Steelseries 4hd vs 9hd

Aside from gaming mouse, the other important peripheral is the mouse mat. Mouse mat is important, because the right one can enhance your overall movement. A good mouse mat may have different features depending on the purpose. If you are looking for a mouse mat that can enhance your precision, let us introduce you to Steelseries 4HD and Steelseries 9HD.

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– Steelseries 4HD vs Steelseries 9HD

About Steelseries 4HD
Steelseries 4HD is a mouse pad/mat that was designed and specifically engineered to be used by professional gamer. The Steelseries is produced by the same name Danish manufacturer or gaming peripherals and accessories, such as headsets, keyboards, mice and gaming surface. The Steelseries 4HD claims to be able to provide the users with consistent precision, accuracy and stability.

Steelseries Company was found by Jacob Petersen in 2001 and was formerly named Soft Trading. The company name then changed to Steelseries in 2007. Soft Trading released and sell Icemat and SteelPad mouse mats, which the later inspire the company to change its name to the current name. SteelSeries advanced their business by acquiring a North American –based developer named Ideazone, which is a manufacturer of gaming peripherals.

Steelseries 4HD Features
Steelseries 4HD built with plastic composition that was specially designed for professional gamers or people who want to improve their play. The item is able to give consistent precision, accuracy and stability. When you grab the surface, you will feel that it consist of ten thousands of light reflecting microscopic points that was optimized to enhance the tracking capability of next-generation gaming mice.

With the surface exceptional tracking capability, you will be able to perform extremely precise mouse operations, both in minimal movements and high velocity “slingshots”. The researched and developing process of Steelseries 4HD was done together with the SteelSeries Xai Laser and Kinzu Optical mice. At the back of the mouse mat there is a rubber layer that gives the mouse mat a steady firm grip, so you dot have to worry about it slipping when you are in the middle of your game. See Also Razer Goliathus Speed vs Control.

About Steelseries 9HD
Steelseries 9HD is a gaming mouse mat by the same name company. This mouse mat is said to be the successor of its much praised brother the Steelseries S&S mouse mat, because their design is quite similar. Steelseries 9HD is made from plastic and treat by heat. The mouse mat is practically compatible with any type of mouse, whether it is optical, laser or ball.

Steelseries 9HD Features
Steelseries 9HD constructed with hard plastic composition that was specifically engineered to fulfill the demand of professional gamers with its extremely consistent precision, accuracy and stability. The surface of this mouse mat is said to have tens of thousands microscopic points to enhance the reflection of the light that was emitted from the optical mouse. You will feel the increasing sensitivity in both gaming and regular mouse as soon as you place the mouse in the mat.

The Steelseries 9HD not only enhance the speed of the mouse but also enhancing the accuracy as well. You will notice that you can quickly stop the pointer on specific points, when playing game or in standard use. Looking at it physically the Steelseries 9HD boast a very large surface area, so you can eliminate the chance or accidentally running off the edge of the mouse mat.

NameSteelseries 4hdSteelseries 9hd
Key Features- High definition mouse surface - 4 Layer process - This product offers a hard plastic surface with finely textured plastic with a steady glide and medium friction surface. - 4 layer process

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The Steelseries HD series including 4HD and 9HD are built with hard plastic as the surface material and all treat with heat to achieve the semi-rough surface, which caused the mat to have numerous points that act as tracking points. The only difference between 4HD and 9HD is the size. The 4HD measurement is 9.4 inches x 11.4 inches x 0.08 inches, while the 9HD measurement is 10.7 inches x 12.7 inches x 0.08 inches. In our opinion it is better to opt for the 9HD because with the wide surface your hand can move freely, without worry of dragging your mouse off the mat.

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