Redragon M602 vs M601

Gaming mice is a great step to upgrade your experience and with the huge options out there, it can be difficult to choose the one that can deliver the best performance for your application. For those who are looking for attractive mice, Redragon M602 Vs M601 will be a great choice to consider and among others, they are able to deliver a good upgrade to your whole setup but before heading to the store, go check how these brothers differ to each other here.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Which Gaming Mice to Purchase
  • What are Redragon M602 and M601
  • What Redragon M602 and M601 Look Like
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  • Are Redragon M602 and M601 Comfortable
  • Redragon M602 Vs M601

Shopping for Gaming Mice

Just like a keyboard and similar computer peripherals, a mouse is something that we can change from time to time to match your current preference or to upgrade to a better model in case the older one is no longer sufficient for your application. This is applicable for both office and gaming mice but, what makes them different is that the latter is further improved to be better in almost every aspect due to the nature of heavy use compared to how we use to utilize the peripherals.

Depending on the user as well, not all of us will prefer the same mice or model and this is why it is more important to get the one that fits your preference the most rather than just grabbing any popular or highly rated mice.

  1. The first thing you may want to consider when going for gaming mice is the connectivity between wired or wireless. Wireless used to have issues like response speed but today it is no longer a concern and while the model is usually more expensive, it comes with the convenience of less cables to deal with.
  2. DPI or CPI can matter or not and on this side we are sure many people will go with the highest they can find and able to afford. Most of these high DPI mice are commonly overkill for even gaming applications because our hand movement is not able to work as fast while high DPI is also not very ideal for accurate aiming.
  3. Another important factor to think about is their ergonomics and it is true that all gaming mice are built to be comfortable for users to hold for a prolonged time. The difference is not all of us have the same style and in short there are either palm or claw grip. The bigger and bulkier one is better for palm grip for we have a surface to rest the palm while slimmer and overall smaller mice are better for claw or thumbs style.
  4. The last is their feature and this can vary widely among different mice to match its main customers. RGB is probably the most popular feature we usually love to see in a gaming mouse, they are pretty and can aid your whole setup appearance or aesthetic. The amount of buttons available can matter for many users since it gives them the option to customize them and in addition some mice can tweak its weight as well to give you the best experience.
 Redragon M602 Redragon M601
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Product Dimensions4.9 x 2.9 x 1.6 inches
2.8 x 1.5 x 4.7 inches
Shipping Weight4.6 ounces8.5 ounces

About Redragon M602 and M601

The list can go further depending on what you want to achieve with this new mouse and in our opinion, the one that sits best in your hand will be the perfect choice, especially if they come with everything you need on board. With the vast options, sometimes it is a hassle to consider the mice further or checking them one by one so, if you have a favorite brand or have been using a good mouse from a certain company, it is good to stay with the choice.

If not, we can check what similar users have been eyeing or praising since while they are not always gives the best option, at least we can see what the current favorites are and consider whether they will suit your taste or not. Among those huge collections from various manufacturers, one brand we always look out when getting gaming mice is Redragon. They are among the best when it comes to affordable gaming mice with good performance and pretty as well to add a little touch to the whole setup.

Their products are not as popular as other gaming mice such as Logitech G402 Vs G502 but the main idea here is to get a reliable option without digging too deep into the pocket and both of Redragon M602 and M601 are two models you want to consider. They are a very affordable option to improve your gaming experience or if not, a regular setup to look like a gaming one. They come with high DPI rating, pretty design, comfortable for many users, as well as useful features.

However, the reason why it is hard to choose between the two is because these close brothers are too similar to each other and in short, what you can get in one model will also present on the other which makes it difficult for new users to pick one to match their preference. Redragon M602 and M601 have a narrow price gap for a certain upgrade and this is their shape which makes the higher model slightly more ergonomic for those with bigger hands.

Redragon M602 and M601 Design

As you can see in the sample picture above, both of them are quite different from the design alone because the little brother is actually a decent ambidextrous mouse with a symmetrical body and stays useful even if you are left-handed despite not being able to use the side buttons as comfortably as right-handed. On the other hand the M602 is predominantly made for those using right hand as their native application thus, this one has a better contour on the body to assist the palm shape.

Side by side comparison the M602 is also slightly bulkier and probably assists those with bigger hands better. Fashion wise, Redragon M602 and M601 are quite good looking with a black fashion and a nice RGB panels on the body combined with a dragon logo on the top rear of the unit. The sides are all padded and texturized to aid gripping comfort while the connectivity is through good, braided cable around 6 foot long which is enough for common setup and it is not easily tangled as well when stored.

Redragon M602 and M601 Performance

The first thing you may want to know about a gaming mouse is probably the tracking technology and in this side both of them are equally optical mouse with a DPI rate up to 7200. It is a high tracking rate for gaming mice and while it is also not the highest we have today, there sure plenty of power to utilize and just like many other mice, these are adjustable thus, we can pick the most ideal level for the current application whether you want them to be fast or slower.

The best part of optical technology used in mice like Redragon M602 and M601 is that while we do need a mat to work with just to make sure any surface won’t be a problem, the benefit is actually the lower lift-off distance compared to laser one. Since it has a lower lift-off distance, it doesn’t affect the game as much as when the laser read the movement while being moved. Performance wise, these mice are identical and work at the same rate.

Redragon M602 and M601 Features

Coming into the feature side, here you can get the basic functions such as RGB lighting which is working really well and also pretty smooth in transition. The M601 seems to be upgraded from the one used to be marketed before because previously this model can only show red lighting which makes it confusing when users are changing their DPI rating. It seems not to be a problem anymore and either of them have different lighting modes for different DPI rate that you can adjust on the fly using the dedicated button.

Another feature is the amount of buttons available because while they are equally coming with two side buttons, the M602 is featured with another one and this is meant to change the lighting profile which we can choose from 5 different modes. In addition, there is an adjustable weight on the bottom with 8 pieces to tune the overall weight of these mice.

Redragon M602 and M601 Comfort

The last is comfort level and as it has been mentioned above, Redragon M602 and M601 are meant for different user because the former or its big brother is prominently designed for right-handed only and it is a bit wider on the width for palm grip to rest and overall better contoured for bigger hand. On the opposite side, the M601 is slimmer in general and has a symmetrical design which makes it a better choice for left-handed users or those who prefer slimmer mice and use claw grip.

Redragon M602 vs M601

Both of these mice are a good option if you are into affordable products without fancy features but quality wise they are very reliable. The difference is mainly on the shape because in our opinion the M602 is better for palm grip and those with overall bigger hands but it also has a dedicated button to change the color profile conveniently compared to M601. Besides these, all of the features and performance remain the same on both mice.

NameLogitech G203 Logitech G102
Key Features- WIRED GAMING MOUSE; built for Gaming Computers - Ergonomic Redragon M602-RGB “Griffin” RGB Backlit Gaming PC Mouse up to 7200 DPI (user adjustable 800/1200/1600/2400/7200 DPI), 10G acceleration. - RGB BACKLIT MMO PROGRAMMABLE PC GAMING MOUSE; 7 MMO user programmable buttons, 5 Memory Profiles each with distinct LED color option for quick identification. - ERGONOMIC GAMER MOUSE; Delivering an extremely comfortable and precise experience for Computer Games such as Fortnite Games, SIMS 4, Fallout 4, World of Warcraft, PUGB, Overwatch, Call of Duty or other First-Person Shooter. - HIGH-END PC GAMING MOUSE FEATURES; The Redragon M602-RGB Mouse features; Built-in Weight Tuning for the right balance, Anti-Skid Scroll Wheel, Durable smooth TEFLON feet pads for ultimate gaming control.- WIRED GAMING MOUSE WITH SIDE BUTTONS; The Redragon M601 RGB “Centrophorus” is a durable gaming Mouse which delivers up to 7200 DPI (user adjustable 800/1200/1600/2400/7200 DPI) and 4000 FPS. - RGB BACKLIT PROGRAMMABLE PC GAMING MOUSE; with 11 Lighting Effects (Backlight can be disabled), 6 user programmable buttons - ERGONOMIC GAMER MOUSE; Delivering an extremely comfortable and precise experience for Computer Games such as Fortnite Games, SIMS 4, Fallout 4, World of Warcraft, PUGB, Overwatch, Call of Duty or another First-Person Shooter. - HIGH-END PC MMO GAMING MOUSE FEATURES; The Redragon M601 RGB Mouse features; Weight Tuning Set, Anti-Skid Scroll Wheel, Durable smooth TEFLON feet pads for ultimate gaming control.

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We can go with either of them and still be satisfied with the performance, moreover they are affordable as well but if we have to go with one, Redragon M602 is the better choice for palm grip since it is much more comfortable to hold.


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