Razer Atheris vs Orochi

Razer Atheris and Orochi are great options when it comes to wireless gaming mice. However, their different specification may affect your decision when choosing between them. If you plan on picking one of them, you may want to read our article below to ensure you are choosing the right mouse.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is Razer Atheris and Orchi
– What Razer Atheris and Orchi can offer to you
– Razer Atheris vs Orochi

About Razer Atheris
Razer is usually known for its gamer intended peripherals, but it is slightly different with Razer Atherist, since it is designed for both work and play. This mouse is wireless and comes with Adaptive Frequency Technology, so you can practically carry it with you to offices or work on the go. The company claimed that Razer Atherist is able to work over 300 hours of continuous use depend on the connection type. You can get these features in a pocket sized, compact and ergonomic body. When you use Razer Atherist, you will notice that there is no Chroma Lightning in this mouse, which is Razer signature mark. But this lack of illumination serve an important purpose to preserve its battery power longer.

Razer Atheris Features
Razer Atherist comes with 7200 DPI optical sensor, which is one of the highest DPI in mobile mouse category and able to gives you extreme accuracy and incredible power over both spreadsheets and headshots. You may use Razer Atherist for multiple monitors and even 4K screens and higher. As it have been mentioned above, this mouse is planted with Razer proprietary technology that will provide you with industry-leading transmission stability, so you can still use your mouse with a solid connection in crowded places. If you need another gaming mice, you may want to read our article on Mionix NAOS 7000 vs 8200 here.

About Razer Orochi
Razer Orochi is an RGB portable gaming mouse that can be used with wire or wireless through Bluetooth connection. This mouse is released back then in 2015 as the continuation of the 2013 version. The new version still have the old design but only half as big as Razer Mamba that also released in 2015. Razer Orochi is very light and compact for a gaming mice. However, this mouse won’t be easily yanked and still able to stay in its given surface. The mouse have an ambidextrous design, so left handed user can use it just as comfortably.

Razer Orochi Features
Razer Orochi comes with 8200 DPI to give you extremely precise clicks. Moreover, it can be customize as you preferred. As it have been mentioned above, you can use this mouse with wire or connect it to your device through Bluetooth connectivity powered by two AA batteries. Similar to many Razer gaming mice that have been released, Razer Orochi also have the Chroma Lightning, which is the signature mark of Razer. However, it somehow a little disappointing since only the scroll wheel lights up. To optimize Razer Orochi, you have to download Razer Synapse, which is the company gaming suite. The software works with the Razer’s entire range of peripherals, so you only need to download it once for all your Razer’s gears.

Now, let’s compare Razer Atherist with Razer Orochi. Both of their bodies are pretty similar at a glance, but Orochi have Chroma lightning when on work, while Atheris doesn’t have any lightning at all. Atheris comes with 7200 DPI, while Orochi have 8200 DPI. However, Atheris is planted with Adaptive Frequency Technology to enhance its connectivity, while this technology is not available in Orochi. Since Atheris is lacked in lightning, the battery will also last longer compared to Orochi with the same usage.

NameRazer AtherisOrochi
Key Features- Gaming on the Go - 350 hours of continuous gaming on a pair of AA batteries - Gaming Grade Precision - True 7,200 adjustable DPI offers seamless gaming experience in a portable mouse - Engineered with Bluetooth 4.0, the Razer Orochi is designed for portability and is the ideal companion for gamers who are always on the move - Switch conveniently to the wired mode to experience gaming-grade performance, control, and accuracy at a blistering 1 ms response time ; The Calibration Tab allows you to optimize your Razer Precision Sensor to any mousing

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. It is clear that Orochi have better precision with its 8200 DPI but Atheris have better connectivity. If you plan on using the mouse as your on the go mouse and plan using it outside home, you may want to opt for Razer Atheris.

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