Razer Naga Chroma vs Naga Hex Moba

What makes the best gaming mouse? This is a question that will challenge even a top-notch gamer. The answer can be as simple as ABC when you consider simple but important factors. Forget the complex terms used by manufacturers to intimidate amateurs. Here, I present you with an easy to understand comparison between Razer Naga Chroma and Naga Hex Moba.

I have taken both of these gaming mice for a test drive. Razer Naga Chroma gives you the best grip. The 12 programmable grip buttons gives you better control as compared to Naga Hex Moba’s 6 buttons. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not about the number but the arrangement and design of the buttons.

Forget the complex tech terms you will find online. Razer Naga is a much faster animal as compared to Naga Hex. To be more specific, Razer Naga is twice as fast. If you are playing the kind of games that require quick reflexes to defeat enemies, the Razer should be your perfect bet.

A professional gamer keeps his eyes glued on the screen. Here, I will have to be sincere and tell you that Naga Hex beats the Razer rodent. Personally, I like fewer buttons that I can easily master. At 12 buttons, you will need time to tame the Razer Naga. In essence, you will get more fluidity with Naga Hex.

Naga Hex is fashionable to look at. However, when you get down to business Razer Naga delivers more. This is an area that most gamers miss the point. Never fall for the looks unless you have tested a mouse. Razer Naga has a smooth curved surface that will hug your palms perfectly.

NameRazer Naga ChromaNaga Hex Moba
Key Features- Chroma Lighting- 16.8 million color options ensure your Naga Chroma looks as good as it feels - 12 Button Mechanical Thumb Grid-The Razer Naga's 12 button mechanical thumb grid gives gamers the tactile feel they have come to love in their keyboards- Each of these buttons is programmable, giving you easy and quick access to skills, no matter how intense the fight gets - Redesigned with comfort in mind, the Razer Naga Hex Chroma now features a new ergonomic form factor that will fit the most popular playstyles

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If you consider the overall performance, verdict does not come easy. From a professional point of view I would rather you bought the modesty of Razer Naga. This is because it delivers more if you consider the grip, speed, fluidity, and design.

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