ROCCAT LEADR Review : Zero Lag with 14 Buttons Wireless Gaming Mouse

ROCCAT LEADR is a game changer in gaming mice world, since wireless mouse is known to always lack behind wired mice when it comes for gaming, but this is not the case with ROCCAT LEADR. This RGB gaming mouse is claimed to have no lag and less latency. If you are curios what else this mouse have in its sleeve, go ahead and read our article below.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What ROCCAT LEADR can offer to you
– Does ROCCAT LEADR suit you

ROCCAT LEADR is a wireless RGB gaming mouse from ROCCAT Studios. This manufacturer not only producing game peripherals but recently also widening it product by developing a game that planned to be launched on Steam’s Early Access program in August. Aside from ROCCAT LEADR, this manufacturer also made another 11 gaming mice, keyboards, headphones, accessories and softwares. ROCCAT LEADR promised its user the freedom of using mouse without the cord but with the performance of wired mouse. ROCCAT LEADR is the pioneer on combining wireless technology and optimized Owl-Eye optical sensor, which means that gaming using mouse is no longer a minus. Owl eye is new optical sensor from PixArt, which in this mouse it had been modified to the high and exacting standards of ROCCAT. This technology boasts a real responsive feeling that you can feel instantly.

The product claims that it can perform without lag and virtually zero latency. Even though branded as wireless mouse, ROCCAT LEADR comes with a docking station with a top cup cable to be used as wired mouse completed with an innovative suite of buttons to enhance the control. ROCCAT LEADR is wireless mouse with the capability of wired mouse, making the unit stand out among its peers.

Looking at ROCCAT LEADR from the outside, you will notice that this mouse has none such lack of buttons because this ergonomic right-handed mouse is built with 14 buttons and since it is not ambidextrous, they expect you to use them all. The full measurements are 5.1” x 3.2’ x 1.8” makes it big enough to accommodate all those buttons and is suitable for palm-grip players, while claw grip players may find themselves reaching more often than usual.
Those button are the standard right and left click, clickable scroll wheel, a paddle below the scroll wheel that can move left and right, a paddle near the thumb that can move up and down, two on the left face of the mouse to change DPI and two in the opposite to change profile and the last button below the thumb groove to activates Roccat’s signature Easy-Shift mode.

ROCCAT LEADR Performance
Aside from being cordless, ROCCAT LEADR is claimed to have zero lag and almost zero latency, which is proven to be correct. The battery of this mouse will last for about 20 hours and the distance limit is 10 feet away from its receiver, which is great if you do living-room PC gaming. The receiver is shaped in a huge rectangle that plugs into a PC via micro USB and you can hang the mouse on it when charging. If you are interested on other gaming mice, read or previous article on MIONIX NAOS 7000 vs 8200 here.

With the Roccat Swarm software, you can program the LEADR, such as reprogram any buttons on the ROCCAT LEADR, creating profiles for individual games, adjust the RGB backlighting, adjust the DPI from 100 to 12000, alter the polling rate and more.


- UNRIVALLED WIRELESS OPTICS zero lag: 1000Hz polling + 20h battery all day gaming, CHARGING DOCK & TOP-UP USB CABLE charging dock with status LEDs - ROCCAT OWL-EYE OPTICAL SENSOR unrelenting pointer precision with 12000dpi, 32-BIT PROCESSOR + 512KB MEMORY for rapid macro storage and execution - Features 1000mAh inbuilt Li-Ion rechargeable battery with 2.4GHz wireless transmission and 250ips maximum transmission speed - TWO-LEVEL RGB ILLUMINATION customizable light system, 16.8m colors ALIENWARE AlienFX Lighting System Compatible - ROCCAT SWARM POWERED comprehensive driver & software suite

ROCCAT LEADR is a great option for you who want a mouse that can do everything, even though it can’t be used in tournaments, you still can use it in your own space if you are not overwhelmed by its many buttons. In our opinion, this mouse is suitable for those who seek a mouse with complete features or those who prefer the design.

ROCCAT LEADR : Specifications
Highlighted Features:
– Wireless
– Zero lag
– Ergonomic
– 14 buttons

– Can handle any kind of games
– The user can move their hand freely

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