Razer Lancehead vs G903

There are so many options out there when it comes to gaming mice. As a gamer, you must already know that choosing the most suitable mouse is important to support your play. In today Razer Lancehead vs G903 article, we are going to give you information regarding what these two popular gaming mice can offer to you and if there is any, how they differ from each other. If one or both of them took your interest, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Razer Lancehead and Logitech G903
– WHAT Razer Lancehead and Logitech G903 Look Like
– What Razer Lancehead and Logitech G903 can offer to you
– Razer Lancehead vs Logitech G903

About Razer Lancehead
Released in the first quarter of last year, the Razer Lancehead is aimed towards tournaments players. The company decided to put the Tournament Edition on one the model to specify this market. One of the biggest selling point of the unit is the big memory on board it can offer to you. It is said that Lancehead can store up to four onboard profiles and what’s unusual about it is none of them will need Synapse to run. However, this part is also one of the biggest cons.

Razer Lancehead Design
From the outside, the mouse comes with typically Razer look and there is nothing special happening on the surface. Unlike most gaming mice that only support right handed player, this one has an ambidextrous design and if the company have not so good record on making this type of mice, fortunately, this one works very well. The difference between the Tournament Edition and the regular one is the fact that TE comes with a cable while the other is wireless. Another difference is regular is using laser and TE is optical. Read also: Razer Basilisk vs Lancehead here.

Razer Lancehead Features
As it has been mentioned earlier, you can use the mouse without the software and when it was first launched, there is no software it can work with. However, as of April 2018, the company already has a pair for Lancehead but still in beta. Through the software you can do what you will usually do in for a gaming mice like customizing the buttons, changing the RGB lighting and many more. However, some users have a bad experience of the software not recognizing the mouse when they plug it in.

As for the ambidextrous design, we know it is hard to make it while also being ergonomic and even though it is not perfect, it works quite well. The feeling is very similar like you are using a DeathAdder Elite but in an ambidextrous shape. It will give you a comfortable low profile claw grips with textured grips and thumb buttons on both side.

One of its selling point is the on board memory that can store up to 4 profiles on board. To use this feature you have to install another software called Razer Synapse Pro and taken from tomsguide, the software is just as good. You can switch from one profile to another easily through a small buttons on your mouse bottom side. When tested, it performs admirably across the board and you won’t find any weak points.

About Logitech G903
If you want a mouse with more capabilities and you are okay with spending more, you may want to take a look at Logitech G903. Just like its name, this mouse is probably the continuation of the popular G900 that was release about a year earlier. These two are identical and launched to support the company’s new Powerplay mouse pad. To put it simply, this is the same unit but now you can spend more money to purchase a not so affordable mouse pad that also act as a dock to charge your mouse while using it.

Logitech G903 Design
As it has been mentioned earlier that the design looks exactly like the predecessor G900 but now, they replaced the gunmetal grey parts with a purely black color scheme while also removing the soft touch coating on the front edge of the mouse. Another upgrade here is on the bottom side of the mouse that will offer you an additional space to add a 10 gram weight or attach a PowerCore module. It comes with an ambidextrous design with customizable side buttons in each side.

Logitech G903 Features
The selling point of Logitech G903 is its wireless charging ability through its specialized mouse pad, the Logitech PowerPlay. This pad will creates an electromagnetic resonance charging field, which said to be 5 times faster and the mouse itself will accept the power with the PowerCore module you can attached to the bottom part we mentioned earlier. In conclusion, the mouse can continue to operate and charging at the same time while still receiving enough power in its internal batteries to perform both.

In battery life, you can’t charge G903 in a flash since you will still need from 12 to 14 hours to fully charge it from 0%. However, it will give you an acceptable time to play because 100% will give you enough power up to 24 hours and even 32 if you decide not to use the lighting at all.

Even though, this one is wireless it able to offer a performance just like any wired gaming mice and has the same Lightspeed Wireless technology from its predecessor. Even when used in an office saturated with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other type of wireless signal, you will never experience any latency or loss in signal. Another big part it can offer is the optical sensor with maximum at 12000 dots per inch.

Now, let’s compare Razer Lancehead with Logitech G903. In performance, they actually have the same power and equally a great option without one being better or less. What set them apart are, G903 can be charged wirelessly, difference in sensitivity (16000 vs 12000), and the sensor type because regular Lancehead has laser while G903 is optical.

Razer Lancehead vs G903

NameRazer LanceheadLogitech G903
Key Features- Equipped with an esports-grade optical sensor that has true 16,000 DPI and true tracking at 450 Inches Per Second (IPS), the Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition gives you the absolute advantage of having the fastest sensor in the world. Up to 210 inches per second (IPS) / 50 G acceleration- LIGHTSPEED WIRELESS: latency can be the difference between winning it all or losing. LIGHTSPEED wireless technology features a 1 ms report rate for competition-level twitch targeting

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, both of them are equally great and in performance, they are very similar with none being better or less, so the final decision is only between aesthetic and ergonomics. People have different style, so we can’t say which is more comfortable but considering the price we will stay with Lancehead because wireless charging capability in G903 is not a necessary part.

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