Redragon M901 VS M908

Those who love playing games must be invested in a good gaming mouse. With an excellent mouse, a player can perform their maneuver perfectly which can lead them to win. That is why many gaming mouse is available in the market. Various brands try to compete and give the best features for this kind of mouse. Including Redragon that launch various series of gaming mouse recently. Some of the products that famous in the market including M901 and M908. For those that need to make a selection and plan to compare Redragon M901 VS M908, it is better to check the following paragraphs.

About Redragon

First, you will need to get preliminary information related to the brand. Most of the gamers might have been familiar with this brand. Since Redragon is a brand that focuses on various apparel and accessories for computers and games. The brand is officially under Eastern Times Technology Co., Ltd that was established in 1996. Therefore, it is in the business for many years.

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Redragon is one of the top five factories for mouse and keyboard with headquartered in China. However, the company owns a professional development team with over 1400 employees. As a high-value brand for gaming products, currently, Redragon launches many kinds of gaming mouse, including M901 and M908. For more specific information on each product, you can read the following information.

Redragon M901

Starting with Redragon M901 that also known as a gaming mouse with 24,000 DPI perdition and complete with LED RGB wired. That is why this is one of the excellent gaming mouse that favorites to many gamers. The performance and capability while using are not doubted at all. Since the product giving the best quality and result that can lead to gamers satisfaction while using it.

Redragon M901 offers perfect personalization to the user. Especially for long-lasting gaming sessions. It can bring a super comfortable feeling and ideal shape for long hours of playing. Not to mention the optical gaming sensor with an advanced track of speed motion. So that in the end this gaming mouse can deliver a precise control for the user. Furthermore, you will find that this excellent gaming mouse completed with various incredible features including the following:

  • Consists of totally 19 optimized programmable buttons that can ease the user to perform various command during playing.
  • More than 12 mechanical side buttons for easier use.
  • Deliver with 8×2.4 Gram tuning weight that can easily control while playing.
  • Provide a 16400dpi laser sensor for a better optical sensor.
  • Produce in 5 interesting color modes to select.
  • Includes 1000Hz polling rate.
  • Total weight of 30g acceleration.
  • Equipped with durable smooth TEFLON feet pads.
  • Also consists of a 6-foot braided fiber cable.
  • Complete with an excellent gold plated USB connector.
  • Product dimensions consist of Length: 118mm Width: 75mm Height: 39mm while product weight is 150g.
  • The gaming mouse compatible with System Requirements PC through the USB port Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

Redragon M908

Redragon M908 is a more recent gaming mouse compare to M901. Therefore, it is not surprising if the new one will give better features and performance. The mouse is a good selection that perfectly fits gamers with various excellent programmable buttons. So that it can give the best performance and excellent maneuver when using.

Overall, this gaming mouse completed with the following features:

  • The product is an excellent professional gaming mouse that is equipped with 124000 DPI and five adjustable levels consist of 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, and 6200 DPI. Therefore, it can meet various needs either to use for gaming or other activities. It was also completed with a 1000Hz polling rate and 30G acceleration. Not to mention the high-precision Pixart sensor that amazing enough.
  • The gaming mouse featuring an RGB backlight and programmable buttons that consist of 16.8 million RGB LED color options. It has 18 programmable buttons, 5 memory profiles which each of the profiles added with a dedicated light color. So that it can provide a better and quicker identification. The product also comes with an 8-piece weight tuning set (2.4g x8) that can easily change to suit any game.
  • It provides a comfortable design and gives precision shape while using with hands. This product is an important and essential accessory that can support gamers that need suitable design. With the additional comfortable level and lethal accuracy on this gaming mouse, it gives excellent precision and durability for the long term of use. Furthermore, it suits any type either desktop PC or laptop.
  • The mouse also completes with a high-end design that featuring 7 buttons and 12 MMO programmable side buttons. It provides durable smooth TEFLON feet pads for ultimate gaming control. Plus, it also has a 6ft braided-fiber cable with a gold-plated USB connector so that it can ensure better durability for long-term use.
  • In terms of dimension and shape, M908 is slightly bigger than M901, but this is not too significant.

The Price

Not only comparing the features, but the price sometimes can also be a concern for several peoples. Therefore, the information related to the price can be important to get. Such as when comparing this excellent Redragon M901 VS M908. According to various e-commerce, Redragon M901 is selling at $30 while Redragon M908 is selling at $37. Therefore, there is not much effort to upgrade your selection from M901 to M908. Read also: Redragon M901 vs Logitech G600.

Redragon M901 VS M908

- Wired Gaming Mouse: Built for PC Gamers - Optical gaming mouse up to 12400 DPI via software, 12000 FPS, 1000 Hz polling rate, 50 G acceleration. High-precision sensor offers pinpoint precision while the microswitch ensures longevity, increased durability
- Ergonomic Mouse Design: Ergonomic shape fits naturally in your hand, reduces stress with superior productivity and efficiency. Provides extremely gaming experience during sessions.
- High-end PC mouse features: 7 mouse buttons plus 12 MMO programmable side buttons. Total of 19 buttons. Power button, pulsating breathing light color modes. Soft and durable Teflon pads for ultimate game control
- PC Gaming Mouse Compatibility: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP, limited Mac OS keyboard support. Comes with 6ft high-speed braided fiber cable and a corrosion-free gold-plated USB connector for a reliable connection
- Professional gaming mouse: Redragon M908 is designed with up to 12400 DPI, 5 adjustable DPI levels (500/1000/2000/3000/6200 DPI) to meet your multiple needs, be it for daily work or gaming. DPI can be freely adjusted by ± 100 from 100 to 12400 through software. 1000Hz polling rate, 30G acceleration, and a high-precision Pixart PAW3327 sensor that gives you a greater advantage over your competition.
- Comfort and Precision at your hand: The Redragon M908 Gaming Mouse is an essential computer accessory for hardcore gamers with its aggressive hand-grip design. You'll be amazed by the unsurpassed comfort, lethal precision, and killer precision of our durable laptop and desktop mouse.
- High-end Design: The Redragon M908 mouse features 7 buttons and 12 programmable MMO side buttons. Soft and durable Teflon pads for ultimate game control. 6ft braided fiber cable with gold-plated USB connector for durability.
- Die Players' Choice: Whether you're directing, aiming, or attacking, a professional gaming mouse is your go-to weapon. The mouse will be your ideal companion. Compatible with Windows 2000 / ME / XP / 03 / VISTA / 7/8/10 system for programmable use and Mac OS for normal use. Software / Driver Link (


Align with the brand purpose on deliver a better gaming mouse, overall Redragon M908 is slightly better than M901. That is why you need to consider this is the reason why you have to add more than $7 to get the latest product. Along with the increasing price, there is a better feature to get for the gamers. So that it will give a better experience while using the mouse for gaming activities.

However, M908 has fewer programmable buttons. For some gamers, this can lead to efficient optimization. But for some others, it might be not a concern. Furthermore, M908 works in laser-based technology, it is no longer optical like M901. So that it can give you an added value while using it.

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