Razer Basilisk vs Deathadder

Gaming peripherals used to be expensive but as the activity gain so much popularity and fans, companies start to offer more affordable choices as well for many to enjoy such as the Razer Basilisk Vs Deathadder gaming mice. They are offered at the entry-level range and while there is no high, fancy features on these models, they are simple and work very well by keeping all the essentials. If you are also considering these mice, see which model will fit your taste the most below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– Choosing a Perfect Gaming Mice
– What are Razer Basilisk and DeathAdder
– What Razer Basilisk and DeathAdder Look Like
– How are the Performance of Razer Basilisk and DeathAdder
– What Grip Style used with Razer Basilisk and DeathAdder
– What else Razer Basilisk and DeathAdder can offer
– Razer Basilisk Vs DeathAdder

Gaming Mice
Computer gaming has reached its peak today where people, almost from all ages are online and spending their time in front of the device to try and win the battle against other teams in which we are not even sure know where they come from. It is fun and sometimes can even be addicting because of the story telling, action, and overall the graphic that has been improved so much compared to when we are still playing around with PS 1 many years ago.

Gaming world is not complete without a gaming peripherals which seems to always offered in such as attractive casing to match with the modern high-end PC setup whether it is the keyboard, mouse with its padding, and headphones. Chances, even non-gamers will know if a product is specified to be a gaming accessories due to the outer design alone. However, when it comes to recommending the best options, all of them are highly personal, especially for mouse because there is no “one best for all”.

Mouse is a very direct tools and it has a very distinctive function as an input but also simple at the same time. We all know that moving objects through the screen is not the same as dragging our mouse across the padding to get that shot and all of the features, overall shape, and feel of one will play an important role in your decision which is why one feels nice on our hand doesn’t always have the same effect when used by for example our partner.

Even with regular mouse, we can still play most of the popular games today but when you get the perfect fit, it is harder to move back. This is why many people will recommend you to test the unit first before going to get one especially if it is a quite expensive model. However, for those who plan to shop online, seeing what other players are using will be helpful as well for the one that satisfy many will have a higher chance to fit you as well.

About Razer Basilisk and DeathAdder
As gaming industry is striving, so the peripherals manufacturers and Razer is one of the biggest players in the market when it comes to gaming accessories including the mice. We are sure that most people who are following the technology will also be familiar with them for how dominant the company among the majority of PC gamers today. They are well-known to offer a wide range of products and always upgrade the older models to a newer one with improved features or technology.

Any person familiar with Razer will also be familiar with two of their most popular gaming mice which is Basilisk and DeathAdder that seems to be in the setup of millions of people and making them the go-to of almost any new players. Both of them are indeed a very interesting mice but not because of the bells and whistles because if those are what you are here for, Naga and Mamba with more features will probably fits your preference better.

Razer Basilisk and DeathAdder are a very basic model of gaming mice and in our opinion they will fit most people just fine or to put it simply the jack of all trades and comparing the two, they are more into similar rather than different. What you may want to notice is both also have the Essential type in which one we have talked in Razer Basilisk Vs Basilisk Essential and this special model is simply the basic version of any of these mice.

From the age perspective, DeathAdder was released earlier as well as becoming the flagship of Razer longer until the mouse is called as the “gaming mouse” by the majority of players. Not long after, the company announced that they are creating the most advanced FPS gaming mouse and it sure ignite the curiosity in our mind because it means there is something better than the already popular mice. Razer then released the now also well-known Basilisk dubbed as the new FPS-oriented mouse.

It is a bit interesting because now Razer is competing with its own mouse and it is also clear that Basilisk is the new competitor of DeathAdder. Overall, you will get almost anything from the older brother on this new fresh guy but it doesn’t mean that we won’t find any difference because when you check closely, there might be some crucial point that will affect your decision.

Razer Basilisk and DeathAdder Design
If you are familiar with the streamlined shape of DeathAdder, then you won’t be recognizing the Basilisk as its close brother because they are very different in terms of shape and Razer seems to actually renew their gaming mice design especially with the enormous thumb-rest panel on the right which cant be found on other mice from the company yet. However, they still don’t completely change the fashion because Basilisk still have this jet-black color, the same lit-up RGB logo, and the same scroll wheel as well as retaining the rubberized grips on both sides.

This new brother has rubberized the thumb-rest as well and as far as aesthetics go, we personally not a fan of this look and the horizontal lining on this rubber surface is adding unnecessary contrast to the overall smooth mouse. Another con of having rubber placed at such a wide space is there will be lots of small debris or dust getting stuck here so you may want to wipe it more often to stay comfortable. Size wise, Razer DeathAdder is bulkier and probably will suit those with medium to large hand better.

Razer Basilisk and DeathAdder Performance
While the casing of Razer Basilisk and DeathAdder are quite different from each other, the technology inside is actually very similar because they equally have 16000 DPI optical sensor which is overkill for most of us but then again, it is better to be in an abundant situation rather than lacking. They are also moving at 450 inches per second and using the same 50 G acceleration so if you have the 2013 DeathAdder, the new mouse will work just as good.

Performance wise, both of them are very impressive for there is no judder or liftoff issues but those who are used to one of them first may feel a slight change not on the technical performance but more due to the grip style.

Razer Basilisk and DeathAdder Grip Style
Talking about the grip style, there is no one mouse will satisfy all of our demands and it is the same with any of these models. As it has been mentioned above, they are quite different is shape and size which makes the Basilisk a more ideal choice for players with smaller hands and will rest their palm nicely on top of the unit while medium to bigger hand may change to claw style when using this model especially those who already used to DeathAdder palm style.

Razer Basilisk and DeathAdder Features
Moving further, let’s see what kind of features coming with these mice and beginning with Basilisk, this model is boasting the clutch or lever near the thumb-rest which function is to change DPI or any task you assist it and while it is not new, the system is indeed refreshing because making it a lever support a more comfortable access. Additionally, it has a noteworthy feature called resistance wheel located at the bottom and it is used to custom your scroll wheel resistance whether you want it to be smoother or heavier.

With the addition of DPI clutch, the amount or programmable buttons also increase and while we have 7 in DeathAdder, now we have 8 individually programmable buttons in Basilisk. As for the software, they are both compatible with Synapse 3 which is somehow still in Beta version after all these years but we do like the new face of the tool with improved convenience.

As a gaming mice, Razer Basilisk and DeathAdder are very well made and performs exactly the same because they use the same technology and when you have to choose between the two, in our opinion it all falls into which shape fits your hand better together with what style you are used to. Basilisk is just as amazing as DeathAdder but with DPI or programmable clutch and wheel resistance adjustment as well as thumb-rest panel.

Basilisk is also slightly smaller than the older brother so if player is used to claw grip or use palm grip but has smaller hand, it might be comfortable to move this mouse than the long and taller DeathAdder.

Razer Basilisk vs Deathadder

NameRazer BasiliskBasilisk Essential
Key Features- High-precision 6400 DPI optical sensor: offers on-the-fly sensitivity Adjustment through dedicated DPI buttons (reprogrammable) for gaming - Customizable Chroma RGB color profiles: includes 16.8 million color combinations w/ included preset profiles. Compatible with Xbox One for basic input - Quick DPI toggle for FPS gaming: a replaceable side button for different hand sizes allows for quick, temporary switching to lower sensitivity settings for instant sniping- High Precision 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor: Offers on the fly sensitivity adjustment through dedicated DPI buttons (reprogrammable) for gaming and creative work - Customizable Chroma RGB Color Profiles: Includes 16.8 million color combinations w/ included preset profiles - Durable Mechanical Switches: Supports up to 50 million clicks, backed by a 2 year warranty

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All in all there is no bad choice between these mice because they are working very well and similarly reliable so everything is back to your personal taste. We actually like smaller mice for it is more comfortable and the thumb-rest in Basilisk is a nice addition for the gripping style.

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