Rival 600 vs 650 

When It comes to playing games, especially online and desktop gaming, there are few things which are really important to prepare. Keyboard,  mouse, and speaker. The best quality you can have, the best game performance you can give to your gaming history. Good quality keyboard is really important when It comes to playing desktop games. It is the same as a mouse. You need to have a good quality mouse in order to firstly give the best performance, and secondly keeping the tools safe.

Because if you are playing games for example DOTA which strongly and intensively uses mouse movement, then your mouse will be destroyed when you’re using low quality mouse. You need to get a strong mouse instrument which is made from good raw materials. It needs to give you comfortable experience and make it easy to use to play your game. 

Talking about mouse, there are a lot of different kinds of mouse presented and offered by different kinds of brands. Some famous, popular, and most well known mouse brands are steelseries, asus ROG, razer, and many more. Looking into one of the most popular one, steelseries, It has also different types of mouse with different comfort, feature and benefit. For the mouse itself, steelseries has two types of mouse which are wired and wireless.

Steelseries has about 2 different product types for wired, Rival and Sensei. But only one for wireless which is Rival. Now, we’re going to talk about Rival 600 and Rival 650 products. Let’s look at it and choose what’s best for your game performance experience. 

What do we have in Rival 600? 

Anybody who plays games would aim to be the winner and Rival 600 might be suitable for you. Based on IGN, this product is definitely for the winner, and the best mouse.  It’s not a usual mouse as there are a lot of features coming from it. It’s built with esports specification in mind which requires revolutionary performance, unreal durability, and powerful flexibility. That’s why the features would be for each of the missions. Four main features are 1 to 1 esports sensor, state of the art lift off distance detection, 256 weight and balance configurations, and split trigger 60 million click mechanical switches. The last main features seem really fit for DOTA kind of games. 

Let start to break through the lift off features. Sometimes when you’re playing games, It’s a must and you need to lift off your keyboard to adapt with current performance of games. You need the mouse to be able to still catch up the games while you’re lifting it up. Then this Rival 600 can do it. It’s around 0.5 mm. In order to deliver that kind of feature, Rival 600 is equipped with an optical  depth sensor  which can increase the accuracy and lead to more control and fast movements. It’s also completed with TrueMove3 which enables accuracy in all movements. No more acceleration, tracking error, and lag. Fascinating, isn’t it? 

Another good thing coming from this Rival 600 is the comfortable weight and flexibility of customizing the product without worrying that It might destroy the balancing configuration. Cause It’s all been set already with 256 weight and balance configurations.

 Rival 600Rival 650 
Best offerCheck priceCheck price
Product Dimensions2.7 x 5.16 x 1.73 inches
2.69 x 5.16 x 1.7 inches
Shipping Weight4.9 ounces
5.8 ounces

The complete additional elements Rival 600 are the 60 million click mechanical switches which ensure that every trigger can be executed precisely, durable silicone side grips to catch up with the best way of professional player movement, powerful 32-bit ARM processor to save CPI, customize lighting, and so on, also It’s equipped with rev up engine. 

Apart from IGN which is the most well known review site, other same channels also share the same thought of this Rival 600. Let’s say TechRadar is saying that the Rival 600 is the best mouse in 2018.  Read also: Razer Naga Trinity vs Corsair Scimitar Pro.

What do we have in Rival 650? 

If the Rival 600 is wire gaming mouse, then Rival 650 is wireless gaming mouse. The SteelSeries Rival 650 is a wireless gaming mouse with a tagline of being the true performance wireless mouse. It takes after Rival 600 in terms of looks. It also has almost all the main features of Rival 650 with additional main features which are lag-free 1000 Hz(1ms) gaming, fast charging, dedicated secondary depth sensor for instant lift off detection, and weight tuning configurations. 

Let’s break down each one of the main features. SteelSeries Rival 650 is equipped with Exclusive Quantum WirelessTM which allows it to be more lag free than the other rival products. As It’s a wireless gaming mouse, you need to charge it first in order to be in full functionality. But do not worry as you just need to prepare a maximum 15 minutes time for charging and It will allow you to play games with it for almost 10+ hours. It’s the best features so far as when It comes to gaming, you almost do not see the end of it. Even gamers like to play day by day. So fastest charging makes it very easy and even more comfortable with all the delivered features. 

The same with all the SteelSeries products, the key objective of all product functionality is precision and lossless performance. Rival 650 is also completed with TruMove3+ Optical System which allows it to have 2 sensors with instant lift off detection with the same distance as Rival 600 (0.5mm). The first sensor is a depth sensor in which you can control the points of accuracy and movement speed. The next sensor is the primary sensor in which you can be free of all the acceleration, tracking errors, and lag. 

But, which makes this mouse more desirable is It gives you frequency optimization so that you can adapt to every game environment and apart from fast charging, It can give you 24+ hour battery life in full charge. 

Rival 600 vs 650

- The world's lowest and most accurate lift off distance; Cable length 2 meter / 6.5 foot
- 256 center of gravity weight tuning configurations; Lift off distance: Customizable, 0.5 millimeter, 2 millimeter
- Split trigger 60 million click mechanical switches
- Revolutionary silicone side grips for increased grip and durability
- 24+ hour battery life on a full charge or 10 hours from 15 minute rapid charge
- SteelSeries' most advanced optical sensor, TrueMove3+, provides true 1 to 1 tracking, while a secondary depth sensor adjusts the lift off distance to control movement with esports precision and accuracy
- Personalize with 256 unique center of gravity weight tuning configurations to fit your preferences
- Ultra durable gaming switches guaranteed for 60 million clicks. Lift off distance-customizable, 0.5–2 millimeter

What’s the best for your gaming life? 

After all the features that we have broken down, now we move on to the sensitive area which is price. As we have pointed out one by one features, the price follows the same. It makes a significant gap between the two products. For SteelSeries 600, It costs you about US $89,99 or around 1,350,000 IDR while on the other hand, Rival 650 will cost you US $129,99 or around 2,000,000 IDR. The significant price around 650,000 IDR is for the wirelessness, battery, double sensor, and other additional features. 

With all the great features which are made to adapt your extreme gaming life with esport tournaments is on stake, then SteelSeries Rival 650 is the best for your gaming life. 

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