Swiftpoint GT Review : Ergonomic Mouse With Gestures

Swiftpoint GT is not like typical mouse that we often use and see. The shape and size is the first thing you will notice in this ergonomic device, but looks is not the only thing interesting about Swiftpoint GT, since it also comes with interesting capabilities. If you are curious about what this mouse can do, go ahead and read our article below.

In this article we are going to give you information about:
– What is Swiftpoint GT
– How to Use Swiftpoint GT
– What Swiftpoint GT can offer to you
– Is Swiftpoint GT suitable for you

About Swiftpoint GT
Swiftpoint GT is an ergonomic mouse by the same name company. The mouse is deemed to have combined the intuitive gestures with precision and convenience of a mouse. The only word to describe Swiftpoint GT is “different” even since the first time you see the unit. The most intriguing thing about the mouse is the size because it is very small; it wouldn’t even cover the quarter of your palm. There are dozens small mouse out there, but Swiftpoint GT just change the game. Unlike regular mouse that need to be drag along, this mouse is using gestures to move your cursor, similar to your laptop trackpad, this is why even though it is small, you can practically use it however you like.

Swiftpoint GT Ease of Use
Unlike typical mouse that you have to hold in a claw like grip, you have to hold Swiftpoint GT between your thumb and middle finger, similar to the way you hold a pen. This mouse left hand button is located on the front of the device, while the right button is placed behind, so you will be able to click both of them with your index finger. Located at the front right of the unit, you can find a scroll wheel that will provide you with pleasant scrolling through wide pages. Swiftpoint GT only measures at 42.5mm in width, 56mm in length and 33.5mm in height. If you imagine a mouse this size, it shouldn’t be usable at all, but not with this mouse. With its genius design, Swiftpoint GT will still feel comfortable regardless the size even when compared with full size mouse. If you need another recommended mouse, you can read our article on Razer Atheris vs Logitech G603 here.

Swiftpoint GT Features
Swiftpoint GT is wireless mouse, so you have to charge it at some point from time to time. Charging the mouse is very easy, similar to the way you charge your other device with a small USB dongle that also acts as a storing place for your Swiftpoint GT. What interesting about this dongle is the mouse will latches onto it magnetically while charging. The company claim that the mouse will be able to work even when run out of charge for about 2 or 4 weeks and the charging process is very fast since with a mere 30 seconds, you can use your Swiftpoint GT for the next hour. The USB dongle also have wireless connectivity if you want to use it, but you may prefer using it with Bluetooth to save more port for your other devices in your laptop.

Swiftpoint GT still have other capability called stylus, where you can use the mouse to provide a touchscreen-like pan-and-scroll facility with its small nubbin near the laser below the unit. To use this feature, you only have to tilt your Swiftpoint GT to the side and then swipe up and down to scroll or flick left and right to pan. This feature is essentially intended to replace the two fingers gesture in high-end devices like MacBook pro. With this unique ability, now you don’t have to go looking for a scroll bar or moving your hand to swipe the screen.


- Swipe or flick using a natural finger and wrist action without having to reach for your screen, or even needing a touch screen - Take productivity to a new level and never click on a scroll bar again - Ergonomic pen-like grip comfortable for all hand sizes - Lightweight & compact design that is a perfect fit for your multi-device lifestyle (Windows 7 / 8 / 10, Mac OS X, Android, iPad) - Full support of Windows 8 / 10 native touch: panning, flicking, zooming, charms menu display, application switching

All in all, Swiftpoint GT is a great options for those who want a change of pace or those who want to try new things. The mouse works really great whether you are on desktop or the type to bring your laptop on the go. Swiftpoint GT is very small, easy to carry and will provide you with new and better experience to enhance your productivity.

Swiftpoint GT Review: Specification
Highlighted features:
– Ergonomic design
– Gestures

Swiftpoint GT Review : Pros and Cros
– Easy to use
– Small and lightweight

– Pretty expensive

Swiftpoint GT : Price
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