Logitech G400S vs G500S 0

If you are confused in choosing between Logitech G400S vs G500S, you have come to the right place! Below, we will discuss the comparisons between these two great gaming mice to help you choose the most suitable model. Logitech G400S is available at a lower price point, and is

Logitech T630 vs T631 0

The Logitech Touch Mouse is an incredibly thin and portable mouse which supports multi-touch gestures. The slim design enables you to pocket the mouse easily wherever you go. In addition, it simply connects via Bluetooth without the use of any additional dongle, so there is no risk of losing

Razer Basilisk vs Mamba 0

Razer is one of the leaders in the gaming peripheral industry. A Razer mouse always carries a particular air of class and quality. One of the latest gaming mice from the company is Razer Basilisk; this is an FPS-oriented gaming mouse with an ergonomic design and innovative DPI clutch

Logitech V470 vs M555B 0

Logitech V470 and Logitech M555B are both wireless laser mice. These wireless models are often preferred when portability and ease of use are top priorities. They use Bluetooth to connect to your laptop. There is no RF dongle to take up a USB port. So, what is the difference

Kensington Expert vs Slimblade 0

Kensington is a well-known brand that most people choose when it comes to a trackball mouse for office uses. There are several Kensington models with different features available, and choosing the right one is sometimes confusing. In the article below, we will help you choose between Kensington Expert vs

Corsair Scimitar Pro Review: Impressive MMO Mouse 0

Corsair is not a stranger at all in the gaming world. The company has produced a variety of high-quality gaming peripherals, from coolers to mice. In this Corsair Scimitar Pro review, we will take a look at an impressive MMO mouse. It comes with 12 thumb buttons and supports

Logitech K380 vs K480 0

Logitech K380 and Logitech K480 are two wireless keyboards that are very slim and lightweight. If you are tired with bulky wired keyboards that are hardly portable and always get tangled all the time, these are great choices that can help you work more comfortably. However, there are some

Kensington Expert Mouse vs Orbit 0

Should you choose Kensington Expert or Kensington Orbit? Both of these two trackball mice are very popular for office uses. Kensington Expert is more expensive, but it comes with a larger track ball that offers better, more accurate navigation. It also comes with more buttons. On the other hand,

Corsair M65 Pro vs M65 0

What is actually the difference between Corsair M65 Pro vs M65? This is probably the question that has been bothering your mind for some time. Corsair M65 Pro is a newer version of Corsair M65. At first, they may seem mostly similar to each other. There are just some

Razer Basilisk vs Lancehead 0

Razer has just released a new model called the Basilisk. This wired mouse is specially designed for FPS titles, featuring a removable DPI clutch for quick sensitivity adjustment. In a glance, it does look similar to the Lancehead, which was released a few months prior. So, what are the