Logitech T631 Review : Sleek, Portable and Rechargeable Mouse for Mac

Logitech T631 has been continuously raved by many Mac’s user for its capabilities that can be found on Apple’s Magic Mouse, such as the rechargeable feature that makes Mac’s user start sifting to Logitech T631 and leave their Magic Mouse behind. If you are planning on purchasing a new mouse for your Mac or iMac, go ahead and read our article below about the ability of Logitech T631.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Logitech T631
– How is the build of Logitech T631
– What Logitech T631 can offer to you
– Is Logitech T631 suitable for you

About Logitech T631
Logitech T631 is a wireless mouse manufactured by the same name company. Logitech name must be familiar in your ears, since this Swiss manufacturer has been around for quite some times producing high quality personal computer and mobile accessories. Logitech is headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland. Aside in Swiss, they also have administrative and headquarters in Newark, California. Logitech T631 is designed especially for Apple’s MacBook users and have a sleek design. Logitech T631 is perfect for those who are not compatible or not comfortable using Apple’s trackpad and prefer using mouse. However, it doesn’t mean that the mouse can’t be used in Windows, Logitech T631 can be used in both newer Windows and Mac OS version 10.6.8+.

Logitech T631 has been released years ago around 2013 and quickly becomes many people favorite as a substitute of Apple’s Magic Mice. Logitech T631 is actually quite the same with Logitech T630, their difference is the color; Logitech T631 is white and Logitech T630 is black. Since the product has been launched many years ago, you will not find them in Logitech’s site anymore, but you can still buy them from online platform, such as Amazon. If you are interested on other type of mouse, read our article on Roccat LEADR Review here.

Logitech T631 Build
The shape of Logitech T631 is pretty thin compact and quite small. Suitable with both Mac and Windows, making Logitech T631 perfect for your on-the-go mouse. The body is made from aluminum and the unit comes with USB charging to charge it, so you will not have to worry about replacing battery or suddenly run out of battery while on the go. What is amazing from this mouse is the company claims that even with only one minute charge, the mouse is still able to work for the next one hour.

From the look, you can say that Logitech T631 is built to match the appearance of MacBook with its sleek design and aluminum sides. You will also found a very discreet Logitech logo at the top of the unit and there is a tiny LED that will flashes in blue when pairing is underway and will turn green when the power has been switched on.

Logitech T631 Features
Taken from engadget Logitech T631 will connect to your device through Bluetooth and one of the most interesting feature in this mouse is that you can pair it with two different Macs. For example, you have your MacBook for outside house use and have an iMac in your home; you can use just this one mouse for both of them. To switch between the two computers, you can simply switch the toggle located at the bottom of the mouse. If you want to get all the features from Logitech T631, you have to install it Manager App, which will allow you to do the standard right and middle clicks, swipe left or right to go between pages or full screen apps, swipe up and down and other capabilities.


- Made To Match Mac: Brushed Metallic Body And Silky-Smooth Touch Surface Perfectly Complement The Sleek Looks Of MacBook Pro And MacBook Air - Ultra-Portable: Super-Thin Design Slips Easily Into A Computer Sleeve Or The Pocket Of Your Jeans - Os X Touch Gesture Support: Take Full Advantage Of Os X Multi-Touch Navigation Using Simple, Natural, Intuitive Gestures - Bluetooth wireless pairs multiple devices: Connects to your Mac laptop or desktop with easy switching between computers - Charge over USB: No battery hassles. Just 1 minute of charge time powers your mouse for an hour. (Based on typical user experience. Your results may vary.)

Logitech T631 is perfect for any MacBook or iMac users, especially for those who want a simple and sleek design that will be easy to be carried everywhere. Since it is very sleek, you can easily toss it with your Mac in your bag.

Logitech T631 Review: Pros and Cons
– Slim and sleek design
– Rechargeable
– Can be paired with two computers
– Has numerous touch gestures

– More expensive than magic mouse
– Might be too small for people with bigger hands

Logitech T631 : Price
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