Redragon M901 vs Logitech G600

Looking for a gaming mouse to enhance your gaming experience sometimes can be hard tough. Considering how the mouse helps us to improve our skill with some features inside and also find the right size that fits perfectly in our hand. When we get the right features but it doesn’t fit in our hand can be so dramatic.

That can be so difficult to decide moreover with so many brands about gaming mice in the market lately. But, the series of gaming mouse that comes from Redragon and Logitech maybe consider enough to pick.

This time we will bring you into the most two popular series of Redragon M901 and Logitech G600. Let’s take a look closer into them so that we can decide which one has the most suitable for you. Now, check them out below!

Redragon M901

Redragon becomes one of the most popular brands that produce so many gaming mice from years to years. Not surprisingly the company has its fans that always waiting for the new series of their product, including the new version of the gaming mouse. In around 2018 the company launched Redragon M901 with so many new brands of technology.

Redragon M901 is one of the gaming mice made specifically for those who love the Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games. It comes with a versatile function that is made for it to improve your gaming skill without making any changes to your gaming style.

 Redragon M901Logitech G600
Best offerCheck priceCheck price
Product Dimensions4.65 x 2.95 x 1.54 inches1.6 x 2.9 x 4.6 inches
Shipping Weight5.29 ounces8.1 ounces

Redragon M901 has a unique design with a simple and minimalist look. It contains a total of 18 buttons on it which the 12 buttons are located on the thumb side which is imprinted such as the keypad-style. Another six buttons are spread around the mouse includes one near the scroll down button.

Redragon M901 comes with a simple combination color of black and striped red that makes it more elegant to looks. The Redragon logo is located in the middle of the body with a red shine color shine out there. That makes it more admirable for MMO gaming mouse type in the market.

Redragon M901 is capable to boost up to 16,400 DPI which brings you the faster breakpoint. The standard wired also includes on this gaming mouse which capable to make an extra speed in around 1,000 Hz and 30 g of gaming acceleration. That makes it more accurate to use with no delay.

Redragon M901 comes with a USB type-A that has a great connection once you plug it on your PC or laptop. It doesn’t an extra software to use, but you can simply customize it with your preferences. You can modify the color scheme, DPI, buttons profile, and many more.

Redragon M901 comes in a great dimension that only size at about 2.95 x 1.54 x 4.65 inches and 5.29 oz. It is pretty weight lighter which makes you more comfortable to use during your gaming session. Moreover, the price also comes in a reasonable rate that starts from US$31 on Amazon.

Logitech G600

Logitech becomes one of the most popular brands that produce so many mice include gaming mouse in the market for a very long time a go. In around 2012, the company was launched its MMO gaming mouse that calls the Logitech G600. It has a versatile function of gaming mouse that stands out in the market.

Logitech G600 has an ergonomic size that perfectly fits your hand. It is made with the most comfortable design that has a great shape through your hand and palm. Moreover, every button that appears there give you an accurate click without any mistakes.

Logitech G600 has a simple design that just similarly looks the same as the common gaming mouse. But, it contains 20 buttons that spread across the body. The 12 buttons are located right on the thumb side, and the others are spread around the body. That makes it easier to use with a great tactical movement from your hand.

Logitech G600 offers the DPI-Shift and G-shift technology that helps you to improve your gaming skill. The G-shift buttons will instantly help you double the amount of action that you click on the mouse. That makes your move faster than before and catch the right spot even faster from other buttons.

The DPI-shift on Logitech G600 contains about five DPI levels which you can set into your profile. You only need to shift them from the button so that you will get the right precision snipping from the mouse. It will make your mouse stunning moreover with its customized backlighting color technology.

Logitech G600 is built with the dual-dish thumb panel located right on the 12 buttons on your thumb side. That makes your fingertip easier to reach those buttons with a simple click. It will lead you into the most accurate pointing and give the minimize misclick with a right action timing.

Logitech G600 brings a great dimension without a bulkier look. Its size at about 1.6 x 2.9 x 4.6 inches and 0.5 lbs of weight. It has about 8,200 of the maximum DPI with a high-precision tracking laser that will give you the most accurate click. Moreover, the price also comes in a reasonable rate that starts from US$36 on Amazon. Read also: Logitech Pebble M350 vs M355.

Redragon M901 vs Logitech G600

- Wired gaming mouse; Built for PC Gamers - Optical gaming mouse up to 12400 DPI via software, 12000 FPS, 1000 Hz polling rate, 50 G acceleration. High-precision sensor offers pinpoint precision while the microswitch ensures longevity, increased durability.
- RGB LED backlit programmable mouse; 18 programmable buttons, 5 memory profiles each with a different LED color option for quick identification. Comes with 8 pieces of weight tuning (0.08 oz x 8) and breathing effects. (LED backlight can be disabled)
- Ergonomic Mouse Design: Ergonomic shape fits naturally in your hand, reduces stress with superior productivity and efficiency. Provides extremely gaming experience during sessions.
- High-end PC mouse features: 7 mouse buttons plus 12 MMO programmable side buttons. Total of 19 buttons. Power button, pulsating breathing light color modes. Soft and durable Teflon pads for ultimate game control.
- 20 MMO-tuned buttons: Put every action at your fingertips with three primary buttons, 12 thumb buttons, a clickable scroll wheel that tilts, plus DPI and profile switching. They're all pre-configured for optimal MMO use right out of the box - no drivers required.
- G-shift and DPI shift: Use the G-Shift button to instantly double the number of actions you can perform with every other button. Set up to five DPI levels per profile and shift between them with the press of a button — great for precision sniping.
- Custom-color backlighting: Locate keys in any room with custom backlit keys. Assign any of 16 million colors to each profile, profile mode, and mode style in the same game. You can tell, without looking down, which mode you're in to ensure your setup is optimized.
- Onboard brains: The three memory profiles are stored onboard so you can access all of your button, tracking, and lighting color information on any computer with no software required.

Which One Do You Prefer?

After getting the review above, we jump to the conclusion that Logitech G600 is a better way to pick than Redragon M901. As it comes from the features and performances, Logitech G600 has way better and higher performances with so many features that Redragon M901 doesn’t have it.

As it comes from the button features, Logitech G600 comes with about 20 buttons that perfect to improve and support your MMO gaming skills. It also contains the laser tracking that gives you the most accurate click with high-precision features. moreover, the onboard brains technology on it makes it easier to memorize your last game.

On the other hand, Redragon only has about 18 buttons that makes it lack function comparing with the Logitech G600. It also doesn’t have a memorable function that comes as great as Logitech G600 has.

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