Razer Basilisk vs Lancehead

Razer has just released a new model called the Basilisk. This wired mouse is specially designed for FPS titles, featuring a removable DPI clutch for quick sensitivity adjustment. In a glance, it does look similar to the Lancehead, which was released a few months prior. So, what are the differences between Razer Basilisk vs Lancehead? Which one is the better gaming mouse for the money? See the detailed comparisons between these two great gaming mice below!

Size and Design
The first thing to note about Razer Basilisk vs Lancehead is that they do have different designs. The Basilisk is somewhat wider, featuring an ergonomic design for the right hand. It features a narrow thumb rest pad. The wide design is especially beneficial for palm grippers, although people with other grip types can also use it just fine.

On the other hand, Razer Lancehead comes with an ambidextrous design. In other words, it is suitable for right-handed users as well as left-handed users. It has a narrower and more elongated shape. It is suitable for palm grippers and perhaps claw grippers.

Razer Basilisk’s Features
Razer Basilisk is indeed very confident with itself. It claims to be the world’s most advanced FPS gaming mouse. It features a total of 8 programmable Hyperesponse buttons which are very sturdy and accurate. The buttons are based on Razer’s mechanical mouse switches for the best feel and accuracy.

Furthermore, the Basilisk also features a customizable scroll wheel. You can tinker on the scroll wheel resistance to create a personalized tactile feel. You can increase the scroll resistance for enhanced precision, or lower it so that you can scroll quickly through multiple items.

Finally, there is the removable DPI clutch. There are actually two DPI clutches included in the box, one is short and the other is long. You can choose the clutch that suit your fingers better. The DPI clutch is an innovative feature which allows you to change the sensitivity temporarily – so great for precision sniping. It takes time to get used to the clutch, but it works very well. Or, you can just remove the clutch and put the cover if you don’t need the feature.

Razer Lancehead’s Features
On the other hand, Razer Lanchead features a total of 9 programmable buttons. However, note that this is an ambidextrous mouse. It does come with additional buttons to suit right-handed and left-handed users. You probably will not use 2 of the buttons frequently due to the location on the opposite of your thumb.

This mouse supports on-the-fly DPI switching using dedicated buttons. It has neither the DPI clutch nor the customizable scroll wheel.

However, Razer Lancehead is available in two versions, wired and wireless. Most gamers prefer the reliability of wired mice, but you can actually the wireless version with a USB cable. You can use the wireless connection when on the go, and the USB connection when you are up to some serious gaming.

According to the company, the Basilisk uses the same 5G optical sensor as the one on the Lancehead. For sure, they both support sensitivity levels up to 16,000 DPI. You can benefit from the high sensitivity levels if you use a large monitor or a multi-monitor setup. They ensure superior accuracy and precision by supporting movement speeds up to 450 IPS.

NameRazer BasiliskRazer Lancehead
Key Features- The Basilisk is designed with FPS gamers in mind with an ergonomic design, removable DPI clutch, and customizable scroll wheel - The Razer Basilisk is equipped with a 16,000dpi optical sensor, It is capable of mouse movement speeds of up to 450 inches per second with 99.4% resolution accuracy- Co-designed and produced with the leading global mouse switch supplier, Omron, the new switches are optimized and tweaked for the fastest response times for gaming and for extended durability up to 50 million clicks

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Overall, Razer Basilisk is indeed a more superior gaming mouse. The mouse features a nice customizable scroll wheel and an innovative DPI clutch. However, Razer Lancehead can be a good alternative if you prefer an ambidextrous or wireless mouse, as it uses the same optical sensor.

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