Roccat Leadr vs Logitech G900

Gaming mice is an important peripheral which will help you improve your experience while gaming even though it probably won’t help that much in term of performance, still, choosing the right mouse is a good start. In today Roccat Leadr vs Logitech G900 article, we are going to give you information about these two popular gaming mice and what they can offer to you as well as how they are separated from each other. If you are interested, go check it below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What are Roccat Leadr and Logitech G900
– What Roccat Leadr and Logitech G900 Look Like
– What Roccat Leadr and Logitech G900 can offer to you
– Roccat Leadr vs Logitech G900

About Roccat Leadr
Just like what you already know, the Leadr is a continuation of the older model Tyon which also gain so much popularity back then with its plenty of buttons together with its programmable actions and LED lighting. Long after the mouse is released, finally Roccat launched the new model still based on the original design but since the gap is quite long, you also can hope something new here. For starter, the company decide to make this mouse wireless and comes with a charging dock.

Roccat Leadr Design
As it has been mentioned earlier, Leadr is still based on the older model design, so putting them side by side will make it difficult to say which is the new mouse if not for the wireless connection. The mouse has no shortage of buttons and by looking at it, you can count that it comes with 14 buttons in total and since it is built with a right-hand design, they hope you will use all of them. Overall, the form is quite big and suitable for claw-grip players.

Roccat Leadr Features
Let’s talk about those numerous buttons first. Beside the standard, right, left and clickable scroll wheel, Leadr is packed with some odd buttons. You can find a paddle that can be moved left and right located below the scroll wheel and there is another that move up and down near the thumb. Other than that, you can find 4 buttons consisting of two for adjusting the DPI sensitivity and the other on the right for changing profiles. The last is below the thumb groove to activate Easy-Shift mode.

One of the biggest upgrade from Tyon is making Leadr a wireless mouse and even though you won’t be using it with a wire, the company said that it has zero lag and zero latency, which proven to be true. Wireless also means you have to charge it but you don’t have to worry since full capacity will provide approximately 20 hours and it can work properly up to 10 feet away from the receiver, so it is very suitable for living-room PC gaming. Read also: Roccat Leadr vs Logitech G903 here.

Another highlight from Roccat Leadr is the receiver because it is very different from the traditional small dongle you plug in your USB port, this one has function over form design and coming in a shape of rectangle dock and when charging, you can hang your mouse in it. You may also charge while playing using the USB cable. DPI is up to 12.000 from optical sensor here, programmable with Swarm software. You may also use the same software to adjust the RGB backlighting.

About Logitech G900
Another good option when you are looking for a wireless mouse for gaming is Logitech G900. This unit is actually an older model and was released quite some time ago but still very popular to these days among users because it just work. Many people may afraid of using wireless mice because the issue about lagging that can affect critical moments, but you don’t have to worry about such issue since you won’t find any difference between this one and other great wired gaming mice.

Logitech G900 Design
When looking at G900, the first thing you will notice will probably its ambidextrous design which is good since all people can use the mouse. It comes with an original design that is continued to its newer models until today and even though it looks to have so many parts, the mouse is actually comfortable when held regardless of your dominant hand. It is light and has buttons between 5 and depend on how you want to configure it.

Logitech G900 Features
The best thing about Logitech G900 is its wireless connection because it can give you an amazing performances despite lacking of cable. And when tested, it won’t disappoint you even when used in an area with intense Wi-Fi and Bluetooth traffic. If you prefer, you may also use it with a cord with two options for the wireless dongle; you can attach it to the cord and set it up wherever you can get the best reception or plug it directly in your PC.

Battery life is also impressive because from full capacity, the battery will give you enough juice to play from 24 hours up to 32 hours. The company said that it will require around 800 charges before the battery will start to degrade and this can be translated to approximately 4 years for average player. Another good thing here is how good the software displaying the remaining power because instead of using algorithm, they simply measures the mouse’s voltage to give you the estimate.

Logitech Gaming Software is another good thing worth mentioning here. The app will scan all of your games you have on your system and automatically setting up profiles for them. Here you will be able to program buttons, adjust the RGB lighting, and adjust the DPI which you can set up to 12.000.

Now, let’s compare Roccat Leadr with Logitech G900. As you can see, the basic difference between them is the fact that Leadr is right-handed while G900 is ambidextrous. Another difference is because Leadr comes with a huge receiver that also act as a place where you can hang your mouse when charging.

Roccat Leadr vs Logitech G900

NameRoccat LeadrLogitech G900
Key Features- 1000Hz polling + 20h battery all day gaming, CHARGING DOCK & TOP-UP USB CABLE charging dock with status LEDs- Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Professional Grade Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse, Ambidextrous Mouse

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All in all, the decision is all yours to make. In our opinion, you can’t get wrong with either of them because they actually come with the same set of capabilities such as dependable wireless connectivity and DPI sensitivity up to 12.000. However, if you are right-handed and using palm grip, we will highly recommend you Roccat Leadr.

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