Logitech V470 vs M555B

Logitech V470 and Logitech M555B are both wireless laser mice. These wireless models are often preferred when portability and ease of use are top priorities. They use Bluetooth to connect to your laptop. There is no RF dongle to take up a USB port. So, what is the difference between Logitech V470 vs M555B? Which one is the better mouse for the money? Continue reading below to see the comparisons between these two Logitech’s wireless mice.

About Logitech V470
Logitech V470 is a wireless Bluetooth mouse that can connect to your Bluetooth-enabled laptop without requiring any dongle. It connects using Bluetooth 1.2. It looks very stylish and elegant; the top surface has a glossy metallic blue color with the Logitech logo in the middle. The side features a rubber layer for solid and comfortable handling.

Logitech V470 is already equipped with the Side-to-Side Scroll Wheel. This innovative scroll wheel from Logitech is very cool. It allows you to navigate quickly not only in vertical directions, but also in horizontal directions. You can also use it to control zoom levels. Under the scroll wheel, there is a cool blue light indicator.

Logitech V470 runs on a set of batteries. You can easily find replacement batteries in nearby stores. However, there is no need to worry about having to purchase replacement batteries constantly, because the battery life of Logitech V470 is pretty good. Each set of batteries can last for about 4 months.

So, is Logitech V470 the best wireless mouse? Not really. It comes with a laser sensor that is not very reliable. Interestingly, many people tend to think that laser sensors are highly accurate. However, this is not always true. Different sensors may have different quality, just like the case with optical sensors. Logitech does not specify the DPI level of Logitech V470, which is quite suspicious. The performance is quite disappointing. This mouse does not have good accuracy and precision. Some users say that it is pretty good for office uses, but not for anything else.

About Logitech M555B
Logitech M555B is a relatively newer model. It is similar to the V470 that it is also a Bluetooth mouse that runs on a set of batteries. However, Logitech M555B is more feature-packed, and the performance is much better and more reliable.

Logitech M555B has a slimmer, flatter design. But it has an ambidextrous design that is suitable for both left-handed users and righ-handed users. It has a total of 5 buttons that are all programmable via the SetPoint software. So, you can program the buttons to perform macros and quick commands. The programmability can enhance your productivity.

The battery life is also about four months per set of batteries. Logitech M555B has added a battery indicator which will give you a warning if the battery level is low. This way, you can get replacement batteries in advance and you will not run out of batteries in the middle of usage.

Logitech M555B also comes with the MicroGear precision scroll wheel which supports horizontal navigation. The laser sensor has a resolution of 1000 DPI. The tracking accuracy is more accurate and reliable.

NameLogitech V470Logitech M555B
Key Features- Bluetooth connectivity - Laser precision - 3-year warranty - Side-to-Side scrolling plus zoom- Excellent scroll wheel - Great laser sensitivity - Simple Bluetooth connectivity

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Between Logitech V470 vs M555B, the Logitech M555B mouse is much more recommended. It has better features and performance. It has a better scroll wheel, programmable buttons, battery indicator, and more reliable sensor.

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