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What makes the best gaming mouse? This is a question that will challenge even a top-notch gamer. The answer can be as simple as ABC when you consider simple but important factors. Forget the complex terms used by manufacturers to intimidate amateurs. Here, I present you with an easy

Dragon Chroma Razer vs Corsair Scimitar 0

When it comes to gaming mouse there are many choices . They can be cheap , sometimes quite expensive or could also be mid range. Gaming mouse is a very important part for any PC gamer. The mouse you like usually depends on your personal preferences but specs also

Logitech M305 vs M310 0

Technological growth has led to the quick and successive advancements in various types of devices. In relation to this, Logitech, a well-known company that produces computer accessories, has not backed down in the progressive race. Naturally, their innovations can only get better, with their features getting more handy and

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Mouse is an irreplaceable part when you want to surf on your computer even the touchscreen is still seen to be impractical by some people. Logitech is a leading mouse manufacturer all over the world; therefore its products deserve to be discussed even compared to each other. Logitech M325

Logitech M325 vs M317 0

In case the question is lurking in your mind regarding which one is better, Logitech M325 or M317, then it will be a smart idea to go through these paragraphs mentioned below. Both these are compact wireless devices intended for mobile usage. Apart from being quite affordable, these mice