Logitech T630 vs T631

The Logitech Touch Mouse is an incredibly thin and portable mouse which supports multi-touch gestures. The slim design enables you to pocket the mouse easily wherever you go. In addition, it simply connects via Bluetooth without the use of any additional dongle, so there is no risk of losing a vital component when traveling. However, Logitech Touch Mouse is actually available in two variants, which are T630 and T631. So, what are the differences between Logitech T630 vs T631? Is color the only difference?

Platform Compatibility
As a matter of fact, the Logitech Touch Mouse is designed to be compatible with both Windows and Mac. The two variants of the mouse can support multi-touch gestures for Windows 8 and macOS X upwards. However, there is a minor difference that you need to know. T630 is optimized for Windows platforms by default, whereas T631 is optimized for macOS platforms by default.

The two variants support different control clicks of certain programs on their respective operating systems. If you don’t want to tinker with further settings, you should just choose T630 if you are working on Windows, or T631 if you are working on macOS. For the slim portable keyboard, take a look at Logitech K380 vs K480!

But that does not mean that the two variants can’t work on other platforms. Since these touch mice connect via Bluetooth, you can actually use them on any personal computer with Bluetooth connectivity. You can actually use Logitech T630 on Mac as well as Logitech T631 on Windows. However, you need to have the setting profile for the other platform. For example, you can save the Windows setting profile on the (1) setting and the macOS setting profile on the (2) setting. This way, you can use the touch mouse on either platform.

Different Colors
The next difference between Logitech T630 vs T631 is the colors. Logitech T630 comes with a black top surface. It has a nice brushed metal finish on the surrounding side. On the other hand, Logitech T631 comes with a white top surface, also with the same brushed metal finish on the side.

You can choose whichever color that you prefer. Some people believe that the black color is better because it will not get stained or dirty easily. Meanwhile, the white color tends to show blemishes clearly. For example, the white color may allow you to see dust particles and fingerprints easily. In the end, though, these are just minor things to consider that aren’t always true. If you prefer the black color, choose T630. If white is your favorite, choose T631.

T630 and T631 come with similar features. The multi-touch surface spans on the front two-third area of the top surface. They each come with a short micro-USB cable which is used for charging. Unfortunately, the charging port is located at the bottom, so it is not possible for you to use the mouse while charging. Make sure that you charge the mouse to full before usage. Fortunately, it takes only a few minutes to make the mouse last for long hours.

At the bottom, you can find the power button, the ‘Connect’ button for pairing with the computer, and a switch for toggling between two devices. The Logitech Touch Mouse is able to connect to two devices simultaneously; this is a great feature for people who work with multiple devices frequently. Instead of redoing the whole pairing process every time you swap devices, you can just toggle the switch.

NameLogitech T630Logitech T631
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Color is the only significant difference between T630 and T631. You can use either mouse for Windows and Mac. They both support multi-touch gestures, and they each are able to connect to two devices simultaneously. Simply toggle the switch at the bottom to swap devices.

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