Mamba Elite vs Tournament Edition

Comparison Mamba Elite vs Tournament Edition – Hi game fans, in this article you will get information regarding the Mamba Elite vs Tournament Edition comparison which has the same mouse function. Although the same, they both have completely different modification details. I’m sure one of these mouse choices, you’ll want to have immediately. I will share as much information as possible on each model. Guaranteed this comparison, provides convenience according to your needs. Razer is known in the market as the best mouse manufacturer.

Perfect Comparison Mamba Elite vs Tournament Edition

Perfect comparison Mamba Elite vs Tournament Edition – Both products have a design that looks similar. So that Mamba Elite vs Tournament Edition cannot be compared in terms of appearance design. Gamers really like to equip their equipment when playing games. So having a special gaming mouse is a must. The assessment is carried out starting from the palm grip, fingertip location, or power claw grip. In addition, the weight of the mouse is considered to affect how smooth your game is. Read also: Razer Mamba Elite Vs Razer DeathAdder V2.

Today who has never heard of Razer products. The mouse they produce is known to be the best product on the market. The Razer Mamba Elite vs Tournament Edition is a right-hand device for gaming, which uses equalization settings. Where mouse movement relies on pressure and movement of gamers. Make users feel comfortable and smoother when playing. This proves that Razer did research before releasing its two products.

Here are the product specifications of the Mamba Elite vs Tournament Edition:

The specifications mouse have a 5G optical sensor with 16,000 DPI. The Mamba Elite accelerates to 450 IPS/50 G, while the Tournament Edition reaches 210 IPS / 50 G. The response time of both is 1000 Hz Ultrapolling. On the mouse body there are 9 hyperesponse buttons that the user can set independently. Durability of using a mouse, mechanical switchex up to 50 million clicks. The scroll wheel is specially produced for game levels. The product mouses are released with an ergonomic right hand, a texture design with rubber side grips.

 Mamba EliteTournament Edition
Best offerCheck priceCheck price
Product Dimensions1.7 x 4.92 x 2.75 inches
2.75 x 1.71 x 4.93 inches
Shipping Weight4.8 ounces
4.5 ounces

Lighting has a 16.8 million color options, so users can customize at will. The Mamba Elite mouse has activated Razer Synapse 3, while the option has on the fly adjustment sensitivity. The total weight of the Mamba Elite mouse is 96g, measuring 4.92 inches (W) x 2.75 inches (W) x 1.70 (H). While the Tournament Edition weighs 133 gr, 4 inches (W) x 2.76 (W) x 1.67 (H). The cable lengths of both mouse are up to 2.1 mtr, with the Xbox One as the base compatible input.

The advantages of the Mamba Elite Game Mouse

The Mamba Elite mouse makes your computer desk look less cluttered. Besides that, the design that the game mouse has is fairly minimalist. Looks expressive because of the lighting from RGB. The lighting location is between the manufacturer’s logo and the mouse scroll wheel. The product feels comfortable on both sides when you hold it. For this mouse, Razer is working with Omron for the switch. Supports a longer period of use, because it can reach 50 million clicks. Without reducing the sensitivity and responsiveness of the mouse when you use it. Although it is recognized that the selling price is a little more expensive, I think it is very worth it for gamers to buy.

Perfectly configured hardware with Synapse 3 software. Make the gaming experience even more enjoyable. Users can access advanced options by using the rebind button control. Lighting when playing games is very important. That’s why there are 20 lighting zones on the scroll wheel, top curve and game mouse product logos.

Compared to the Tournament Edition, this game mouse is slimmer and lighter. Slightly more looks cool and interesting in your hand. There is no quality or material that is sacrificed on the product Mamba Elite. Premium matte coating and rubber side cushions, make gamers more comfortable and classy. In addition, gaming activities become more stable, even if you have to move the mouse quickly.

Razer’s collaboration with Omron on Mamba Elite products is quite interesting. For users who don’t understand. Omron is a company working on the completeness of quality devices. They have their own name in the gaming industry. The existence of onboard memory makes it easy for users to save profiles according to their choice. Between saving it in the cloud or even directly on the game mouse. Product warranty is 2 years, and if you buy it from the official Razer website. Can return the product up to 2 weeks without risk.

The advantages of Tournament Edition Mouse Game

Now I talk about the advantages of the Tournament Edition game mouse. In the world, this mouse product is the most precise. Incredible accuracy, users can feel through mouse movements. This ability makes the product has an advantage, facing the advantages of its competitors. If you use a mouse for the purposes of playing competition games. You can get fast and accurate in-game response when maneuvering in game.

The Tournamen Edition game mouse design is made to blend naturally in the user’s hand. Ergonomic shape reduces fatigue on the fingers, when used to play for a long time. Even the mouse can also be used for casual activities, without having to be involved in game competitions all the time. Light effects that users can personalize, available in effects such as wave, cycling, static, reactive, and many others.

Lighting makes a gaming mouse look like a very expensive product. Razer Chroma lights are only placed on the side of the mouse and scroll wheel by the manufacturer. Tournament Edition is a game mouse with an ambudextrous model. Good news for those who use the left hand to work. The existence of rubber grips and buttons on both sides really helps gaming activities without slipping on the thumb. The buttons on the mouse are large, so they are easier to click.

Game mouse body design is curved on the back. Can reduce pressure on the palms. It doesn’t matter how you hold the mouse. The existence of software such as Razer Synapse helps users make a number of settings. Like recording special macros, changing RGB lighting options, remapping buttons. Everything can be saved in the Tournament Edition on-board memory profile. So that anytime you need just access without the need to search the software. I think the only drawback lies in the visuals. Overall, it can certainly exceed the expectations of professional or casual gamers.

Mamba Elite vs Tournament Edition

- High-Precision 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor: Offers on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment through dedicated DPI buttons (programmable) for gaming
- Customizable Chroma RGB Color Profiles: Includes 16.8 million color combinations w/ included preset profiles
- Improved, Ergonomic Design: - Rubberized side grips reduce fatigue over long use sessions
- Ridged, Rubberized Scroll Wheel for Maximum Accuracy: Small, tactile bumps increases grip and helps with more controlled scrolling in high-stakes gaming situations
- With its ability to track up to 1 DPI increments and a lift-off cut-off distance as precise as 0.1 mm, the Razer Mamba Tournament Edition helps you to react instantaneously
- Designed for a natural hand position, the Razer Mamba boasts impressive ergonomics that reduce stress on your fingers when you’re actuating buttons and eliminate unnecessary finger drag points
- Taking personalization to the next level, you can now illuminate the Razer Mamba - Tournament Edition’s logo, scroll wheel, and side strips just the way you want. OS Support - Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Mac OS X 10.8 - 10.11
- With inter-device color synchronization, your Razer Chroma enabled Razer gaming weapons will always go together perfectly. Durable up to 50 million clicks


I came to the conclusion to determine the champion between Mamba Elite vs Tournament Edition. You can feel the advantage of gaming mouse technology, which improves the user’s playing experience more smoothly and comfortably. There is no problem with its appearance and shape. In fact, both products are very comfortable to use for a long time. It’s just that in my opinion Mamba Elite is a little better than its competitors.

Again, what is your style when playing games? So that you can buy the perfect one as needed. When buying a game mouse, you can use it immediately no matter what type of PC you are. Gamers who love RGB lighting will definitely fall in love with both products. The cursor movement of the Tournament Edition is smoother, and makes other mouse feel way below their level. Razer’s products are quite expensive. But worth what you get. The price for the Tournament Edition is a little cheaper, you can choose if you have a low budget. That comparison from me, so thank you.

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