the material is made of plastic. Therefore, this sounds like more fit for ladies.

Logitech i354 Features

The next wireless mouse from Logitech is Pebble i354. Actually for those that have been using M350 will feel that this is not too much different from the M350 series. All features of this product are entirely the same as Pebble M350. Starting from the design, the material, and also the sensor resolution. Both are working at 1000dpi with three buttons. Both also have mechanical scroll and low energy design. Even the overall dimension is the same.

The only difference that you can find is the package of nano receiver that you will get when you buy i345. This is not available in M350. However, this might not also too necessary to consider. Furthermore, i345 compatible with iOS 13.4 or later. So that the older version may not compatible with it.

Logitech i354 Pros and Cons

For those that decide to prefer this mouse, you need to consider several pros and cons of the product. Not only seeing the above features but make sure that you understand the advantage and the lack of this mouse. In general, selecting Logitech Pebble i354 will give you a nice advantage of quite a button clicks and super portable. So that you can carry it anywhere and have no issue with the sound of the mouse while using it.

Furthermore, this series works best with iPad. Therefore, if you want to get a nice and suitable mouse for your iPad, then this is the fittest series from Logitech. However, be noted that the mouse is made of a plastic body that might not too durable for a long time of use. Plus, it is similar to Pebble M350 in terms of overall performance. No specific is different in terms of technology and capacity. But, this leads you to more price to buy since the i354 series is the latest version rather than M350.

The Price

In terms of price, overall the product from Logitech is selling at an affordable level of price. The same way when the brand selling Pebble M350 and Pebble i345 mouse. According to the official webpage, you can get Logitech Pebble M350 for $24.99. While if you prefer to get Logitech Pebble i345, then you shall pay $29.99. It a slightly more expensive since i345 launched a year after M350. Read also: Logitech MX Ergo vs M575.

Logitech Pebble M350 VS i354

- Modern, slim and beautiful pebble design: Logitech Pebble has outstanding simplicity with a design that is pleasant to hold, feels great in your hand, and is easy to carry
- Quiet Clicks and Ultra-Quiet Scrolling: Enjoy the same clicking sensation with over 90% noise reduction in click sound.
- Dual Connectivity: Connect the way you like via Bluetooth wireless technology or via the included small USB receiver.
- Long Battery Life: Logitech stone stays on for up to 18 months on a single AA battery * * Battery life may vary depending on usage and computing conditions.
- Meet the Logitech Pebble i345: Take your iPad to higher places with a level of precision and control that you can't get with a tablet alone. Use it to click, scroll, and control your workflow like never before. It's small, portable, and comfortable, so you can keep exploring, wherever you go.
- It's compact, lightweight, and easy, just like your iPad: Slip the Logitech Pebble i345 into your bag or put it in your pocket. Take it to a poolside lounge, coffee table or plane, and say "hello" to your new mobile office.
- Like an iPad, the Logitech Pebble i345 is sleek and streamlined: With rounded corners, clean lines, and modern colors, it's the perfect iPad companion and looks great in any setting.
- Logitech Pebble i345 is extra slim and fits naturally in the palm of your hand. The soft, rounded sides are so soft and comfortable that you never want to let go.


Overall, it can be seen that Logitech Pebble i354 is a kind of rebranded from Logitech Pebble M350. In terms of performance between Logitech Pebble M350 VS i345, there is no significant difference at all. If you wish to get the lowest price for the same technology, then you can select Logitech Pebble M350. But in case you prefer the latest product, then you can add some more money to get i354. Another thing to consider is that i354 only available in two colors, off-white and graphite. Plus, i345 only works for iOS 13.4 or later. This might need to be your consideration before buying.

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